Me [16F] with my Mom: 32F. She decided she doesn't want to be a mom anymore. Sending me to live with my aunt. UPDATE 1

Me [16F] with my Mom: 32F. She decided she doesn't want to be a mom anymore. Sending me to live with my aunt. UPDATE 1


I just wanted to give an update. I forgot I had even posted on here with everything going on.

I ended up going to my auntie's. She came and packed up my whole room with me and drove me to her house. It was really hard, because my mom was already talking about selling the house and moving to some other city, so she could start her life.

I still have a lot of pain from what she did, but living with my Aunt and Uncle has been a great experience. Mr. B (my boss) got me a job at a Subway where my Aunt lives. I really like the people I work with.

I started dating someone at my new school and we have been together for 5 months. Dan (17m) is great and we are in the same grade (he just turned 17), so we had the whole year together. School is ending in a few weeks and we have plans to go to the beach with my Aunt and Uncle for a week.

I met some new friends and got involved with Volleyball and took part in drama. I also am Assistant Treasurer, because I was able to talk to the teacher in charge of the group and said I wanted experience. When she saw my transcripts, she said I could assist the girl who got the position. The girl (Joleen) is actually really cool and we became pretty good friends.

I still keep in touch with my friends from home, but I really feel like I have a great support system now. I haven't told anyone why I moved here just yet, minus my boyfriend, because its too embarrassing. And I don't like to talk about it.

I was doing really good and had decided I didn't really want to see my mom again. Because who abandons their own kid?

My mom came up last week and she has been waiting around to see me. I didn't know why until Saturday because my aunt finally told me, because my mom barged into the house and refused to leave. Auntie asked if I wanted to talk to "her" and I told her I would.

My mom said she was so sorry for the way she treated me, that she wanted to know if I would move back for my senior year. She said we could pack up anytime I wanted.

She then asked my aunt if she could stay in the guest room.

My aunt said the room was mine.

My mom said "Lucy doesn't mind sharing."

My mom tried really hard to get me to chat with her alone, but Auntie stayed with me. It came out that my Mom wanted me to come home because her boyfriend left her and she blew through her money.

Auntie told Mom she needed to leave and then told me that my mom had been calling her about the check my birth father sends her. I guess she contacted the lawyer, said I was in her custody, and my mom signed the papers my aunt asked her to. Mom didn't realize it meant the check was coming to Auntie, who said she put most of it into a savings account for me.

There were some things she needed money for and I am grateful she is paying for me and keeping me. It could have been so much worse.

I guess the checks were pretty big.

So I just told my mom not to contact me again. It hurt, a lot. The only reason she wanted me around was because of a check.

That said, I guess my aunt has my father's number. She said he wants to talk with me when I am ready. So there is that.

I am not sure what to do now? It just hurts.

tl;dr: Been really happy, until my mom came back to get me to live with her because of my check.

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