[SGA]Chrome Extension thats better than the Companion App!

[SGA]Chrome Extension thats better than the Companion App!

So...I stumbled across a chrome extension called the Destiny Item Manager. This thing is awesome! It allows you to get a real time view of every weapon, armor piece, shader, sparrow, etc.. across all three of your characters and the vault. It shows what you currently have equipped and what is not equipped. Here is where it gets really good. I can take a weapon from my warlock and equip it straight to my titan with the click of a button. No transferring to the vault then pulling to the character. One click and I am done. It gets even better. You can create custom load outs and use them and it moves the items where they need to be and equips them! This extension is amazing and needs to be known!

P.S. Make sure you log into the bungie website before you open the extension or it gets stuck on a loading screen :)

TL;DR: Great new chrome extension that lets you move items between characters faster...and even create and use custom loadouts!

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