The Lucas biography really shed light on Anakin's sand grudge.

The Lucas biography really shed light on Anakin's sand grudge.

I never even remotely considered those the words of a man who filmed in Tunisia 2 or 3 times. And a sandstorm buggered the TPM shoot. They're very, very dangerous, and they do murder on yousa skin.

Why are they still here?

Why are they still here?

Be careful posting pictures like that, the brigading SJW's may not leave... (because they like children...)

ELI5: The differences between Heavy Metal, Thrash metal, Black metal, and Death metal.

ELI5: The differences between Heavy Metal, Thrash metal, Black metal, and Death metal.

I wrote my dissertation on this very topic and I don't think anyone's nailed it in their answers yet.

Edit - I've only got a hard copy of the dissertation (I graduated years ago). Thanks to everyone who asked to read it, if I remember I'll try and scan it.

Crash91 has got a lot right but has made a few points I disagree with.


Heavy Metal - This grew out of Hard Rock and used the same scales, rhythms and subject matter. Black Sabbath are widely cited as the first true Heavy Metal band, giving birth to both the Heavy Metal genre in general and the Doom Metal genre in particular. Led Zepellin, Deep Purple etc are Hard Rock and are only accepted as Heavy Metal bands in the US. In the UK Heavy Metal begins with Sabbath. Original Heavy Metal was fairly slow, gloomy, bluesy and lyrically dealt with subjects such as war, drugs, religion and occult themes. Vocals clean and sung.

Later iterations in the 70s, such as Saxon, Iron Maiden and Judas Priest are also considered Heavy Metal but are sometimes referred to as NWOBHM (New Wave of British Heavy Metal) and were pioneers of the 'chugging' guitar sound people often associate with classic Heavy Metal as well as the use of twin guitar harmonised leads. Generally faster and more bombastic, the vocals of NWOBHM were more high pitched and the lyrics while dealing with similar themes, more fantastical. Hair or Glam Metal also grew out of this style (but it's awful!).

Thrash Metal - Thrash was a product of the 80s and metal's reaction to the aggression of Punk in the late 70s. The band that kick started the whole thing were Venom from Newcastle in the UK. They are sometimes classed as NWOBHM but they don't really fit in that category because they were pretty poor musicians. Their contribution was mainly down to aural extremity, though they sound fairly tame now. They had a 'heavier' sound than previous bands combining speed, harsher distortion tone on their guitars, faux satanic lyrics and shouted/growled vocals. They were a big influence on a lot of Thrash and Black metal bands but were pretty rubbish themselves (controversial opinion!).

Early Thrash was pretty loose and messy with a lot of poor musicianship, bands like Sodom, Kreator and Destruction (Germany) made an unholy racket and began to attract the punk kids as well as the metalheads. Later bands worked out how to play their instruments better and the drumming in particular became more accomplished. Classic Thrash as played by the big four (Metallica, Megadeath, Slayer and Anthrax) combines very fast drumming often using 'punkier' beats, NWOBHM guitar riffs played at faster speeds, more aggressive vocals and 'face ripping' (extremely fast and shrill) solos which are often atonal (not in any given key!). Lyrically Thrash was concerned with politics, nuclear war and occult/satanic themes.

Death Metal - In the late 80s there was a lot of genre cross pollination and this lead to Death Metal and Grindcore (as well as many other specialist 'cores). Death Metal ramps up the intensity, complexity, heaviness and obscenity of Thrash Metal. It downtunes the guitars (makes them sound deeper) and is characterised by a particular drum beat known as the 'blast beat', and the use of double kick pedals on the bass drum to achieve a rumbling, machine-gun like effect. The vocals are extremely low grunts, growls and roars and are almost impossible to decipher without a lyric sheet. Similar to Thrash, early Death Metal bands struggled to make their musicianship meet their intentions but later bands and a lot of modern bands play music of quite dizzying complexity utilising odd time signatures and even bizarre tunings (tuning the strings on their guitars differently) to make the sound more unsettling.

This is the overall 'heaviest' style of metal sonically and lyrically deals with all manner of things including but not limited too, gore, zombies, war, sexual perversions, horror movies, torture and ancient Egypt (that's just one band called Nile from the US to be fair). Death Metal's heyday was the late 80s and early 90s but there's still plenty of great modern Death Metal being made today. While Thrash is seen as a retro style that will always evoke the early 80s, Death Metal has evolved much further and incorporated far more styles including, doom, prog, industrial and middle eastern/oriental music.

