Youseeingthisshit youseeingthisshit

2 pencils 1 hand

I too can scribble with two pencils in one hand in front of a cat.

I'm not gonna lie, that drawing is probably better than what I can do one handed but its still pretty shitty.

You sir, irritate me with that sketchy talent. Mostly because I have none.

I'm 49 and still eat Chinese food with a fork since I haven't mastered the art of using chop sticks.

That dudes reaction is priceless

Bruh what's the Rock doing driving that bus?

"My body wants to leave, but I don't want to look away."

No, it was his cousin


You seeing this cat?

You seeing this cat?

That is a photoshopped cat.

Mommmm! Can my new friend come to dinner?

I saw that it was obvious

Just wants to come in and warm up a little bit, maybe lay on a laptop or something.

I've got my eyes on you!

"and I might be about to lose my fingers"

Boxers are so quirky and energetic. Great dogs

if I did that with my dog, I'd lose my arm. And he's only 3 months old.

hahaha so sweet!! :D

There seems to be a problem with my door

“Trap door was a success” -cat

The “dog is a cuddler” sign makes this even more perfect.

Dog has the "you got your video now please help me out of here" look

So no one is going to mention anything about how there isn't a wall next to the door?!?!

A friendly wager over cotton candy


I watched it 15 times, but still have that second guy's look on my face

wow even scooped the money before dude had any idea what happened lmao


Guy catches cricket ball one handed (and wins $50,000)

"Ten strangers just violently fingered my mouthole, you seeing this shit?"

Why the fuck is everyone putting their hands in his mouth?!?

Guy catches cricket ball, raped by seven men, and gets paid $50k for the sexual assault. Seems more fitting.

Why does he win $50k?

Around the world

This is Acra hotel in barbados, spent many of days here. Recognized it instantly. I’d go out on a limb and say thats mount gay rum and coke.

Depends what you’re looking to get out of your vacation. I live there for a couple years i can tell you everybody is very friendly, crime is super low compared to the rest of the caribbean. It very relaxing and the water is crystal clear. Hospitality is prime. But it’s a flat coral island, there isn’t much to do except eat drink and relax, smoke if your into it and snorkelling. On the flipside trinidad and tobago, where i live now is volcanic(well tobago is, trinidad is technically continental land thats been separated by higher water levels) and is full of adventure and beaches, tobago will be where you want to go but you have to fly into trinidad first, unless you’re coming from the UK, because it’s our tourist island. However trinidad is full of crime, not so much tobago. Jamaica is an obvious choice because even though they have crime their tourist industry is huge and separated, but keep in mind that means it basically a massive tourist trap. The rest of the islands except from their difference in culture and language is a lot like tobago, volcanic and full of adventure but not as much infrastructure as barbados. Grenada is a great choice too, a lot like tobago but i’d say not as fun. Sorry for making this such a loaded answer haha.

Assumptions are a bitch

/sub/noisygifs "Oh my goooshuhhh"

Granny gifts lube

"Back in my day all we had was a little spit and elbow grease. Enjoy sonny."

That was a slick move, Nanna.

I can’t wait until I’m old and can do shit like this. My grandma took great pride in giving me lingerie for Christmas in front of the entire family back when my husband and I had just started dating. We were about 19 or so and no one was stupid, they knew we were sleeping together. But I was so conservative and must have turned 10 shades of red. She loudly exclaimed, “oh honey I just thought it was so pretty, I thought you could put it on for some sexy time!” She laughed her ass off. She was so proud of herself.

The look on Granny’s face...priceless!

I'm...the king...of the foreeeeeeest... ACK!

“Bubbles? I’m the prince of f*cking darkness, Sharon!”

Anyone else remember that from Ozzy’s reality show or am I just proving my age.

Not queen, not duke, not prince.

Detroit lion?

I love this.

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