Is the Infinity Edge meta healthier than the Bloodthirster meta?

Is the Infinity Edge meta healthier than the Bloodthirster meta?

Read the bottom question instead of reading the title and answering. If you don't want to read my wall of text, just skip to the end and read the question. Also, for the people that answer "Bloodthirster is healthier since it heals you" You know that I meant healthier for the game.

Right now ADC feels more like a contest of who has the favor of RNGesus instead of just continously dealing out damage. It's like how the crit mechanic in the game is like dodge, you can get lucky as hell or unlucky as hell. It just seems like the IE rush with a crit item is just a contest of who is luckier instead of who can pump out more pure damage. If you get critted while in lane, it can push you out or make you lose the whole advantage you were building up until then.

When you rush Bloodthirster, it only works on one or two champions. Kalista can use it as she doesn't need crits, she just needs to live long enough to pop a huge amount of spears. Draven can use it as his passive can grant enough gold to get an Infinity Edge not long after it while giving him early defense. However everyone else relies on BORK and IE. If you try it on any other ADC besides these two, you will find that if you fall the slightest bit behind, you will be useless until you get Infinity Edge. So going vice-versa from an ordinary build doesn't work.

Right now, majority champions purchase IE first instead of BORK/Bloodthirster. Even though the fact that Bloodthirster has a shield, IE has the crit chance with the crit effect. For 300 gold more, the person with the IE can almost always out-duel a person with a couple of crits. Even though Bloodthirster gives 20 percent lifesteal instead of 20 percent crit, the think is, with 300 gold difference you may think there would be a decent chance that the Bloodthirster would win. Even though it's the difference between Offensive and Defensive items, the damage gap due to crits is just too large.

An example of this is such as a champion with low crit chance pumping out continous damage with good positioning while one who's in a bad position just gets a large amount of crits doing large burst damage even though they shouldn't be doing more.

In the Bloodthirster meta it was more like a low amount of crit and focused on sustained damage such as BT Trinity Lucian. The flaw with this meta was that even if an ADC took a horrible trade, the fact that if they stacked their Bloodthirster, they would heal back to full in 10-20 seconds if they hit enough cs.

However in the Infinity Edge meta right now it seems like luck is purely the answer to fights, when you want a minion, people after getting crit chance typically guess when it'll happen and depend on luck. If you want to duel the enemy ADC, it's typically a duel of who gets more crits instead of just duels of which kit does more. When you trade, the one that wins is typically is determined by luck of who gets a crit. It only requires knowledge of when to trade in the early game, where there is nothing more than an avarice blade or perhaps "The Infamous One Percent Crit Rune". Even though the fact there's an algorithm, you can't perfectly guess when it will happen, leading to it being more of a "lucky guess" or if you just auto away just "a lucky moment."

I'm not saying League should remove crit chance in general as it would ruin a couple of champions (Yasuo and Gangplank for example, including sexy crit animations (I'm looking at you Sion))

However wouldn't focusing on just AD be better instead of hoping the favor of RNGesus is with you?

Another fact about AD right now, is that you can almost never rush BT 3rd item or IE 3rd item depending on which way you build. With this tank meta, you almost always need to build Last Whisper meaning you can't get both items too fast in the game.

So if you lack the IE, you lose alot of potential damage, and if you don't have BT, you lose alot of survivability.

Shouldn't there just be a new item that doesn't involve either stat (lifesteal or crit chance) and revolves around pure AD and a small bonus of attackspeed? Also, the IE's damage should be lowered if such an item occurs or else there will be no use for it (Example: Essence Reaver)

Another thing, if you build Bloodthirster, you will pump out an extremely low amount of damage compared to Infinity Edge. Why is this? They both have the same damage? It's just that the crit makes it so that (in theory) 1/5 autos will do 2 and a half. Meaning that an ADC with Bloodthirster would do 200 per auto, same with the IE. However, the person with Bloodthirster can heal off damage. The thing is, the healing doesn't matter too much early game, as majority healing with lifesteal normally comes from crits since it heals you twice as much. The person with IE would pump an extra basic and a half, however RNG scales up after each basic, meaning you would actually hit about 2 crits in the 5 basics (with luck of course). Knowing this, the person with Bloodthirster's survivability is useless as the IE chunks too hard. However, reverting Bloodthirster back to it's old passive would be useless. It's good right now, but not as great as Infinity Edge. This bringing me back to my main point The meta right now for ADCs is to do large chunks of damage (except for some exceptions being Kog'Maw, Vayne(Who still relies heavily on crits late game), and Kalista (who still does large amounts of damage, however can be shut down before using rend)

However, Infinity Edge makes this a perfect item, but in the Bloodthirster meta, where Bloodthirster was just seen as an item to scale into mid game with high damage and survivability wasn't exactly optimal either.

Now we put in the factor of this current "tank" meta. Infinity Edge and Bloodthirster can't really do too much in this meta. Infinity Edge against Thornmail kills you faster than you kill them, while using Bloodthirster packs no punch. You can't exactly build Bloodthirster/IE 3rd item anymore with enemies have 200< armor with Thornmails by the time you start your third item. However, Infinity can grant you a better early, while Bloodthirster guarantees a high chance of survivability in the beginning of mid game. You can snowball or play safe, however if you go Infinity it may go wrong when all the enemies begin to have high amounts of armor and you just barely started your attackspeed item. With Bloodthirster you simply won't do much damage until you get Last Whisper. There are cons to both side, but the larger one is with the Bloodthirster. With Infinity, you have a higher chance of snowballing do to crits while Bloodthirster grants a barrier and a decent shield.

TLDR : Should the meta change again into something more sustained damage oriented or something similar to now where ADC's just rely on crits to chunk enemies? With IE it's a chance to chunk and when you do get it it can turn around the situation even if the enemy deserved to win. With BT after being punished in a trade you could just heal back to full health in a small amount of time while still dealing damage. Even though you may answer "it'd be a mixture" there'd need to be a new item and obviously bruisers and other roles would try to take advantage of it. So should the AD meta change the whole game or should it just stay like it is now?

NOTE1: People are typing about how BORK is good on ADCs vs tanks. However almost all tanks have thornmails or extremely high armor. The problem is with the Thornmail. The way you negate Thornmail is by having a mix of high lifesteal and magic resist. So normally a Mercurial and a Bloodthirster. With BORK, you're throwing away the "high lifesteal" factor and making it so you can shred them easier. Also, the BORK passive does how much you would do meaning if you rushed it instead of Last Whisper, neither the passive or active will do much damage.

EDIT1: Updating as I see comments coming to try to explain what I really mean

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