When NPCs die their replacement should move into the same home.

When NPCs die their replacement should move into the same home.

I've spent long enough making prison cells lovely themed rooms for my NPCs, only to have someone (definitely not me!) bring a wyvern or the destroyer home to kill them all. Then when they come back they all move into the wrong houses and you just know Ryan the Guide will be in the house outside the dungeon.

When you designate their accommodation it should remain their accommodation until you change it yourself or the housing is no longer valid.

TSM 2015-2016 Timeline

TSM 2015-2016 Timeline

Summer 2015:

After single handedly losing a game by dying 35 times in a game, Dyrus is benched. Locodoco calls in some favors with old contacts.

Flame from LGD replaces Dyrus as top laner for TSM. He goes on to play the best League of Legends he has ever played, carrying TSM to first place in the playoffs.

Worlds 2015: Wildturtle gets thrashed by all the international botlanes and TSM doesn’t make it out of groups. Following this event, Wildturtle is benched and ADC tryouts for TSM begin. Emperor from TDK replaces Wildturtle as ADC for TSM.

Off-Season 2015-2016: TSM sponsor GEICO is involved in an FBI investigation related to financial fraud; evidence points to Reginald and Leena as contributing parties. Reginald and Leena are imprisioned; Solomid goes bankrupt.

The TSM League of Legends team is bought by a wealthy, anonymous UK resident who claims to be trying to enter eSports. The team is renamed to Team Blaze, and the owner expresses that he would like to play League from the best region in the world: Korea. Team Blaze is moved to Korea and successfully qualify for the NLB (Minor League).

Spring 2016: Santorin is heavily criticized for passive and overly mid-centric play by the Koreans. Santorin tries to defend himself, but he is benched by Locodoco for “attitude reasons.” Jungle tryouts for Team Blaze begin.

Helios, who has been searching for a team tries out and impresses everyone except the two Danish members. Helios replaces Santorin as Jungler for Team Blaze. Team Blaze goes on to take first place very convincingly at NLB and qualify for OGN.

Mid-Season 2016: Bjergsen is struggling to adapt to the 4 Korean 1 Danish roster and is guilt-ridden over the loss of Santorin. Bjergsen steps down from Team Blaze.

Locodoco approaches Ambition from CJ Entus for the mid position. Ambition misses playing mid and is offered excellent pay, so he accepts.

CJ Entus sponsors Team Blaze, and the team renames to CJ Entus Blaze, now consisting of Flame, Helios, Ambition, Emperor, Lustboy.

The wealthy owner of CJ Entus Blaze decides there’s no longer any need to be anonymous. It’s Duncan “Thorin” Shields.

Summer 2016: CJ Entus Blaze destroys the competition and takes first place at OGN in convincing fashion. Blaze’s only competition, SKT, surrenders at 20 every single game due to Faker feeding lane 0/666/0 each game.

Worlds 2016: CJ Entus Blaze destroys the competition and wins worlds in convincing fashion. Flame is hailed as the greatest carry top laner that ever lived and his legacy lives on through the eons.

Off-Season 2016: Locodoco is found dead, and Shields as well as the rest of Blaze has gone missing. Reginald and Leena are found to be innocent, and the FBI investigations lead to ransacks of Shield’s apartment. They find a perfectly working heater and a notebook full of satanic drawings. The only thing that appears throughout the notebook consistently are the ominous words “Lord Flame will rise”. Additionally, hidden throughout his apartment are various photos of Flame. A dead body is found in a river in China. Evidence points to the body belonging to Flame, but forensic analysis reveals that the body has been dead for over 2 years. Meanwhile, all traces of CJ Entus Blaze’s Flame from 2015 to 2016 have vanished: tournament records, soloque accounts, photos. The investigation hits a dead end and the case becomes abandoned.

New Player here. Just beat Act 4. Impressions/Thoughts.

New Player here. Just beat Act 4. Impressions/Thoughts.

