Secretly organized my husband's closet today - it was time to go for a few shirts

Secretly organized my husband's closet today - it was time to go for a few shirts

This is amazing

I want to marry you.

I wish I could do this to my SO's closet. If he buys another novelty t-shirt / geek shirt, I might scream.

🤣🤣🤣 I can’t!!!

First to 50!!!

First to 50!!!

Looks like after tonight’s beautiful game our beloved astros are the first team to hit 50 wins :)

Fuck the Red Sox, fuck the Yankees, and fuck the Mariners- but most importantly FUCK THE RANGERS.

Victory is sweet. have a great night, see y'all tomorrow


No you weren’t!

-Orioles fan that’s been waiting to make this joke

Took my dad to the game tonight for Father's day. What a perfect night at the juice box.

Too much Lucifer’s Quinoa

Too much Lucifer’s Quinoa

Lucifer’s Kale would’ve been better but i like the post anyway, all that would happen is hurt your tum tum, so this post fits perfectly in the sub


shit I ate too much joint

Oooor lettuce?

He loves the poorly-educated!

He loves the poorly-educated!

Politics is very easy when your political views are "Everything Trump does is right."

These idiots are like abuse spouses that can't run away from a bad marriage.

Show up with a black eye, make up excuse.

Show up with bruised arms, make up excuse.

I wonder what's gong to take for them to break the toxic relationship.


Trump - " I love people named Randy!"

Randy - " Hey! The president likes my name!"


Trump - "Fuck anyone with the name Randy."

Randy - "He's so right. People named Randy are assholes!"

Doublethink: the acceptance of two contradictory ideas or beliefs at the same time.

[META] Gold Foams on Adoption Day! Thanks for your support 🙌 (fun story in the comments)

[META] Gold Foams on Adoption Day! Thanks for your support 🙌 (fun story in the comments)

So - Here's a fun story about how we got the gold foams.

I made the same ask for help finding these shoes over on my Instagram (@hellobilello). A friend tagged his wife's cousin asking if he knew where I could find them.

This guy said he'd look into it. After a few DMs and a bit of snooping around on his Instagram profile I learned that this guy is a VP of Foot Locker!

And on top of it he has three sons he's adopted too. He found the kicks on his time and paid for them himself.

It was such a blessing and great surprise for me and my son.

Thanks to all of you who offered ideas, encouragement, and even kicked in $ via PayPal. This part of our story is so much better because we got to share it with so many people.

Now in the end we really didn't need the money that people gave here. We'd like to take that money and pay it forward. We're looking into some organizations we could donate to but would also love suggestions.

If you ever have any questions about the world of foster care or adoption please ask me.

Thanks again and God Bless you 🙌

This is such an amazing time for those who helped Ryan and his family on finding these. I’ll pin this to the top for the week so everyone can see and get the update.

Congratulations on a growing family! The Mods of SneakerMarket

Haha they look huge bit he's 4.5Y. I'm 11.

Good stuff, buying some foams for a kid won’t change the world: but for that kid, the world will change. -DD69 inspiration

Hana Bunny as Wagyu Chan

Hana Bunny as Wagyu Chan

Thats udderly hot!!!!!

puns like this put me in a bad mood  


I said... they put me.. in a bad... MOOd

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