Finally got to meet the man himself. Thanks Blizzard!

Finally got to meet the man himself. Thanks Blizzard!

Where is this from?

It's from the 'Lost Mail' hidden quest that was added in 7.3.5. You can either loot the item that starts the quest from around the mailbox outside the violet citadel in Dalaran (it has a 3 hour spawn timer), or you can buy it from the auction house.

There's a series of small quests that takes about 30-40mins to complete, after which you again a toy that lets you summon a gnome that acts as a mailbox for ten minutes.

Once you've completed the questline, you can try the minigame in the sorting office to unlock an achievement that gives you the 'Postmaster' title and a special post themed battle pet.

Anyone else just get disconnected?

Anyone else just get disconnected?

Edit: Think blizzard caught the hamster or got a new one

Yes. And everyone in my guild too.

I did, from Frostmourne in an Antorus PUG, stuck on logging into game server.

Having issues, also Oceanic (Jubei'Thos) ... I can get back in, partner cannot. Not ISP issue, we use different internet from different ISPs and we tested it by swapping - he still can't get back in but I can

eta aaand fixed

Yeah cant get in Sourfange OC

I finally got my Werebear! (

I finally got my Werebear! (

That’s kick ass, way to go man.

And here am I with my paladin, not even daring to attempt it

Thanks! I was so hype when I did it I couldn’t believe it. I thought it had an extra secret phase or something I was waiting to die... then I woke up in Dal.


Blue Post: Connection Issues and LAG from Verizon FIOS and Cablevision to most/all games

Blue Post: Connection Issues and LAG from Verizon FIOS and Cablevision to most/all games

Missing that Net Neutrality yet, fellas?

This has nothing to do with net neutrality lol... This has to do with a company named Level 3 not fixing their shit.


I guarantee you that while there may be new equipment in your home they are using exactly the same equipment from their center to the pole.

Source- I used to work for Comcast and we had a whole section of Savannah that we bought from a smaller company over ten years prior and we were still using the old wiring and nodes that were only replaced as needed, simply because it would cost too much money to replace it all at once, UNLESS they were switching from say, cable to fiber.

Switching from Death Knight to Demon Hunter

Switching from Death Knight to Demon Hunter

Tried it, got motion sickness, went back to Death Knight.

This is EXACTLY the feeling I had switching from playing DK for the last 1½ year and then rerolling warrior and the first legendary I got was the heroic leap shoulders.

Switching from Death Knight to literally any other class, you mean...

I tried DH once, i hated it. It fel terrible. Why is everyone in in such a rush?

Void Rune from Argus found in Orgrimmar's Embassy

Void Rune from Argus found in Orgrimmar's Embassy

Azerothawka ~! Make a crosspost on /sub/warcraftlore

Can you post the link in here since the mods apparently don't want us to see it?

looks like shit's on fire yo

I hope we find something similar in Stormwind or another Alliance city

Enjoying the new scaling leveling - Came across a storyline I've never done before! Epic!

Aah^ I remember using this scenario to grind my bloodsail bucaneer rep. But then I was stuck in this phase for months since the questgiver now hated me. Good memories.

Reminds me of that one dude who couldn’t get his artifact because he was hated by Cenarion Circle for slaughtering them in Moonglade.

EDIT: Found it.

Thanks for this! I think I’ll go check out that area once i’m done with plaguelands. While people seem upset with how “slow” leveling is now, I’d counter argue that it brought life back into the game. It gives us the option to explore and experience quest we didn’t know existed!

I get confused when there are people saying "they need to revamp the quests".

It feels like a majority of those players haven't even quested since Cataclysm at all yet, these a ton of hidden gems.

I do remember having to stay in a zone doing them for basically no XP just to see the end of the quest, so it not strange people have missed out for quite a few years right now.



I'm not sure the people building these challenge-strawmen understand what challenge is.

Increasing the health and damage of an enemy that you're still not going to have any trouble with, doesn't increase the challenge. All it does is make you wonder what's new on YouTube as you move your focus to your second display.

But... there is no challenge in levelling. It's just a necessary grind. Making it take longer doesn't make it more challenging.

I'm cool with the zones scaling. I am. But what I hate, is that I feel I wasted all my gold on heirlooms, because I feel like they aren't as effective as they once were. I don't really see how people enjoy the leveling experince, bevause personally I have done most the zones already and seen most of the storylines. I just want to get my characters to max level, so I can be ready for the next xpack. But....I'll just have to deal with this I guess.

Edit: Not saying the leveling experince can't be enjoyable, but I'm saying that I've done it across 12 characters and....I'm sorta done with it. All that happens now is I can kill three or four mobs, heal up, then rinse and repeat. It's not really a 'challange'. If people want a challange, then just don't use heirlooms.

I feel like people want (or should be asking for) more engaging leveling.

Letting you stick in zones longer / adding scaling will help with flow, but if it's stuff you've done before, or if you just want to level, or the fact that it's 5+ year old content in a 10+ year old game.

IMO it's hard to make something engaging at low levels when you don't have a lot of skills and enemies automatically hit you. Difficulty is kinda just not pulling extra mobs.

US Realms are back up @10:34am EST

US Realms are back up @10:34am EST

8 Hour Maint. Down in 50 Minutes. Good on them.

I thought it was early to start with the trolling but holy shit, they really are up. I wonder if they'll stay up....

My son went back to sleep this morning and since I “knew” WoW would be down all day I thought I would go back to sleep as well.

Glad I was browsing reddit as I was drifting off because I gleefully hopped out of bed and fired up the is brewing now!

Please stop spreading that rumour. It makes little to no sense.

How deep Sargeras' sword went

How deep Sargeras' sword went

So does that tickle the baby or what

Eh, I've gone deeper in Terraria.

Azeroth is flat earth, this is fake news


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