[LPT] When you have a goal, don't tell people about it.

[LPT] When you have a goal, don't tell people about it.

EDIT2: Shout out to all the smokers out there trying to quit, the overwhelming consensus seems to be that this is the most effective strategy when you're trying to ditch the habit.

Edit 3: For everyone who thought this said "If you have a goaT", http://matadornetwork.com/life/32-photos-that-prove-goats-are-the-worlds-best-climbers/ Enjoy!

When you tell people about it, especially in detail, you get a sense of accomplishment that should only be yours when you've completed the task.

So keep it under wraps and tell people when it's done so you can enjoy actually having achieved something and not just the sense of being so noble/motivated for having goals.

Edit: For people saying the opposite works for them, great! I'm glad to see you've found something that works for you. However, since this works for me, I'm going to assume it does for Some other people as well. Thanks for the comments though!

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