[Meme] War Face

[Meme] War Face

Woa face

Oney is becoming a meme, make me funny scream.

I blinked and missed where this meme came from, but this is the best so far

Chris O'neil/Oney made the woah noises on a twitter post showing off the rig for a ps1 crash model he made, and a fan modelled and rigged this crash model based off a drawing of crash Julian did for Oneyplays, which Chris is a part of

[Meme] Crash Is True Perfection

[Meme] Crash Is True Perfection

Good job putting the punchline in the title :/

fuck your watermark bro

For real. Made the whole video pointless, just had to wait and see how crash could be involved

Against all logic, this meme is taking off and I love it

[Poetry] Ravens can talk!

[Poetry] Ravens can talk!

That fucking Windows sound had me dying.

The editing is great on this video!

Wait so he did call her a fuck ass? My man.

this one



[Poetry] Recording A Spotify Ad

[Poetry] Recording A Spotify Ad

Every single ad that I got on spotify was a spotify ad telling me how annoying ads are

Highly inaccurate. Spotify ads are wayyy louder

Literally the only reason they show ads is to annoy you into getting premium. Ads are not really profitable for them which is why you get so many ads from Spotify themselves.


[Haiku] Boy Drops Ice Cream

[Haiku] Boy Drops Ice Cream



I want this to be the case, but I'm not sure the world is so beautiful.

the video in question for anyone better at identifying/differentiating children.

Well, time to prepare for the new memes.

Here's where the soundbite came from

[Poetry] Man attempts to catch Nerf round with mouth

[Poetry] Man attempts to catch Nerf round with mouth
Japanese dude that used an airsoft pistol to brush his teeth


Reminds me of the

Just utterly committed to causing themselves discomfort for our entertainment.

Your video is even more funny than the original post!

You already saw it though

is that a a motorised, automatic nerf gun with a giant magazine made out of a box glued to the top of it?

[Haiku] The Sandwich

[Haiku] The Sandwich

normally the fax machine goes above the lettuce, but the man in the video has made an embarrassing faux pas

Does that bread look moldy to anyone else?

this is my kinda haiku

Okay, what kind of inept monster stacks their sandwich that way? Meat, mayo, tomatoes, lettuce, cheese? The correct order is meat, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, mayo(on the top slice of bread), and an exception can be made that tomatoes go on before lettuce if you're packing this sandwich for later and don't want the bread to get too soggy.

This isn't rocket science, people.

[Poetry] Inside a Vending Machine (Gus Johnson)

[Poetry] Inside a Vending Machine (Gus Johnson)

Oversized bill

Regular sized chips

This is one of the best things gus has ever made

Gus looks like a discount leo DiCaprio

The coins are too wrinkled

[Haiku] Vitas my funny cockatoo

[Haiku] Vitas my funny cockatoo

I almost thought it was the bird at first. Great job. Just don't ruin the joke with the thumbnail next time.


I like the original better.

Or title.

What have we unleashed...

[Haiku] You guessed it!

[Haiku] You guessed it!

the waah sounds like a youtube poop effect

Reminds me of one of my all time favorite webms

man wtf have we done now people call them webms even when posted to youtube

Damn that's the sickest dab I have ever seen

Try one of these subthreads