Normie REEEE

Normie REEEE

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You are a bold one


General Kenobi

Sara Carter: Whistleblower Exposes Key Player in FBI Russia Probe: "It was all a Set-up"

Sara Carter: Whistleblower Exposes Key Player in FBI Russia Probe: "It was all a Set-up"
Sara Carter: Whistleblower Exposes Key Player in FBI Russia Probe: "It was all a Set-up"

This makes it sound like the Pentagon is also corrupt. The FBI, the DOJ, and now the Pentagon?

Is it every f-ing govt department against Trump? Because they’re all guilty as hell and corrupt?

Yes our government has been corrupt for a long time. Stopping Trump was about covering up their corruption and all the bad things they have done for decades. Most everybody else has dirt on each other and can be blackmailed. That is why nothing has changed and nothing really ever gets done. Dems and Repubs were always on the same team in real life. They did not want an outsider to see what they have done. They have nothing on Trump so they are scared shitless of him. The problem is I believe the crimes are so vast and bad they will have to cover stuff up just so this country won’t fall. If the public found out they would probably drag them in the street. This is why Hillary will probably or Obama will probably not face justice, they could bring the whole government down.

Yup, the only collusion, or conspiracy, with foreign entities, to affect our elections, was done on behalf of, and by, the Democrats.

And who is going to do something about this? I am beginning to sound like a broken record. Sessions is going to pounce. Yea right

We love Alderaan!

We love Alderaan!

Not enough capital letters or hashtags.

"I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced."

FAKE NEWS!!! Force GooD as eVeR. NOBODY loves the FORCE more than ME! Jedis just TRYING to make me LOOK bad. SAD!

”I did not know that The Emperor was going to Blow Up Alderaan. TOTAL WITCH HUNT by those Angry Rebels. We have the Greatest economy in the Galaxy. The Construction of the Death Star created the most jobs in history! MEGA!”

I hear only 6 to 18 people died on Alderaan.

This is some pre-internet entertainment right here.


That's entertainment post-internet!

This is the shit I want to do on vacation. I don’t want to go the beach and just lay there.

Give me a tire and point me in the right direction.

Wonder how high it would shoot an average sized human.

Excellent. We can use my brother-in-law.



Bob Ross would be proud

:) 🐜 🍪

She was chilling while the others worked. You narced on her man.


8 am Hurricane Florence Cone Warning

8 am Hurricane Florence Cone Warning

Looks like it finally made landfall. Damn it is moving super slow.

Flo be like: New England y'all ain't safe!

I think technically it will be a "tropical depression" by then so no witnessing for him this time

I went from VA Beach to Boston. As it dances around VA Beach and goes to New England, I feel like this storm is taunting me

2 women who murdered a young girl fall to the ground and begin to squeal after they receive life in prison

2 women who murdered a young girl fall to the ground and begin to squeal after they receive life ...

This makes me sooooo happy. The screeching of their family is beautiful noise to my ears...

Last time this was posted, I believe these women were getting life in prison for beating a young girl for urinating herself and causing such injuries that the child was clinging on to life. Then instead of taking her to a hospital, they decided to “wait it out” and the child passed away.

Notice that the last woman being taken out was skooching her feet along rather than letting them drag? She knew she was going for sympathy

IIRC from last time this video was posted:

Some toddler girl peed herself, so these two hogs beat/tortured the shit out of her until she was barely alive, then instead of getting medical treatment they put her in a fridge box to "wait until she gets better" - obviously the girl died.

Shoes blending in

Shoes blending in

First I thought they were transparent

They're not?!

Raindrops, drop tops

Can't find my shoes with the dot dots

They are. If you believe in yourself.

New Song Snippet from Ye’s IG

New Song Snippet from Ye’s IG

Looks like he's using the GTA cinematic camera.

This sounds so unique, especially for Ye, normally when he's over trap production he's rapping so to hear him singing over it is such a trip. I love it

Ho lee fucc it's beautiful

not a fan of the generic trap drums but im gonna get downvoted for saying that

Good times

Good times

Their censorship efforts will fail. GEOTUS and team are twelve steps ahead. I expect to see the hammer coming down on the social media handlers very soon. You don't fuck with 45's comms.

How bout .... No?

To spicy to let that one go.

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