The 8 Pokémon You'll Date In Your Lifetime

The 8 Pokémon You'll Date In Your Lifetime

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Personally my favorite pokémon is magikarp #4

Edit: Apparently the world is full of Ditto's - very surprising but sort of not. And sadly there are a few who've met Mew's and said Mew decided to transform into another pokémon and never change back - damn trickster Mew. And the lucky ones who found the Mew who was hiding under the guise of another pokémon and after some time, transformed to reveal it's the really Mew. Thanks guys, I never thought I would feel these feels

Edit²: Relevant

People who don't know how to write a postcode

People who don't know how to write a postcode

I have been doing some Christmas work as a mail sorter. it's quite nice in the short term, but I doubt I'd want it permanently.

Anyway, it's shocking how many times mail comes up that has no space in the postcode, lowercase postcodes, or otherwise non-standard postcode that takes longer to read and sort.

Tip for everyone. It's one or two capital letters, followed by one or two numbers. Occasionally another capital letter. Then a space. This space is extremely important. Then there's a number, and two more capital letters.




SW17 6HR

B4 6UN

It's significantly harder to read:


ll5 3qt



I'm saying this for the benefit of the people receiving mail, not just as a rant. B2 0LP typed as B20LP is a lot more likely to end up going to the B20 district instead of the B2 district than it would be if it was typed correctly (with a space). Sorters go through a LOT of mail very rapidly, so most of it comes down to a quick glance which can be made quicker and more accurate by having the postcode formatted properly and big enough to pick out quickly. If it's not immediately obvious what the postcode says, you spend a few moments studying the address, which is a few moments not being spent sorting the next item, or worse, your quick glance tells you it's something different from what it really is, and it goes to the wrong place, taking longer to reach the recipient.


And now, my own postman has delivered me something that should have gone to a completely different road. Well at least he got the house number right....

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