Update to the Eternal War (11 Year Old Civ II Game)

Update to the Eternal War (11 Year Old Civ II Game)

It’s been one year to the day since I shared my 10 (now 11) year game of Civ II, affectionately dubbed “The Eternal War”. In that time some things have changed, while others have not. After my original post, I was overwhelmed with the response and number of helpful strategies and spent much of the last year experimenting with them. Of particular effectiveness was Stumpter’s 58 year solution which I was able to execute within a similar time frame. I’ve included the link to his strategy so that those interested may review its details themselves.


That said; in January of this year I decided to continue playing on my original save file, determined not to end this struggle through overwhelming force alone. I concede that at this point, armed with the knowledge that I have gained through this experience, I could if I want at any time, crush the Viking menace with relative ease. I continue the story now simply to see the narrative play itself out. Besides, keeping them around has its uses when considered from a certain perspective. Consider if you will, what need would there be for my glorious Celtic Communist state to exist in a world at peace? How would I justify to the masses the need for brutal dictatorship and big brother’s watchful eye if there is no longer an external threat to protect them from? I couldn't. And so the external threat must be maintained of course. The parallels of my Eternal War to George Orwell’s 1984 were of course apparent, but I have since decided to fully embrace our inevitable Orwellian future. Or present, considering the headlines. Whether it’s the NSA spying on our communications, Turks being brutalized for wanting to preserve a historic park, or President Assad of Syria butchering entire cities worth of his own countrymen to remain in power, there are many lessons from life to draw upon.

The year is 4200 AD. The world is a nightmare of suffering and devastation. This has not changed. Two more centuries of war have yielded no victor. But of course this is now by design rather than stalemate. Rather than destroy the Vikings, my largest operation of the 41st century was a massive naval and land offensive to capture the new Viking capital of Piza, with the intention of instigating a civil war among their people. This is something unique to Civ II, where a civilization would split into two separate civs if their capital was captured during a time of war. The naval campaign was a disaster. Viking cruise missiles wiped out most of the fleet along with most of the troops in transport before they ever made landfall. Eventually Piza did fall, but this did not result in a civil war as I had hoped. I soon withdrew from the city which was of course recaptured shortly thereafter. And so went 40 years of planning and preparation.

The 42nd century was dominated by an unprecedented number of uprisings and rebellions across my empire. Every other year it seemed as though fresh waves would replace the rebels I gunned down the year before. Even with my overwhelming military advantage, it became difficult to cope. The rebels would appear outside some of my most developed cities and tear up the roads and railways before I could react. With the roads gone, it became an ordeal to move troops close enough to attack them. Before I could, more rebels would appear elsewhere and thus divide my attention. This culminated in the sacking of the city Shoreside Vale. At that point for the first time ever, I had more troops engaged in quelling rebellions than fighting the Vikings. And not because they were particularly powerful; but because there were so many and so disparate, spread across all reaches of my empire. Eventually I created a squadron of fighters, not bound by roads, specifically to engage the rebels so that the rest of my production could be focused on maintaining the status quo on the front lines. This is where things stand now. My alliance with the Americans remains strong, and the Sioux remain weak. All is as it should be. I shall update you all on the situation once again before the end of the year. And remember: Big brother is watching….

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