The Great List of Non-Negotiables.

The Great List of Non-Negotiables.

The Great List of Non-Negotiables.

A concise guide of action to the budding red pill popper.

TL;DR: Quit your bad habits. Lift and Eat. Sleep and Meditate. Develop a Passion. Stop Browsing and Start reading. Talk to people.

You want to be great? Then these are NON-NEGOTIABLE.

The Great List of Non-Negotiables is a list I wrote for myself shortly after swallowing the pill. After nearly 8 years of being a perpetual student in self-help studies, never truly taking action, this list is what finally what got me off my damn ass.

This list is simple. No frills. These are things I have deemed to be non-negotiable in my life, and I think the brevity and simplicity of this list may be of value to others as it was to me.

If you follow this and develop a lifestyle out of what is said here; if you make these tenets a non-negotiable part of your life, you'll be the top 10% of men on this planet.

Quit your bad habits. Watch a ton of TV? Stop. Browse the web till 4am? Stop. Smoke weed everyday? Stop. Jerk off a bunch? Stop. Playing games for hours? Stop.

You know what's wasting your time. You fucking know. If you really haven't the littlest clue what's good or bad for you, go play WoW in a puddle of your own sweaty shame.

Stop smoking. Stop drinking. Stop binge watching fictional lives on Netflix.

Just. Fucking. Stop. Wasting. Time.

Lift and Eat. Lifting is said all the time for a damn good reason. People say "its said all the time for a damn good reason" for a damn good reason. It will boost your confidence, it will develop discipline, it will make you tougher, it will ease your anxiety. You'll actually feel physically fucking dominant.

Take that fucking McDonalds out of your mouth and replace it with some damn kale. Or fish. Or eggs. Or broccoli. Or Chicken. Just eat real food, and buy it in its simplest form. Learn to fucking cook. "But I'll just have a woman cook for me". Where's that woman, huh? Cook for yourself, its fucking satisfying.

Sleep and Meditate. Lack of sleep has far reaching negative effects on your psyche and body. Sleep 7.5 hours a night minimum. Sleep approx. the same time every night. Turn off your TV. Get a routine.

You need to understand your own fucking mind. Daily meditation will bring you clarity, focus, and impulse control. When you meditate you are training your mind to be present and to better observe and exert conscious control over your own thoughts. It makes you feel a greater sense of well being. It makes you quicker and wittier. Meditation is lifting weights for the mind.

Develop a Passion. What do you like doing? What do you love doing? Do a whole fucking lot more of that. Get obsessed with becoming a master at it. Never give up. If you don't love doing anything, start trying stuff till there's something you love doing.

And don't half ass that shit when your trying something new. Feel a little interest? Expand on that adamantly for a couple weeks and see how much you like it. You have any "aha" moments? That feeling of comprehension and progression that elates your whole being? Good, pursue the fuck out of that feeling.

Stop Browsing, Start Reading. You're wasting your time filling your head with nonsense and redundant information. Read the entire sidebar, read No More Mr Nice Guy, read Models and The Book of Pook, read The 48 Laws. Then fucking stop reading TRP...

...and start reading things you are interested in, and things that make you interesting. Read about your hobbies and skills. Read about how to cook. Read about history. Read biographies. Read fiction with prominent masculinity. (I'm talking Jack London, Hemingway, Hunter S Thomson.) Reading books is part of your life now.

Talk to Everyone. Cashier? Hot blonde on campus? Guy juggling at the park? Neighbor? Woman on the bus next to you?

Talk to them all. Talk to as many people as you can. Absolutely no amount of theory and knowledge on social interaction will benefit you even remotely as much as just talking to fucking everyone. One of those people happen to be a woman you find attractive? Fucking escalate. Fucking polarize.

Not in social situations every day? Put yourself in them. Align your social life with your hobbies. Go to a coffee shop. Hell, just make up an excuse to go to the grocery store and meet people. Meet people every day.

Lessons Learned: That it's this fucking simple. Stop making it so difficult. Stop making it more complicated than it needs to be.

Just fucking do it. Its non-negotiable.

Edit: Formatting and clarifying.

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