Not this again...

Not this again...

/sub/thisismylifemeow. Very adorable

That cat kinda looks like it's thinking "awww hiiiii.... I love you too!"



You see this idiot?

The one on the right reminds me of Theon (Alfie Allen).

One of my dogs is a rescue and he's a yellow lab/husky mix. He is the weirdest dog I've ever met.

Our main floor is wood, and he moon walks across it because he's scared. But when he's on the tile floor, he's totally fine and will run around and be crazy.

He can be really lazy and have an attitude. If I tell him to move or do something, he'll stare at me as he slowly slithers on his belly and takes his sweet time to do whatever he's supposed to be doing.

He "talks" a lot, and it's hilarious! He bounces up and down on his paws when it's time for his breakfast or dinner.

One time, he got out of our house and we were looking everywhere for him (his collar had come off, but he is microchipped). We ended up finding him hanging out on a front porch with some elderly lady and her adult son had just finished taking him on a two mile walk. What the hell, dog?

When it's snowing, he likes to bust through the snow drifts like the Kool-Aid pitcher guy. He also loves catching snowballs that I throw to him.

If anyone is sitting down, he will keep inching closer to you until you pet him. Sometimes he'll just flop down right on top of you. I have to warn people not to wear dark clothing to our house because his fur is white and it gets EVERYWHERE.

He's such a goofball, and I just know that's the husky in him! I'd imagine purebred huskies are 10x as goofy as he is!

All that being said, he is the biggest love bug I have ever met. He's amazing with my kids and all their friends and is incredibly mellow and kind to everyone that he meets. I'm so glad we were able to give him a good home, and we are very lucky to have such a goofy lovable fur ball in our lives.

TLDR: Yes, yes they do.

Damn it, Moon Moon.

Do huskies just really have this type of personality?

Anyone see that shit? Anyone?!?

It's too staged... Still a better love story than twilight

Took me like 5 rewatches before i realized he stole the other dudes beer. For some reason i thought he always had a beer.

Yeah, would have been a lot better if the guy had been walking along and they got the timing of stealing the drink just right to make it look more realistic.

Right. As it stands, he looks like a video game character frozen patiently around the corner, waiting to play his part haha

"The fuck you said?"

How many layers of text do we need here?

I’m gonna repost a screen capped gif of the top of this page all the way down to this comment.


This dogs expression of "wtf bitch?" is almost as priceless as this dog

When someone bullshits in front of you.

When someone bullshits in front of you.

Wtf that fucking face is hilarious

The continuous blinking with the WTF face is killing me

Dog Rivers

"She's been hogging that all day"

It's always funny when one dog is really into something, but the other one just doesn't get it. One of my dogs loves fetch more than anything. The other one doesn't understand the point and doesn't like all the running so he just interferes. He likes the ball, he'll take it if I hand it to him, but if I throw it he assumes it's supposed to be over there and loses interest.

"Well human knows better than I do"

Yeah, he's a pretty trusting dog.

I really need to know what she's watching...

You just had to get the dog...

Dog: yes this happened

Cat: I told you he was stupid

I love how casual animals can be in situations like this. His reaction is just "I brought this upon myself, this is my life now."

Am I the only one concerned that the person with the camera just kind of phases through the wall to get the second shot? o.0

They just leaned out of an open window for the outside shot.

No magic to see here.


I can't stand this snow white b*tch

I can't stand this snow white b*tch

I kinda feel bad for Snow White lol

I do, too, since it's her job and all, but man I hate being bothered while eating so I'm with the little girl.

MRW it's Friday and a client calls me at 4:45 PM.

"I've had a long day, waited in lines for 90% of it, got rejected by four rides because I'm not 'tall enough', and this shitty banana oatmeal shit paste is all my parents brought me to eat. So yeah Snow White, I'm not in the mood for your shit."


the girl posted in the comments; "Lolol that's me, it was 10 feet and I'm fine, I was insanely drunk and my friend told me to jump out the window."

Ten feet is pretty far!

She could have an aneurysm on the toilet! You never knooooow


You seeing this girl? Flame resistant.

I am more afraid for the guy behind her just about to saw into his calf.

I'm sure there's an explanation for this, but I don't really wanna know it

The pixelation of genitals negates any flammables in the area.

I want to know, what the fuck

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