Special Beer Drinking Talent

Special Beer Drinking Talent

Frankie Muniz lost his shit on that one.


Thanks ass hole, I just woke up my baby laughing at that.

As a Maryland alum....ahhhh yes rage, rage hard

just putin this out there

just putin this out there

its cgi

Yeah this has been posted on Reddit before. It’s a fake.

Or at least...that’s what they want you to think...


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This mp4 version is 93.61% smaller than the gif (545.89 KB vs 8.35 MB).

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Spooked boy just froze

Spooked boy just froze

"they just get to roam free?"

Oh deer!

1000-deer stare

"Kevin get back in the car now."

My best move is to do nothing

My best move is to do nothing

I deal with my problems in the same way.

Is that the IKEA mouse?

Yup same strat

Besides this, do you stage random rat invasions in places?

Cat magic

Cat magic

Love how the first time the card disappears it’s just like “oh this paw needs cleaning”

Doesn't even seem to care when is disappears, and then when it comes back it's like "alright it's back" pat pat pat pat

"Wh... What was I doing? Why did I come into this room?"

Displacement activity. It's kind of a mental stand-in when there is some stress (the card disappearing). Not that it's a bad thing, but it's normal. We humans do it too, we have little quirks we do when anxious or under certain types of stress.

What the hell is this hooman ?

I've read somewhere that this might be more of a deliberate avoidance than a fear response. The person is holding a prey animal in his hands, but the dog knows that it's not meant to be food. So he's just pretending that he doesn't see the little hamster at all, and doesn't like being made to look at it.

based on this dog's reaction, i'm pretty sure they hid his pills in that hamster.

Dogs aren’t stupid... Most understand that other animals in the house aren’t food, but pets just as they are. Neighbor had some free range chickens and our dog took one out. Later on we decided to get some chicks for our son but were worried about the dog. We brought the chicks inside and she actually snuggled with them and never attempted to harm them. They understand that other animals are pets too(basically)

Because it's been conditioned to know that animals in the house are not food.

Snorting coke in a subway

doing some rails on the rails

Eventually you get to the point in your drug use where you consider it no big deal.

Fucks given: -9000

Is it just me or did he shove that straw like 2 inches up his nose?

"Do people know no boundaries anymore?"

Just lean your seat back a little bit, cause just enough pain for her to learn her lesson not to do that. Act like you didn't see her nasty-ass feet there, and now, you have an opportunity to shame her for being gross and intrusive if she loudly complains.

Fuck her and her precious little feet. That's disgusting.

All you have to do in this situation is stand up, turn around around, and say, "Could you please remove your bare feet from my armrest? They smell unpleasant." Say it loudly. They will be shamed in front of everyone.

EDIT: Or, you could go the other way and just simply giggle while tickling her feet gently like a perv. She wouldn't keep them up there long and she'd have no recourse when complaining about it. Staff would ask her why the hell her naked feet were up there to begin with.

Or just sneeze on them.

Remove your socks and drape them over their feet.

A police officer experiences a wild college guy

I really hate people that pretend like they started life in the body of a 40 year old.

You were a young idiot once too. Don't be a judgy prick.

looks like a bottle of water

Must be a rookie. I've seen worse just working downtown Austin, Tx.

Why is the cop in a club drinking in uniform

You'll Never See A Happier Bride

This looks like a traditional Bulgarian winter ceremony

It is a traditional wedding in Tajikstan

Tajik brides are told not to smile or look at her husband as it could indicate that the pair know each other in a more intimate way than is appropriate for an unmarried couple.

Partial credit goes to /u/mag-neato for finding it

Thank god, this is hopefully the explanation. Could be several reasons why she looks dead on the inside then. The powder might be uncomfortable. She might think it is stupid. She might be concentrating af to get the ring on. She actually might love that dude.

FYI I am not defending anyone or anything I am just giving you my knowledge of the tradition in Central Asia.

during wedding a bride should not smile or show any intimacy toward the groom in majorly central Asian countries; it shows that they are from a respected family and the female has good manners. They even cry at the end of the wedding due to their departure from father s house.

PS I grew up in Central Asia

Cultural understanding is everything sometimes.

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