Edit: So this got way more attention than I thought it would. Thanks so much for the replies, comments, and advice. I'll read through them all and try to answer anyone who directly asked a question.

I saw the release of Path of Exile’s expansion over at /sub/games a few days ago. I regularly watch some twitch streams—Kripp’s included—and thought I’d finally give the game a try. I played D3 quite a bit and, although it wasn’t a fantastic experience, it was good enough that I thought another ARPG could be fun.

I went into the game mostly blind. I had some vague memories of reading about the passive skill tree and how a lot of games core features differed greatly from other ARPGs. I play video games a lot. I’m only stating these things so you have a rough idea of how I approached the game.

Early Game

With next to no information provided during class selection, I narrowed my choice to ranger or witch because I don’t like playing melee classes. I know now that skills aren’t tied to classes like in other games but I didn’t know that at the time. I went with ranger.

The game starts properly on the beach with your character facedown in the sand. You click to move and get right to playing the game. This is good. No bullshit gets in the way from starting to play. The game’s visuals are functional. Not really impressive but good enough. I went through the usual awkward period of remapping buttons and the like. Health bars over enemies should be on by default in my opinion but that’s only a slight problem.

I encountered my first issue with the game before reaching the first town hub. The mini map and, by extension, the larger map you can enlarge with tab, is quite possibly one of the most ugly things I have ever seen in a game. And I played games in the 80s. I couldn’t find a way to unlock it from being focused deadnuts on your character’s position. My guess is that the game designers wanted it to be something that remained transparent so it could be enlarged without blocking your view of the area. The end result is something that is barely functional and still gets in the way.

Combat was sluggish at this point but I expected that. The game is in its introductory period. Some people might be brand new to the genre and it’s always good to start things off with a gentle difficulty curve. This was also good because the idea of skill gems—socketing them, leveling them, etc—isn’t common and you get to learn how they work in an easy environment.

My only issue with this learning period in Act One is the passive skill tree. It looks awesome. I like how everything is spread out. I believe Final Fantasy 10 did something like it for each character. Even seeing it before, it feels unique. It’s a cool way of differentiating each class instead of tying abilities to them.

The problem is that it’s incomprehensible to a new player. If you’ve played PoE a lot you might be angry or disagree vehemently with that statement. “The skill tree has depth! It’s one of the ways PoE is awesome!” you might be thinking. And I have no doubt you’re right. But hear me out.

Learning how to assign skill points to the tree is easy. Deciding on a build and what goals to set is impossible without spending hours researching and googling. Reading the tree won’t even be enough. Let me walk you through my thought process when I browsed the tree for the first time:

1) Holy shit that’s a lot of skills. How many points do I get? Can I reassign them later? Are they permanent? I don’t know. Maybe I should save them all and see what I’ll need first. 2) Wow some of these are way better than others. Acrobatics sounds cool. But is that efficient? There’s a huge drawback. I might end up gimping my character. 3) Lots of health nodes. Lots of damage. What’s more important? I should wait and see what I need as I play the game. 4) What the fuck is Chaos Inoculation? HP to 1? What’s chaos damage? 5) ...Okay there’s a dozen others like that. I have no idea what to plan for.

So after getting to level ten and not spending a single skill point, I caved and googled a newbie guide. Because I don’t even know if I’m going to enjoy playing the game for longer than twenty hours and don’t want to invest another twenty reading every wiki page so I can understand something as essential as the passive skill tree. It’s a huge timesink—don’t get me wrong, it’s one I’m sure I’ll enjoy once I get to the endgame and want to plan out builds. But for a new player it’s a hindrance at best and an intimidating gamekiller at worst. I wish there was some sort of suggested path that the game could provide that isn’t optimal but still enough to get you playing without worrying that you’re ruining your character or resorting to google.

I finished Act One and my opinion of the game was mostly positive. Combat was picking up. I had more skills to try. The lack of a currency was confusing but now it’s another unique, charming thing about the game.

