Stop pushing mid after you take down mid inhib

Stop pushing mid after you take down mid inhib

Too many times my teams have kept pushing mid for the sake of pushing mid then my team gets aced.. please for the love of god, once you take down mid inhib and notice that you only have three minions - either back or push another lane if the enemy can't collapse onto you and then back. Do NOT keep staying in the enemy's base pushing mid. (note: you SHOULD push mid if the enemy has significant death timers (e.g. 30-40s+) or you're supported by a LARGE minion wave, or are extremely far ahead of the enemy team). Note that this advice is for closing games out safely and securely.

There is no point pushing mid because that wave will always slowpush and people will be focused on killing the super minions.. as a result you have more pressure on mid and that gives you a significant advantage and allows you to take down bot and top inhib towers much more easily.

Also, PUSH waves. If the enemy team scores an ace on you and your lanes are fully pushed to the enemy side, it's likely they can't take down any of your towers. PUSH PUSH PUSH.

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