[Poetry] Wednesdaaaaaaaay

[Poetry] Wednesdaaaaaaaay

Thank you for bringing

aaaaaaaaaaaaaa Wednesdaaaaaaaaaaaaa a a a ay aaa aaaaaaa a aaa a a a a aaaaa a a aaa aaaaa a a a a a aaa a aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa a a aaaaa

to us every week.

Living forward to the next one.

Playlist of all my Wednesday memus.

People 100 years from now gonna watch this and think this is what January 17, 2018 was like

His facial expression at the end looks like he only just realized that it is Wednesday, my dudes. God i fuckin love /u/zimonitrome. He's a goddamn treasure.

[Poetry] Thomas the Thermonuclear Bomb

[Poetry] Thomas the Thermonuclear Bomb

The nuke scene from Thomas & Friends is still one of the most scientifically accurate nuclear detonation scenes in any media. Scientists wrote letters of praise to the film crew for the accuracy.

This is my favorite new content creator on Youtube. Their first video is truly A R T

Hey /u/MJM247 thanks for posting!

Thomas whistled one last time. 'This is for Percy, you son of a bitch.' 'The fat controller laughed.', He knew his plans of global conquest ended that day.

[Poetry] Good Job Samantha...

[Poetry] Good Job Samantha...

fuckin' great shot

Some other country: "America sucks"



this is the way this meme should be done.

[Poetry]Speedrunning Super Mario 64 IRL

[Poetry]Speedrunning Super Mario 64 IRL

What a chump. He's not even QPU aligned.

I counted 4 and a half presses

well TJ



He could probably shave off a few A presses by building up speed for 5.4 hours.

[Poetry] How To Get Views Like Logan Paul

[Poetry] How To Get Views Like Logan Paul

Hey guys, ian here, youtube removed my video and gave me a strike but you can still check it out in some mirrors in this thread. kinda ironic that a FAKE body and halloween store blood is removed but an ACTUAL dead body makes it on trending ¯_(ツ)_/¯ I'm appealing the removal right now, and I'll update this comment with what youtube decides throughout the day.

Edit 1: Notice from YouTube -

Edit 2: Another redditor posted about this haiku thread to /sub/defranco. my channel's too small to have a youtube contact, but maybe this is a possible way to get someone at youtube to notice?

Edit 3: ANOTHER redditor put it in the H3H3 subreddit.

Edit 4: Keemstar just tweeted about the video taken down

Edit 5: IT LOOKS LIKE THE VIDEO IS BACK UP. HOLY SHIT WE ACTUALLY DID IT REDDIT! i mean we lost out on all the views but WE DID IT REDDIT! i'll still keep updating this comment in case something changes.

Edit 6: it's kinda messed up that youtube can remove a video that makes fun of their fuck-up surrounding the logan paul fiasco. so if a video from a small channel calls youtube out, youtube can just cripple the video for the first most critical hours? neat.

This video has been removed for violating YouTube's policy on violent or graphic content.

are you fucking kidding me youtube

The reaction channel at the end was a nice touch.

Shit it got removed

[Poetry] I'm A Stupid House Cat And I Want To Eat Your Plants

[Poetry] I'm A Stupid House Cat And I Want To Eat Your Plants

They always have to puke ON THE RUG, EVEN IF I TRY TO MOVE HIM TO THE TILE, he just continues puking while running back to the rug. So now I have a fucking trail of cat puke because my bullshit pet somehow feels the need to make more of a mess than is necessary.

That's why you get a dog. Every time my cat starts hurking, my dog comes running cuz she knows she's going to get a treat.

Added a Gus flair for those that requested it last time. Not sure if Ian and ProZD require their own specific flair yet.

until recently, I had a cat who was climber ... that hurka-hurka sound coming from above you is probably the scariest shit I've heard in my life.

[Poetry] Enter the Wednesday

[Poetry] Enter the Wednesday

"im sick so this week is low effort"

And you still put something out. Your faith in Wednesday will be rewarded.

List of previous Wednesdays

What a fresh start to what I hope will be a dank year. And a shoutout from the God Himself. Damn.

...My dude

[Haiku] Iphone 6 commercial

[Haiku] Iphone 6 commercial

Fuck me, I have a 6s that is barely usable at times and I've already changed the battery once so I'm fucked.

Sometimes I see people with a 5/5s on the subway and I wonder how they even do

The problem is they're great except for that it's barely a "smart"phone because there's no FUCKIN apps

I love apple's ios but fuck them for pulling shit like this.

I can't stand android. No win for me.

Thank you. I would of posted this comment sooner but i have an iPhone 6s.

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