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Beriozka - Traditional Russian dance where the dancers perform on their tippy-toes (en pointe) to give a floating appearance.

Beriozka - Traditional Russian dance where the dancers perform on their tippy-toes (en pointe) to give a floating appearance.

That's some black magic, yo.

Edit: Definitely not hoverboards

They're actually all on hoverboards.

Ever see that horror movie trope where a ghost or demon or whatever takes the form of an old pale woman or noble or maybe nun. But they're always wearing a dress. And during the scary parts they glide across the floor, arms stretched out, face in a scowl, representing iminent death for the protagonist.

Well I wonder if this dance is what started that look of scary old women gliding across the floor to come get you.

Neat! The word "beryozka" comes from the word for birch tree in Russian, which is a cultural symbol of feminine beauty.

explosions in the mind

That's what a migraine looks like, in my case, when I had them at least.

(Thank god) I never had migraine, but I still thought "that looks like migraine must feel like". WTF.


That's just the looks part. When the auras dissapear you get the worst headache imaginable and just feel like crawling into your bed and just lie there in agony. Nothing helps, except for painkillers, they take away a tiny bit of it, but nowhere near enough. I never actually took painkillers for it, never felt like it.

It feels like someone has a jackhammer to your head and it's just pounding away, not a pleasant feeling.

Alien stop motion folding

The fact that Alien was released in 1979 and the xenomorph is still creepy and horrifying to this day, even in flip book form, speaks volumes to the perfection of its design by the film's art department.

You can also thank H.R. Geiger for that.

H.R. Giger is one of the most influential artists and designers of the 20th century. Sci-fi movies and games would still be around if he'd never existed, but they'd be different, and not as creepy.

That was one of the up most exquisite flip pic/stop motion animation I have ever seen. I couldn't help but be worried for his social life though!

Sacred patterns

the bee movie on acid

Bee movie, but every time the̡y sa̕y 'bèe͠', our min͠ds sink̴ f̵̧̀ur̀t́h͢er in̶to ͜a D̢̀͠M̢͝͏͏T̀͢͠͡ ͠t́̕͝ŗ̵̷͟ì̶̵̡̧p͢͝.

at least post a source man come on


he has crazy animations, give him a follow

well i chose the right day to take 3 tabs

Easily one of the most beautiful and stunning things that exists on Earth. The Bloodbelly Comb Jelly.

I didn't know Corsair made jellyfish

Here's the thing - we see that and we're like, that's amazing, it's like LED lights.

But anyone seeing one of these in times past wouldn't have even had that reference. They would have literally never seen anything like that, in nature or man made.

Edit: Holy shit this comment was catnip for pedants.

Looks cool but it is actually a species going extinct. We need to raise more awareness for it.

Please don't support Corsair and other RGB producers as they kill these Jellyfish to use the RGB in their products.

These are deep sea jellies. LEDs probably existed before this thing was ever seen by humans.

Dancing dogs

my blotter paper always does that

Nah, I got this...

It think it's important to note that in order to experience this effect you will need to view it through a digital video camera, or use a strobe light.

Just dig out your handy dandy 78 rpm phonograph

World's Highest Rope Swing

Nope swing.

Clearly fake.

In the beginning of the clip he has 3 hands and one of them is black

I do. More than I trust my hands to hold me.

I wonder if the center of that field is extra-fertilized.

Cutting silicone

He's making a... silicone valley

It's like that scene from independence day when the doctor was cutting open the alien "suit"

Im not exactly exclaiming woah or dude watching this. Maybe oddly satisfying for some though.

Yeah let's just use this razor sharp scalpel DIRECTLY INTO MY PALM

Water stuck in a bus window

They should make this a design feature for those busses that go across country. I'd watch that for 20 hours straight.

Throw some fish in there make it an aquarium bus!

This guy has an entire ocean stuck in his window:

Wtf I just bout had a heart attack watching that

A face in the flames

A face in the flames

She's hot.

3hrs too late I hope this takes you to greatness

Flame Princess from Adventure Time!

The night is dark and full of terrors.

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