"You blacklisted... Yourself?"

"You blacklisted... Yourself?"

I happen to work for a web hosting company, and there you get to see all kinds of people. From the developers that think their $5/month shared server can handle 3 un-cached Magento sites to people who buy commercial class dedi's to host a one page site that the guy did in Microsoft Front Page that only their children look at to humor their old rich dad.

This particular user is likely somewhere in the middle. A double-whammy if you will. First, we will call this user D. Now, D, has a dedicated server, one of our higher tiered plans, and he has root. For what reason we gave it to him, I really have no idea. So D, is getting his email spoofed, had he contacted support... We could have enabled SPF records for him, problem solved. But no... He types on the one command we hate to see... 'reboot' Now I see he contacts us about once a week for this problem this exact same problem, every week so I finally ask him:

Me: Hey D, why do you keep rebooting your server when we tell you not to?

D: Oh, b/c I keep getting emails sent from myself that I did not sent! I am hacked, can't you tell from the logs!?

Me: What? Rebooting the server won't help with hacks... Just enable SPF records (Sent him a link on how to do that)

D: Fine -left chat

Now, I didn't hear from him in about 3 days until my buddy came up to me and was like "Hey, you talked to D a few days ago with the dedi?"

Me: Uh, yea, why?

"Oh, he claims that he was hacked and so he set up SPF records, but he didn't wait for them to propagate and got another spoofed mail... So he called up, asked what spam filter we used, and then for some ungodly reason... Reported himself to SpamCop so he would stop sending himself email"

Me: Wut.

"Yea, and b/c he is has a dedi IP, we cant rotate it. Did you tell him to do that?"

I just sat back and laughed at him. It was even better that the notes on the account said:

"Reported himself to SpamCop, nothing we can do"

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