Get on the Bloons bandwagon now, before it's too late

Get on the Bloons bandwagon now, before it's too late

Glue is like acid in BTD.

Frankly I think all memes are dying and it seems like the form itself is past return. The jokes aren't hard to make and they've been coopted by Facebook and Instagram, it's only going to get worse. Wendy's tweets are a bad sign for the whole market if you take a long view.

These are all derivative--this an old form of "current events" memes just with a different picture source--and I haven't seen anything really new or funny in months, /sub/adviceanimals block text is even returning in places you wouldn't expect to find it.

The average shelf life of a meme is about a day now, haven't seen a really safe investment in that way in a while.

Spraying hot corrosive glue on people would be fucking horrifying.

They needs make a new btd

Final Fantasy inspired bookmark

Final Fantasy inspired bookmark
I found it.

I found it.

I want this... no, I need this... wait, I don't even read books. Damn!

Start reading. It's liberating.


Last month's post with the same name.

I want to know how he does it

I want to know how he does it

I thinks he's using his neck as his specific pillow.

How does one even sleep like that? I'm over here needing specific pillows and shit. I'm jealous.

The seat of the chair still seems parallel with the ground; I think hejust snapped the back in half

When your blood sugar is a roller coaster and your heart can barely supply blood to your brain while trying to pump under all that lard you can sleep just about anywhere. Its waking up that is hard.

It's time we moved on from phone number inputs

It's time we moved on from phone number inputs

You joke but my schools password change system allows you to select new password from a list

5 heat deaths of the universe

Hmmmm.... Assuming they're randomly generated, suitably complex and ideally generated through some algorithm that outputs memorable passwords rather than gibberish.... That doesn't seem like a terrible idea at first thought........ maybe?

I mean... If you're going to impose length and complexity rules that prevent people from using hunter2 and 123456, why not generate some valid, strong, likely unique and memorable passwords for them and let them choose one?

Do they at least get hashed with sha and a salt

Goat Yoga.

I bet goat yoga is like $90 more than regular yoga. Fuckin hipsters. I remember back in the old days when yoga didn't have any goats. That might sound really weird but it's true.

…until they shit little coco puffs down your back.



Earthquake caught on camera by scuba diver

Even though he's (probably) pretty safe I'd imagine thats gotta be pretty scary

Yeah, probably safer than being on land, but I would only have visions of huge gaping holes opening up in the seabed and swallowing me

And then closing over you, leaving you in some dark cavern with panicked breathing and depleting oxygen.

Emotionally, no.

wait i found something else

wait i found something else

I'm so fucking sick and tired of the photoshop

Show me something real like the 2nd album I'm about to drop

Big if true.

Show me something real like some more of those flame remarks

She's hungry

She's hungry

Why not just ask for (vegetables)

How else are you supposed to know about the amount of high maintenance nonsense and health guru virtue signalling underpinning her demand?

Eat (after an excessive process of elimination)

Demand (like you've never heard of reciprocity)

Live (insufferably)

I don't think she (knows how parentheses work).

Way to think outside the box OP!

If we could go this route more often, we could make this sub so much better!

TIL that President Jimmy Carter placed his peanut farm in a blind trust when he was elected president. After his term ended, he found that it had been badly mismanaged and he was $1 million in debt.

TIL that President Jimmy Carter placed his peanut farm in a blind trust when he was elected presi...

He should have made the Federal Government buy 'Carter Heirloom Fancy Peanuts' to serve at every event. Turned the farm into a B&B and stayed there every weekend. And taken every visiting foreign official there for the 'peanut farm experience', a $10k a night stay in a tent.

The only president who worked for peanuts

I've often said he wasn't the best President (nor was he the worst), but he was certainly one of the best human beings to ever be in that office.

God bless Jimmy Carter America's last honest president.

Timelapse taken on a train in Tokyo

Timelapse taken on a train in Tokyo

This looks like the Yurikamome Line.

Looks great and somewhat futuristic. Too bad that the gif doesn't end with the train coming to a stop.

Correct! It's the portion before the Rainbow Bridge

Rainbow road?

This looks like a video game.

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