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This palace in India

This palace in India

This is fake. This is a picture of the Hawa Mahal in Jaipur, India. There is no reflective pool. It is still beautiful though.


Where is the water level in this picture? It looks like it's being reflected, but I just can't find a point of symmetry here. It seems like it should be in the middle, but while almost the entire structure reflects across that line, the first bit of the building just below that line doesn't match up with the bit above.

It's photoshopped. Look at the 3rd bay window down on the far left of the pic, it has the classic stitching errors across it, then you can follow that blurred line across the pic.

Edit: It's the Hawa Mahal and it is not on the water.

This picture is incredibly inaccurate and misleading.

High definition close up of ink flowing across the palm of a hand.

I see the Venom movie is coming along nicely.

Sony wishes they were this clever.

Looks like every shot of poison spreading through a characters veins.

I think you mean "close up of palm being corrupted by the abyss"

Surfs up duuuuuuuuude!

i will forever upvote this rad surfer dude every time i see this gif.

I fell this morning when I was putting on my pants.

Now i want to watch rocket power.

I'm tripping balls watching this on a loop.

I feel claustrophobic just watching this.

I’m 89 and I trip over my balls just walking to the kitchen.

Jesus, so the camera man had to be on a skateboard right behind him, right?

this makes me want to play skate 3 again.

How light can change your appearance.

How light can change your appearance.

I really wish this was slower and that she didn't change her expression.

Still not convinced it's the same person throughout.


Seinfeld's two-faced girlfriend

Took me 24 years

Took me 24 years

Took me until right now, what the fuck

Slightly less for me, wife pointed out a couple of years back. Still a big "ah-ha" moment though.

No offense, but I think you may be retarded.

penny drops wtf.... how could I never have seen that before. I watched the movie like a month ago.

Opalized wood with visible growth rings

Opalized wood with visible growth rings

or equip it for a +15 magic buff

You could probably exchange that for some money.

Opals are formed when silicone dioxide deposits in a certain area over a long period of time via water channels(I think). So maybe this is a piece of wood that was buried under dirt/clay but had drainage going through it still? Maybe even a petrified tree that offered the silicone a place to collect. I'm only guessing, but it's beautiful regardless! Definitely worth some money

Edit: upon looking closer, the background seems to be some fingers, so it is a rather small piece.... Still, gorgeous!

But nobody does magic damage in this server, nor any future plan to implement magic class

No editing, just makeup

No editing, just makeup

Go to a party like this, people will think you're a projection from another dimension.

Artist / source is @designdain on Instagram

Oh my God this is disturbing.

Sounds like some Twilight Zone horror movie shit

Entire brick wall smoothed out by the ocean

Entire brick wall smoothed out by the ocean

Bloody hell, it just looks like a really ugly rug.

Geez.. How does an entire random brick wall just ended up in the middle of an ocean?

It looks like a seat cover on an old London bus to me.

Double the Dad reflex

I’ve seen this so many times but it always blows my mind every time!

If that was me that saved them, I would have no friends left because that’s all I would ever talk about.


My heart is still racing. That's incredible

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