Problem with being a 12 year old cs player.

Problem with being a 12 year old cs player.

Hello /sub/globaloffensive, i'm a 12 year old cs player. I'm currently LE, deranked from LEM. I have a issue with the community that I would like to discuss and hopefully give others a better vision of what they will do next time they see

I'm not the loudest "squeaker", I try to limit how much I callout positions due to the fact that people hate the voice, I understand that. But it goes to the point where theres a lot of toxic people, i've been kicked two games in a row for this reason. They shout alot of terrible harsh comments when I callout just, well anything! And worst of all, It completely disencourages me to even use my microphone, or even play the game at all. Please don't be this guy.

I'm just posting this entire thing because it's very devastating and I want to give people another perspective of how they treat other young gamers.

People that are saying that i'm too young to play this game, I get that. But it's just something I for some reason love playing and continue to play, so yeah.

I doubt anyone would care but if you do, thank you for taking the time to read this, it's really appriciated. :)

EDIT: I thank you all so much for all of your respect, I don't know what to say. Also, to those who are wondering. Yes I am reading all your great comments. Again, thanks for all the support. :D

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