Mid Game

Act Two and Act Three. I was playing for the game, not the story, so I ploughed through all of the dialogue and missions. I was learning more about how sockets and skill links worked but, aside from added complexity from that, the game bewilderingly stayed as easy as it had in Act One. I never died. I never felt like I was in any danger unless I purposefully overextended by running past enemies instead of stopping to kill them. I was consistently 2-4 levels higher than the zone level on the map and I never stopped to grind. I tried to fully explore every map so maybe that’s how I remained ahead.

I didn’t see any interesting drops. Chat was full of people spamming these weird tarot cards, skill-tree jewels, and unique loot drops. I was stuck sorting through a seemingly endlessly pile of white and blue shit. It was around this time that I thought the game should have a way to filter out the immense amount of crap that drops and then I found out that is actually a thing! I followed a youtube guide to add a filter and game’s loot system became immeasurably better.

Speaking of chat—this game’s community has a real problem. It’s not quite as bad as League of Legends but it’s still worse than, say, World of Warcraft. There was always someone either spewing homophobic slurs or ridiculing new players for asking questions. Corrupted skill gems were being posted often. What does “Corrupted” mean? “It means look at the wiki.” How do you link items in chat? “You link them by looking at the wiki.”

In the community’s defense, some people are helpful. But speaking in chat at all runs the risk of attracting the ire of some asshole with an inferiority complex. Nothing brings this out faster than the hourly mention of “kid game, casual crap, LOL SO BAD” Diablo 3. It was actually pretty entertaining seeing how quickly some people went into a shit rage after the briefest mention of the game.

For the record I think that PoE is mostly the better game.

Anyway, I continued on leveling and killing monsters. Thematically, Act Two was my least favorite. I’m not a fan of jungle settings. Act Three was better. I died for the first time in the fight with the final boss of Act Three. The blood acid rain, or whatever it is, got me before I worked out what was even damaging me and that you need to go under the domes. There were some other packs that almost killed me too with insane, dramatic damage spikes that were so much higher than anything else the game had thrown at me until then. The same thing can happen in D3 so I was okay with it. Different builds, gear, and randomness can make that happen.

Late Game (for normal difficulty)

At the start of Act Four, I believe I was at around 15 hours played? Roughly? I’m not sure.

Visually, Act Four is my favorite. The aqueduct was a cool first zone. The other zones felt really different and was closer to the variety found in Act One rather than the Act Two Jungle and Act Three City of Townsville. The only exception was the biological hell caves at the end of Act Four. The eyes in the walls were well done but, eh, I don’t know. Not my thing.

Combat was still easy. Loot picked up, however, with far more rares and currency items. I was hoping that completing the Act would be like the end of an extended tutorial, sort of like in D3, and that the game would gradually increase in difficulty and loot choices after that. So much of the game on normal had been so faceroll easy that I just assumed it would continue to the end and start proper with the jump to Cruel. Maybe you’ve already guessed where this is heading.

Voll was easy. I believe that was the first boss? Kaom was next and was a welcome jump in difficulty. He reminded me a bit of the Smelter Demon from Dark Souls 2.

And then I got to Daresso and Piety and wanted to quit the game forever. It only got worse from there.

I’m honestly dumbfounded at what happened, because it’s not like the entire act is a massive difficulty spike. The trash mobs are still the same mindless trash. The zones aren’t any harder. The first boss was a joke and Kaom, like I said above, felt like a smooth increase.

Daresso killed me over and over with his sword wave-projectile attack. He would dash close to me and, if I wasn’t already moving away, would clip me with it every time. It applies a slow which makes avoiding the next waves more difficult to dodge. This was also the beginning of a trend—I’m convinced that the bosses from Daresso on are bugged or the servers were having issues. The attack often missed me by a mile and I would still be slowed. I would take wildly inconsistent damage from it from barely a scratch to wiping me down to half health.

