I went to the shop to by six cans of Sprite...

I went to the shop to by six cans of Sprite...

When I got home I realised I had picked 7up

Confessions of a Cheater and the current problems with this game.

Confessions of a Cheater and the current problems with this game.

I cheated. A lot. I used a plethora of cheats. I cheated from the second week of release right up until today. I know why I was banned and if I hadn't of made it obvious, I wouldn't have been banned.

I'm not here to beg forgiveness, I'm not here to say I'm a changed man. The absolute sorry state of the anti-cheat and report system in this game is insane and I exploited that to its full extent.

I can't outright tell you the cheat/s because of the rules, but the options available to cheaters are...numerous. I was using a variety of cheats for various reasons, from straight up injecting code into the engine, to modifying memory values. The fact I was even able to do this is almost criminal on the part of the developer. VAC, renowned for being useless, would have detected that shit in a heartbeat.

So, to walk you through the various options cheaters have and their effects on you, I'll start with the most troubling. PVP Cheats.

I used a package which included a Silent Aim. You could configure it to shoot players, or just AI. You could configure the % of Headshots to bodyshots to look legit and you could set the angle of activation, from straight up 180 field of fire to having to aim at them to activate. This was coupled with a cheat that, rather than change RPM, edited the DMG value, from 2x up to 25x. With varying effects on game stability. As you can imagine, this would be very hard to detect and is easily mistaken for Sentry/overgeared players.

There were a multitude of ESP options, from names to distance, direction and gear load outs. You could see which mobs were up and where players were from several blocks away. The ability to tell gear and health was a huge advantage to any rogue cheater. ( Because they still have default armour/health) and allowed many to avoid players whilst they ran their timer down.

Another favourite was a straight up movement speed increase, that maxed at 5x, any smart cheater could toggle it to 1.25 and still look legit and be able to run away. I won't go into the other options, as they aren't as problematic; but for PVP these are some pretty horrific things to run up against.

Moving onto PVE cheats, the part which eventually led to me being banned. A rather new release allowed players to set a point in front of them that would teleport all enemies in place. Couple that with DMG/NoReload/InfiniteAmoo and you can imagine the ease at which FL CM was. I sold CM runs and made a pretty penny from it. I could clear it within 15 minutes. This could be used to farm mobs in the DZ, but it is very recognizable and mostly used to solo farm Incursion/CM. This last part was the eventual downfall. I assume someone reported me for it and I am ok with that. I cheated, I was banned. The terrifying part, is that I have been cheating since release; with no repercussions until today. Many more are still cheating and there isn't a whole lot the community can do.

Why post this here? I feel like you guys should know what you're up against and just how useless Massive is being at dealing with cheaters. Whilst the two week ban might be a deterrent to anyone new to cheating; those with access to various communities have already bypassed the ban system and can go back to playing on the same account, the same day. Some can afford to straight up buy a new copy and cheat to where they were again, because they sold FL CM runs.

I hope this will provoke discussion, because something NEEDS to be done. This game is a laughing stock of the cheating community and is being taken for all it's worth by many, many people.

BIG EDIT: To follow up, I am not completely blaming Massive. I made the decision to cheat. I alone made the informed decision to cheat and continue cheating. That is my own choice; however the ease and simplicity of cheating also enabled me to cheat, where otherwise I might not have done. This is the main issue. The ease with which someone can obtain and use cheats with no real consequence and continue doing so with little trouble. It is a farce to both themselves as a company and you as customers that cheaters can inject code, edit memory and manipulate the game to the extent they can. In a triple A title, that is as Multiplayer focused as this, with PVP aspects it is something that needs work and reconsideration.

BIG EDIT TWO: The key issue at hand, which has been discussed before, is the current model the developers are using. It allows people with access to certain programs to tweak values that should be inaccessible. Because of the "client side trust" system, if someone edits a value pertaining to ammunition and sets it to be infinite, this is then fed to the server as true and pop you have infinite ammo. This is true for various other stats and is horrendously easy to achieve. Whilst some cheat programs do this automatically, it is entirely possible with a basic understanding of code and some tutorials to learn or at least emulate actions well enough to do this yourself. Aside from this kind of manipulation the second most blatant cheat, teleporting/noclip should never be accessible to the client. Allowing clients to have access to the co-ordinates of the player and having free reign over editing those is a huge oversight. Locking these values behind some kind of wall or straight up moving them to the server would end nearly all of the current cheats circulating around. Ofcourse it wouldn't end cheating forever. There are always genius coders that live for the challenge to break these kind of things, but it would go a long way to fixing the current state of the game.

EDIT: To the people PMing me to send you links to the cheats, the answer is NO.

EDIT 2: As a few have asked; Yes there is a way to evade/remove a ban. I will not disclose how this works. Suffice to say, Massive have REALLY dropped the ball.

Redditors unite for the new tavern brawl.

Redditors unite for the new tavern brawl.

When starting a game

emote oops , greetings. If he emotes oops , greetings back. You found yourself a redditor.

"Wow" means heal me.

"Threaten" I can play Millhouse , cho combo / you can. If he threaten's you back , green light.

"Well Played" Shitty hand how about you?? If he well plays you back you can concede.

"Thanks" You suck and should be sprayed with a water gun like a degenerate you are.

I will not have internet for 6+ months. Will I be able to play my singleplayer games without connecting to the internet for that long?

I will not have internet for 6+ months. Will I be able to play my singleplayer games without connecting to the internet for that long?

Sometimes when I go to play a game offline it won't let me because I haven't played the game online yet. Even most of the time if I have played the game connected to the internet, it still won't let me play offline.

So I'm just wondering if anyone had some knowledge on this topic and could tell me about it. Thank you.

EDIT: Thank you for all the replies. I'm gonna try to answer a lot of things in this part instead of individual comments.

I'm going on a 6+ month deployment, am in the Navy, there will be no way for me to connect to the internet.

At a previous command I lived in a room that had no internet. So I downloaded a bunch of games at a laundromat and then went back to my room to play them. GTA5 would work for a while until asking again to connect to the internet. A lot of other games worked all the time no problem. I only used GTA5 as an example because I don't want to be a month into my deployment and then not have any games to play whatsoever.

A lot of people have been telling me a lot of different ways to find a solution. Using GOG or cracked version of games that I already have. I'm currently on an underway on my ship, I'm out at sea right now, so I can't really try anything at the moment. As soon as I get home I will try all the solutions people have given me.

I have around 200 games in my Steam library. It would be nice if I could just play the games I wanted offline with no problems but I've seen a lot of different experiences. Some people were fine with 8 months of no internet, some people couldn't play their games minutes without internet access.

I'm really not wanting to have to rebuy my games through GOG or somewhere else. I have no idea how to crack games but I guess I will look into it.

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