chill out with the praying

chill out with the praying

someone took a picture of a tweet of a screenshot of a tumblr post. wow.

and posted it on reddit

uncle luke cage?

1 prayer = 5 reps

The President's Easter tweet

The President's Easter tweet

There's an 85% chance that he actually sent this tweet.

I can't tell anymore.

I'm just quietly wondering if I post this on Facebook how many people will believe it's real

If it was it would be incredibly bad for him. He's said a lot of shit that should damage his image, but this one would actually be an issue with his supporters.

HMC while I do backflip

This would actually be pretty awesome, if she meant to do that. It would be a great wrestling elbow finishing move.

That was kinda cool, looked like a stunt fall.

Nothing hold my cosmo about it though, just an athlete working on a new move.

What makes this (((Jewish)))?

This is among the dumbest new things I have learned

Not watching trailers made movies significantly better

Not watching trailers made movies significantly better

I don't know if this was posted somewhere before, but years ago I decided to not watch trailers specifically because they were ruining movies for me one way or another. Growing up trailers were my favorite thing. I loved being hyped for a movie to come out. However, numerous times trailers have spoilers for movies coming out. Even if the trailer doesn't have a "spoiler" it can have a scene from the end of the movie that you're waiting for that can count as a spoiler. An example without trying to do a spoiler in an actual movie is that you see a character from the movie that does something you haven't seen yet, but they just had a scene where they are supposed to be dead and now you know they aren't because they haven't done the scene from the trailer yet.

Spoilers aside a lot of times people who do the trailer portray the movie incorrectly then how you do once you watch the movie. This causes you to go into the movie with a preconceived notion that the movie is about X and really it's about Y, but thinking it was about X makes you not enjoy the movie. A good example of this, for me personally and all my friends, was watchmen. That was one of the last trailers I watched and without having read the comics just judging by the trailer I thought it was going to be non stop action.

After only watching movies based on titles/actors/posters it has dramatically increased my movie watching experience. You let the movie tell you the story without trying to make it fit your mindset of what it should be based on the trailer. Also, try to avoid reviews. A lot of reviews are from people who don't have the same likes and dislikes as you, but thinking a movie sucks because you read a bunch of people hating it can make you try to focus on all the negatives on the movie.

tl;dr Try watching movies without seeing an reviews or trailers on it. You'll likely enjoy it much more.

For me, I don't watch a trailer if I know I'm going to go and see the film. So anything that looks interesting to me from first glance, with director/actors/premise, I won't see the trailer for.

The value of trailers for me is for other stuff. I use trailers to check out films that I probably wouldn't go to see at first glance, and sometimes I end up intrigued enough to go and have a look at it.

I wish I had it in me not to watch trailers for movies I want to watch but I just dont. A friend of mine shares your philosophy tho. He wont even look at posters for movies sometimes and insists on being blind when watching one for the first time.

I watch trailers because I forget whats in them after a day.

Yup do this all the time, Friday was fun trying to avoid The Last Jedi trailer, going to be a long time to December



"You Trump supporters happy?"

Yeah Paco I'm pretty fuckin' happy

It should really end with an image of a news report of why he was targeted for deportation specifically, if I remember correctly, that guy had a warrant for touching kids.

Yeeeeeep. Dude behind the camera also had some issues with obeying the law too.

Cill Binton is a Parist!

OP claiming to have adopted a cat named Karma has been caught.

OP claiming to have adopted a cat named Karma has been caught.

the comments in this screenshot sound like robots pretending to be people

I thought all of us redditors were robots? Fuck, this is interesting.

Good, /u/NyonX Good.


Silly wabbit

Silly wabbit

This make me way more happy than is reasonable.

Aww he thinks he is people

Trix are for kids

He rolls them with his hands. He just stores them in his ears so he can whip one out and smoke when he gets tired of hopping.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results, but that's also the definition of practice.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results, but that's also the definition of practice.

Actually when you practice you do things slightly diffrent each time depending on what you have learned from previous attempts...Insanity you do the exact same thing everytime.

The definition of insanity is people who keep believing this is the actual definition of insanity.

As I tell my students whenever they try to just play it over instead of identifying the problem and then devising an exercise to fix/improve it before playing the song again:

Practice doesn't make perfect. Practice makes permanent.

If you practice playing it the wrong way, you're just gonna stay wrong.

Okay, then if practice makes perfect, the end result is insanity equals perfection.

I am an asshole to everyone about my sex life - and I don't know if this counts as prostitution or not

I am an asshole to everyone about my sex life - and I don't know if this counts as prostitution or not

This is a girl that I am unbelievably ashamed of and I just want to be able to tie to it. I don't even sleep anymore I just lie about my home, saying all sorts of weird stuff on ASSTR. I have actually had sex, I made it across without anyone seeing that as abnormal.

Fuck you for your videos?

9/8. fuckin dank keks m8. i sat on my xbox, late nite when they saw the original videos? or one of our dollar :( I like going to be either honest or competent. yo this is so Dutch it's not funny anymore.

The cost of living isn't actually that much on lip balm. Most places I've dealt with a lot of fish, so it makes sense to have insurance on your phone.

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