Battle for Azeroth Arrives August 14

Battle for Azeroth Arrives August 14

While I’m on my honeymoon...

That’s it, the wedding is off!!

well, time to get my ass in gear for the mage tower appearances

So Antorus won't even be out for 9 months... Has Blizzard actually broken the cycle?!


Kul'Tiran Bear Druid Form

Kul'Tiran Bear Druid Form

This title has been posted so much I just thought WoWhead was just memeing at this point


So the Kul'Tiran druids'll take on a unique, warped and twisted wood form in the same vein as the wicker monsters, but far more natural?


...that Highmountain race change is starting to feel like a bad idea right about now.

How Horde see Alliance in Battle For Azeroth

How Horde see Alliance in Battle For Azeroth

Stupid sexy Anduinn

Can't wait for the plot where Greymane dies, dies killed by the horde, so Anduinn questions if there can really ever be peace but then he meets with Baine to talk and Baine sexy new model saves Azeroth.

Glad the horde v alliance war is starting off with a prelude meme war

This is the level of shit posting I've come for and expect.

Anduin and Genn approach Kul Tiras

Anduin and Genn approach Kul Tiras

9/10 shitpost. Good job.

Ahh, clever! And I do love me some Tintin :) Wonderful.

Captain Haddock confirmed Kul'tiran NPC?

The Adventures of... Tinduin?



Hello Everyone ! So these days i'm leveling a new Lightforged Dreaneï, which i chose as my new paladin tank. Wanted to paint him so yesterday i began this and though it robbed me of some sleep, i think it turned out not too bad :)

Btw, if you like this, and wanna see more stuff from me, please follow me on instagram : @Vvilfried

Hope you'll enjoy ! Thx everyone

Wow, just wow. Like seriously that looks freakin' amazing. First Lightforged fanart I've seen and it has set the bar very high.

I’ve never wanted to play a lightforged before now

T'paartos approves.

A different take on "Battle for Azeroth" wallpaper

A different take on "Battle for Azeroth" wallpaper

laughs in wheel skeleton

Can't help but see that the lions are obviously a better ally then some skellingtons.


edit: since so many are arguing this is chinese and stuff its not.

This is official artwork made for World of warcraft Korea

This does not convince me that the Horde are good guys.

THey have skeletons... SKELETONS!!

Too spoopy

which is your least favorite race?

which is your least favorite race?

I really want to upvote this, just in the hopes it makes it to /sub/all and really confuses some people.

Came here, boomstick loaded, looking for antidwarfitism but it looks like y'all are alright. Keep your feet on the ground.

Daytona 500, easily the worst.

Lmao i thought this was an askreddit thread for a second.

This sub lately

This sub lately

No Patrick, mayonnaise is not an Allied Race.

However setting up condiments as though they were player characters could be highly advantageous for NPC sandwich customization options.

I'm pretty sure we're on to:

"Why aren't paid mounts free?"

That was yesterday, try to keep up.

You read it here first folks. The next expansion's gonna focus around starting and building your own sandwich shop!

Level Scaling in the expansions should be changed to make all zones applicable in that range.

Level Scaling in the expansions should be changed to make all zones applicable in that range.

Level scaling in the Legion zones is such that when you arrive on the Broken Isles, you can do the zones in any order you wish. There are four to choose from, and you can do any of the four.

This is what I hoped for when they announced level scaling would be brought in everywhere. However, it was not how it worked out. Zones will scale all the way up to the expansion's "ending" level, but still only start at their original point.

This was disappointing to me. I would love to have been able to go straight to Krasarang Wilds without having to level up in the Jade Forest first. Or, perhaps most disappointingly, be able to go straight to amazing zones like Gorgrond or Spires of Arakk without having to level through Frostfire Ridge for the seventh time for two levels.

This has a particularly sad side effect of leaving zones like Nagrand, which is a beautiful zone, completely untouched because by the time it becomes open (level 98) you're already moving on to Legion zones.

If they made the expansions act like Legion, where all zones are available from the get-go, it would be far preferable, in my opinion.

At the moment, the level scaling has opened up the ability to finish zones, and it's amazing. However, I think it could do so much more by allowing greater flexibility as to the order you do those zones in, particularly in the case of expansions where you level so quickly you only really do one zone (looking at you, Jade Forest).

Also very True for cataclysm zones which have their own Stories anyway

I have to agree. When 7.3.5 released I excitedly logged into my warrior who had abandoned in the Garrison after the WoD intro because I couldn't face doing Frostfire Ridge again. As an Alliance main, listening to Durotan and Thrall gurgle at each other one time was quite enough. So I mounted up, flew over to Talador to pick up the breadcrumb from Durotan... and nothing. A little silver exclamation mark. I was so disappointed.

One of the great triumphs of the level scaling in Legion is the ability to go to Aszuna on one new character and Highmountain on another. I would love to see this introduced for the older expansion level ranges. I would love WoD so much more if I could go straight to Nagrand or Talador.

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