It was during this fight that I actually had to wonder what the penalty for death even was in the game. I think I died about six times all told to him and then continued on to Piety, where I must have died about 25 times and discovered the hilarious mechanic that is death-zerging bosses with no apparent punishment from the game. How is that even in the game?

Piety, like the other three bosses between her and Malachai, follow the same basic formula of having two or three abilities that layer over each other and need to be avoided. I died the first time I saw her death beam. Then I died a second time after improperly managing the blood orbs she throws out. Simple, I thought. Just keep away from her when she throws out the orbs and then get in close so you can easily run around when the beam comes out. You keep the path clear and can easily outrun it.

At least that’s what the fight SHOULD be like.

Instead, the beam fires without any ramp up or warning. The direction she faces snaps randomly when the beam fires. Sometimes she would point it right on me and I would die instantly. I can’t really overstate that. I would explode the same instant that the beam appeared. There is no way this can possibly be intentional UNLESS your character is meant to have built toward high health and resistances—if this is the case, then the game failed hard in communicating this to the player when it didn’t steadily increase incoming damage between Act Three and Four.

In the end I death zerged her. Ditto for the next three bosses. It’s not just the damage that spikes hard, but also the health of bosses. Shavaronne seems to want you to dodge her lightning balls, weave in a few attacks, and then navigate the maze of exploding books. It’s a cycle between those two mini-phases with her insanely high health as the test of your endurance. But her lightning balls do either zero or heavy damage, and the radius that the books do damage also varies. Sometimes the explosions triggered early. Sometimes I was safe and still died. No idea what the fuck is going on there.

Darktongue is the easiest of the three before Malachai. There’s some trial and error in finding out what each aura in each third of the room does, and then making sure to follow the pattern so you don’t end up in the purple slow one. Darktongue herself is a massive bulletsponge with a simple attack pattern. Like other bosses, her projectile was inconsistent in when it hit me and how much damage it did. Sometimes it would land on the other side of a rock I was using for cover and still take off a third of my health. Othertimes it would smack me right in the face and only scrape away a sliver. Even as the easiest fight, I have no idea what’s supposed to make this boss fun. With so much health, it’s a chore. Follow the lights on the floor. Hit when you can. Dodge the red ball. Really tedious.

Maligaro was the worst of the three. I couldn’t find a way to avoid the red spew lines. Stay far away and run constantly? Still get clipped. Stay close and duck behind him? Still get hit. Go in the middle and always be moving? Still get hit. Purple mines go on the floor. Sometimes they explode when I move even though I don’t go near them. Had no choice but to stand at the door and death zerg. It was strange that this was also the most efficient way, as I had better luck just tanking his red lines and spamming health potions. More damage time.

Malachai was surprisingly okay compared to these three. His attacks actually felt avoidable and hit/missed when they were meant to. The only problem was the insane damage they did do on hit and how there’s just a million effects layered over each other. The tentacle cone also applies a slow on hit, which makes me wonder why they didn’t just make it deal more damage instead of frustratingly slowing you so you take more than one hit. The layered randomness of the tentacles, blocking zombies, blood circle, red traps, etc, felt unfair but when I died at least I could look through it and see why. His damage was just tuned too highly and not bugged.

Anyway, I mentioned some of these things in game chat and got crucified for daring to criticize the game. If these bosses aren’t bugged—and this is the intended spike in difficulty—then the game utterly, completely failed to communicate with the player that they need to focus more on survivability. They had a lot of time early in Act Four to make this clear and, if anything, I think the first few zones are easier than the end of Act Three.

Transitioning into Cruel was odd. There was no announcement of what was happening. You’re just plopped back on the beach with the same poor guy about to get munched by the zombie. Hillock was a joke. I’m curious if the end boss of the Act is the same as the end of Act Four or if it was just an anomaly.

I think I’ll continue playing but that decision will be harder to rationalize if things become as wildly inconsistent as they just did at the end of the campaign.

Careful with how you lock your doors.

