CLG Speculation Regarding Monte

CLG Speculation Regarding Monte

With news of Zuna being in the CLG house, speculation has ran wild among what is the cause of it. Just checking around when I read MonteCristo's twitter bio:

LoL analyst. SI co-host. All opinions are presented as facts. Co-owner of LoL eSports coverage site @ggChronicle. http://ggcmontecristo.tumblr.com

Something seemed missing so I went to archive.org to check twitter archives of his old bio. Here is the link to an archive from August 12th, 2014.

The bio is very similar, but notice the difference:

LoL analyst. CLG coach. All opinions are presented as facts. Co-owner of LoL eSports coverage site @ggChronicle. http://ggcmontecristo.tumblr.com

Monte kicked off of CLG or stepping down? Did Zuna just replace Monte? Keep in mind this is pure speculation until we receive more news.

Prestige Desktop Assimilation

Prestige Desktop Assimilation


Walking near the VP is always a problem, he doesn’t seem to enjoy silence.

VP: So… How are you going, is IT all good?

Me: Yep. Good.

I tried to get out of sync with the VP’s footsteps, but the VP continually managed to get back in sync. We looked like we were marching.

VP: Why are you taking my computer away again? It’s so fast now.

Me: Unauthorized access.

VP: Can’t we just ask what the boy did. Then if it was just a de-frag … leave it, because it is at least twice as fast at the moment.

Me: Oh we’ll ask him. Still, its better to just wipe and start again though. Safer that way.

I stutter stepped a few times. The VP, ignored it and somehow end up in sync within a second. It was almost impressive.

VP: How long will it take?

Me: A few hours. Max. I’ll get you a loaner Laptop for the interim.

The VP looked thoughtful. He seemed to toss up the options in his head.

VP: No, don’t worry. I’ll just wait.

Me: Oh. Are you sure?

VP: It’ll be fine. In fact I probably don’t even need a computer anymore!

Me: Er. Okay. It’ll only be a few hours I suppose.

We arrived at his office and I started unplugging his desktop. He sat down at his desk and started looking thoughtful.

VP: Airz. Do me a favor, take the screen off my desk.

I placed the screen on the floor. The VP carelessly tossed the Keyboard and mouse over at the floor next to me. Narrowly missing my head.

VP: Oh my…

The VP spread his arms out over the desk. Running them smoothly across the now empty surface.

VP: My desk. Its so big!

I had successfully unplugged the desktop and stood up to leave. Desktop in hand.

VP: Airz! Wait. You forgot to take the screen.

Me: We’ve got screens downstairs for the install.

VP: No, take it now. So you don’t have to do a double trip.

Me: Taking it isn’t required. You’ll need it again when your desktop comes back.

The VP looked taken a back. He had recoiled in horror.

VP: Comes back?! No. no. no. Have you seen what my desk looks like without a computer cluttering things up? It’s so smooth. So nice. I don’t think I’ll require the desktop back.

Me: … You don’t want your computer back?

The idea sounded suspicious. I didn’t know if I should be overjoyed or worried.

VP: No. I think I’m better off without one. A VP’s computer can’t do much.

Me: But, you’ve access to every department…

The VP’s face looked determined.

VP: I’ve decided. This office looks better without a computer.

Me: Well.. okay. I guess you won’t be seeing much of IT anymore then.

I walked over and attempted to juggle the screen and desktop in two hands. It was too much. The VP was smiling.

VP: Don’t worry. I’ll still be connected.

The VP waved a little box in the air. It contained a new PDA.

I then realized the VP would now solely rely on a PDA.



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