Team Liquid & Newbee - first direct invites to ESL One Hamburg (Major)

Team Liquid & Newbee - first direct invites to ESL One Hamburg (Major)
Team Liquid & Newbee - first direct invites to ESL One Hamburg (Major)

I like how gh is a "support" instead of a support

8 team majors doesn't sound right imo, I hope the majors after DH this december will be 12 teams minimum. feels kinda wrong not to have either OG/secret in a major if liquid keeps on getting invited, and one of lfy/ig/lgd wont be there asw

Edit: not first, the only direct invites

1 Qualifier Slot for NA, EU and CIS. And EG, OG and VP have to go through quals.


Chapter 231 - Links and Discussion

Chapter 231 - Links and DiscussionChapter 231 Link(s): MangaStream

Seeing the first years collaborate together on their dishes was so cool. Haven't felt this excited since the reveal of the rebel team.

Wow Megumi chose to fight Momo, did not expect that resolve coming from her. This was a much more well constructed chapter than what we've seen recently imo as it retains the comedic elements that drew us into Shokugeki but also capitalises on the stakes of the 3rd bout.

Dat cover page though

All these matchups have me pretty excited

Soumei, Megashima, and Subaru look like they came straight out of Jojo's part 2.

I drew the Ultimate Daughter - Morgan!

I drew the Ultimate Daughter - Morgan!

Alright, the next in lines are :

Ultimate Sentimental - Brady

Ultimate Traveler Of The Lone Road Of Darkness - Owain

Ultimate Survivalist - Yarne

Ultimate Twice - Noire

Ultimate Batman - Gerome

Ultimate Refusal - Nah

Ultimate Shell - Kjelle

Ultimate Hat - Laurent

(Self-proclamed) Ultimate Flirt - Inigo

Ultimate PegaPonyPrincess - Cynthia

Ultimate Twintails - Severa.

Did I forgot someone?

Huge shoutout to /u/gimli-chan as his post of Lucina (here) is what inspired me to draw this.

It was fun getting to try a completely different drawing style to usual, also I've never drawn Morgan before. She's a cutie.

Anyone else get the Danganronpa reference?

Husband - Husbando

Wife - Waifu

Daughter - DAUGHTERU


Frankie: 8 weeks old, photogenic.

Frankie: 8 weeks old, photogenic.

Frankie is adorable!

Cross-post to /sub/supermodelcats

Reap benefits

How precious! My new little one is also named Frankie đŸ˜»


NÀr man ska konfrontera grannen som snott ens tvÀttid

NÀr man ska konfrontera grannen som snott ens tvÀttid

"Medlare överlÀmnar pÄse fylld med biltema körv enligt gisslantagarens begÀran"

"FÄr jag inte min kasse biltemakörv inom 5 minuter sÄ bombar jag alla kalsipperna i tumlaren!" - tvÀttstugeterroristen, förmodligen

Kassen Àr full med arga lappar.


Första steget Àr arg lapp.

The Nazis’ First Victims Were the Disabled

The Nazis’ First Victims Were the Disabled

Great. I'm disabled and Jewish. I'm fucked.

The Man in the High Castle, season 1, episode 1, the traffic stop scene.

Man stopped by the officer has never been to this particular part of the countryside before... He never had the proper traveling papers before.

During the traffic stop, ash begins to fall from the sky like snow. Man is confused, asks the traffic officer what it is...

"Oh, it's Tuesday. They're just burning the cripples."

Good thing The God EmperorTM never targeted the handicapped.

Oh wait...

The eugenics movement started right here in America in the South in the late 19th, early 20th century. It wasn't explicitly aimed at ethnic minorities, but rather focused on forced sterilization of physically and/or mentally disabled persons as a means to "improve the health of future populations" (and implicitly to "remove those we feel to be inferior from the breeding population"). German doctors, scientists, and other German intellectuals studying in the States at the time took these ideas home with them, where they were accosted, manipulated, and combined with Neitzche-esque nihilism and "power destiny" ideas, ultimately progressing from euthanasia/sterilization to outright full-blown ethnic cleansing.

Amazon deleted my review of Killarys book.

Amazon deleted my review of Killarys book.

Anyone experience anything similar from Amazon?

I remember the good old days before the internet went all corporate fascist. But then again, amazon has always had pretty strict rules. At least you sent them and hillary a message.


Yes. And the thing is I actually read a couple chapters at the book store. Total trash

Where did the ratings go? I can't back to them. Did Great again stay at 9 ?

Every time there's banning drama in eve

Impass, when the walls fell.

This is pretty spot on tbh.

Not gonna lie, this is an outstanding meme. Well done sir.

His arms wide

Trump's closed-door rants on Comey and Mueller

Trump's closed-door rants on Comey and Mueller

I like how our president is actually asking everyone to be upset that Mueller might investigate OTHER crimes he finds. Maybe don't commit crimes, you piece of shit.

I hate this man and his people so so so God damn much.

Important tidbit:

Be smart: Trump allies plan to vilify Mueller the way the Clinton White House treated Ken Starr.

Watch for a common Trump theme to solidify: partisan overreach. The president's friends are most worried about Mueller digging into past business deals, which is why his team keeps raising concerns in public and private about the "scope" of the investigation

Alternate Headline: Wealthy Man-Child Experiences Consequences The Possibility of Consequences For the First Time.

Edit: Made it more accurate

Hey, just because Trump has been a successful criminal for many years, that shouldn't preclude him from becoming President. Honestly, I think government should be run like a criminal enterprise. /s

T from Nina Bonina's instagram live

T from Nina Bonina's instagram live

Nina said she went home five days before the filming of the season was going wrap up. The day after being sent home the show got her to see a psychiatrist to make sure she was okay. Which Nina was kind of offended by. She liked most of the producers and staff but doesn't know if it's Hollywood niceness. A lot of her hate after Valentina went home, a lot of it came from Latino and Mexican fans who were writing shit on her social medias in their own language so she couldn't understand what they were saying. She said she's over the whole drag race thing and didn't go to drag con because people are only there to see the winners and not the smaller queens. Wow presents has offered her things but she's not interested in working with them.

people are there to see everyone not just winners

It's like Dax said, smaller queens have dedicated fans and Nina really shouldn't take that for granted. We joke here about Ru's inner saboteur schtik but in this case, Nina suffers from that in spades

She's making herself a "smaller queen"...


This really makes me sad for her. She really needs help.

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