Careful with how you lock your doors.

My neighbourhood has always been what you'd describe as "fucking cliche'd". White picket fences, Fathers happily barbequeing, the works. Not to say that this wasn't nice, it was certainly a lovely neighbourhood, and the peace was well worth the humdrum day to day it'd provide.

Of course, it never lasts, otherwise I wouldn't be here telling you all this.

It all started about three weeks ago, we started to get breakins in the neighbourhood. Never anything too serious, it was just food from pantries, and the occasional box of goodwill clothing that had been thoughtlessly left outside. Of course, even if only food or clothes were stolen, it's still incredibly unnerving to know that someone was prowling around your home while you might even have been inside it, so the old rules of the neighbourhood watch were dusted off, and everyone was vigilant for the next two weeks or so before they stopped caring again. People relax too easily.

I suppose a little background on myself is important here. I'm a university student, living at home with my mother and father, and my sister. Dad's in banking, Mum delivers the mail. Pretty standard. We've got a pretty nice home that we moved into about 6 years ago, for a price you could call "Tough but fair", kitted out with a pool, two ensuites, a gaming room, the works. We all lived upstairs when we were younger because kids generally don't like living on a different floor to their parents, but as we got older they shifted me downstairs so that I could have a bit more room to myself.

Now, this will be complicated, but bear with me because it's important.

The layout of my room is what you could consider at best, unusual. With a lot of Australian homes, it's not uncommon to have the main entrance on the 2nd floor, which then lead down to your ground floor, so therefore, my room can be entered through two different ways. You can come downstairs straight into the bulk of my room, you can take the outside door that goes through the laundry, down a hallway, in turn to my room. I don't have any doors to actually close my room, a fact that has made hooking up very difficult in my teen life.

Three days ago, I woke up in this room to hear someone walking around. This isn't an uncommon occurrence as it's an old house, it does creak. It took me a few minutes to realise why this bothered me so much.

The steps were someone walking around on my floor.

This doesn't happen. My mother and father used to do it, back in my first days of living down here, but I'm a light sleeper and whenever they came down to throw some clothes in the washing machine it'd wake me every time.

I shit myself. I've never been brave at the best of times. I just sat there pretending to sleep, hoping he or she would just take whatever and leave. I then heard a click, of my door closing, with no more footsteps. I waited for several minutes before I even dared to move, before sprinting upstairs and waking up Mum and Dad in a blind panic. We didn't sleep that night, we were too busy searching the house.

He didn't take anything. Not a single thing.

Mum and Dad let me stay home for a few days after that, albeit once we'd replaced the locks with deadbolts and looked at some high level security systems. I was still convinced he'd stolen something, it was too unusual that based off what had been happening in the neighbourhood, he'd chosen to take nothing here. So I did some investigating.

I spent a few hours essentially itemising my own belongings, the food in our pantry, I'd even considered testing for prints at one stage when I noticed something. The laundry has several doors for storage of brooms and the like, and one of them was sitting slightly ajar. I swung it open, a kitchen knife at the ready, only to be slightly embarrassed. Then I noticed something at the bottom, hidden just out of view by a bucket.

There was a panel in the wall here, just one of your standard ones for accessing the inner area of the wall. Of course, I was still on edge, so I thought I had no other choice but to investigate. I opened it up, and shined a torch inside, only to see a massive cavity, one that extended all the way to the wall of my bedroom.

That's not the part that bothers me. You miss these kind of things when you move into a house.

What bothers me is the food wrappers and rags of clothing I found in there.

What bothers me is the pictures on the walls of the neighborhood children.

What bothers me is the constant thought I've had every single day since then.

There's only one reason to break in to somewhere and not steal a single thing.

You weren't breaking in at all. You were heading out for the night.

"Igor! Fetch me more engrams!"

"Igor! Fetch me more engrams!"

Yessth Master!

(for anyone wondering start by crouching then Dance>L-Stick>Dance>L-Stick>Dance)

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