/tv/ explains Darth Vader

/tv/ explains Darth Vader

After practicing in the mirror for 30 years, and the time finally comes:

don't stuff it up. don't stuff it up. don't stuff it up...

"I've been circling you at last, master"


robot tries the chad method on a female

robot tries the chad method on a female

Most hot girls are more Chad than dudes are. There cold blooded

Car snob gets to hear the ugly truth.

Car snob gets to hear the ugly truth.

Not me, but my dad. My dad's a huge Volkswagen fan, absolutely loves the things, and at the time of this story (about 1987), he drove a Rabbit that, since he's perpetually broke, was mostly rust and duct tape. He and my mom are going to visit my mom's sister and her first husband, both of whom are fairly well-to-do compared to my parents being dirt-poor rednecks. Dad's brother-in-law had bought a brand-new Audi and my dad parked his rot-rocket next to it. Brother-in-law comes out and starts bragging about his new Audi and while my dad would have shrugged this off, he then goes on to bash Volkswagen in general and my dad's Rabbit in particular, with both of their wives watching.

For those of you who don't know, Volkswagen owns Audi and has owned Audi since the 1960s. Naturally, since brother-in-law is being a dick, my dad asks him, "Well, if Volkswagens are so terrible, why did you buy one?" When brother-in-law starts to protest, Dad points to a sticker on the window which had the Volkswagen emblem beside the Audi emblem. He then goes around the car pointing out all the Volkswagen stickers and even pops the hood and starts pointing to all the Volkswagen badges on the various engine components while his brother-in-law gets increasingly flustered again, while both of their wives are watching.

Finally, my dad said something basically to the effect of, "We both drive Volkswagens, you just paid a lot more for yours than I did."

TL;DR, Audi owner tries to flaunt it over VW owner, learns the hard way that Audis are basically Volkswagens with bigger price tags.

Audi, Lamborghini, Bentley, Porsche and Bugatti are all VW. The flat bottom steering wheel from the golf is the same as most Lamborghinis and audis. You can get many VWs (SUVs and their largest sedans) with the same engine as a Bentley. Anyone remember a certain VW golf with the Continentals W12 quad turbo charged motor swap from the factory?

Just another lazy day

He's the most excited loser of hide and seek ever

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