Black Metal - This one's a bit unique as it all began with a small group of teenagers in Jessheim in Norway in the late 80s/early 90s. They wanted to be 'evil' and 'extreme' but they lacked the musical ability to rival the predominantly (at the time) Swedish and American Death Metal scenes. So instead they did what anyone would do (not) they started burning down churches, proclaiming themselves 'Satanists' and killing each other. They were influenced by bans such as Venom (UK), Mercyful Fate (Denmark) and Celtic Frost (Switzerland) all of whom had elements of NWOBHM and Thrash in their sounds but distinguished themselves by being 'Satanic' with varying degrees of seriousness.

Whether or not they were serious, the kids in Norway took it all very seriously and out of that scene came what's come to be known as the 'Second Wave of Black metal', generally accepted as it's 'classic' phase. This style is typified by ultra lo-fi production values including lots of hiss, feedback and distortion a focus on treble rather than bass and vocals that were shrieked or screamed rather than grunted or growled. The music itself is far more primitive and basic than Death Metal and often utilises fast tremolo (rapid down/up strokes on a single string) guitar parts and minor scale arpeggios. Guitar solos are rare.

Due to these production techniques the music can take on a hypnotic quality where it's passed through heavy on to something more languid on the other side. Critics say it's poorly played, badly recorded and the product of stupid teenagers with offensive views. The early Norwegian black metal guitar sound has often been likened to a swarm of angry wasps in a box but those who love it find something spiritual about it. The lyrics deal with Satanism of course but also a strand of Nietzschean elitism and an affinity with the Norwegian landscape (ice, frost, forests, mountains etc).

Later Black Metal has evolved in myriad ways and incorporated allsorts of other styles including folk, celtic, oriental/middle eastern, prog, goth, shoegaze and traditional Nordic music. Offshoots include Blackened Death Metal, Viking Metal and Symphonic Black metal which combines the music with sweeping orchestral backing.

Hope this helps, I could go on for days. If you want recommendations, here are mine;

Heavy Metal - Paranoid by black Sabbath NWOBHM - British Steel by Judas Priest Thrash Metal - Reign in Blood by Slayer Death Metal - Demigod by Behemoth Melodic Death Metal - Slaughter of the Soul by At The Gates Black Metal - Anthems to the Welkin at Dusk by Emperor

Someone asked for a tl;dr so;

Heavy Metal - Clean vocals, bluesy riffs, witches, weed and war. Thrash Metal - Speedy guitar riffs, punk attitude, hardcore drumming, shouty vocals, political lyrics. Death Metal - Downtuned guitars, complex riffs, machine gun drums, grunting/growling vocals, lyrics about horror movies, zombies and gore. Black metal - Trebly guitars, simple riffs, atmospheric arrangements, shrieking vocals, Satanism.

[WTF]Nestle CEO: Water Is Not A Human Right, Should Be Privatized

[WTF]Nestle CEO: Water Is Not A Human Right, Should Be Privatized

In the full interview that hasn't been hacked down to make him look like an asshole, he talks about how water for basic necessities like cooking, drinking and hygiene should be a right but anything beyond that should be priced accordingly considering fresh water is a limited resource. Watering entire golf courses or filling swimming pools shouldn't cost the same as drinking water.

I can get behind that. I live in a desert so it's already an idea I'm familiar with.

Thankyou, regards MissingHUD 2

Thankyou, regards MissingHUD 2

Hi all,

I'd just like to thank everyone who supported my MissingHUD 2 mod in Rebirth and subsequently Afterbirth.

I'd also like to say thanks to everyone who gave suggestions on improving the mod to what it eventually became.

I never dreamed when I first made the HUD that it would actually be included in an official expansion (AB+) and the popular Antibirth mod.

The HUD has truly been Found.


Background story to whomever finds it interesting: I actually decided to make the HUD when I was regularly watching Northernlion's youtube series. I saw how much he battled with trying to remember exactly how much each item effects him and thought it would help him be more analytical without having to constantly go to Platinumgod. He decided not to use it in the end which was a bit disheartening, but that was quickly cured when I saw just how many other people did enjoy using it. Now it's in the official game I can't even imagine how many use it, which is really, really cool.

NL said in one of his latest AB+ Videos that he regrets not using it a bit. So, be proud of yourself.^

The cake my little sister got me the day my divorce was final!

The cake my little sister got me the day my divorce was final!

Quityourbullshit Downvote me all you want OP doesn't change the fact you're full of shit and this cake was never made for you by your sister you fucking lying fuck. Well I guess that's why you're trying to downvote me with all your accounts because you don't want people to click that link and see you're full of shit..

Just because it looks like grass...

The cartoon physics where he was fine until he realized he was walking on water

Man celebrating vote to repeal Obamacare learns he is on Obamacare.

Man celebrating vote to repeal Obamacare learns he is on Obamacare.

A website crashed! This is why we must do away with affordable healthcare!

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