Woahdude woahdude

A hatchling's camouflage

A hatchling's camouflage

Those two hatchlings don't really blend into your hand that well... Not sure what you mean by good. /s

I thought this was /sub/trees. I was like, "damnnn sick nugs" and then I realized they were birds.

That's a handful of moss.

It's two marijuanas

Flying through the clouds


We've had portable HD digital cameras for at least 10 years now!

But think of all the potential karma.. Airline companies could be rolling in karma.. our plane tickets could be free... right?

Most airlines are not okay with pilots filming during flights.

How did he manage to land going that fast??

Hand laser cutter for nuclear decommissioning

"so what do you do for a living?"

"wield a deathray."

I clicked thinking nuclear decommissioning meant that laser beam was going to render some type of nuclear warhead inert

Looks like something out of a Fallout game.

Edit: It reminds lots of people of lots of things, apparently.

It's ultra hard to control radioactive powders or greases. Solids, not so much. So if you're decommissioning something radioactive you want to be able to easily track and store the parts.

Source: Former Supplier of Neutron Source Equipment


Geometric Woven String Art

Geometric Woven String Art

I'd love to see a how to vid on this. Have link?

If you google '70s string art' there's quite a few.

I remember when these things were all the rage in the 70s.

Yep. If Pinterest was alive in the 70s, it would be full of these.



I could totally see drunk me being very confused by this

I could totally see sober me being very confused by this

This is in Taiwan, where some subways were turned into different sports venues. More pics: http://www.designboom.com/art/taiwan-subway-sport-venues-universiade-07-17-2017/

I could totally see tripping me being very confused by this

Framerate synced with wings

It looks like it has to really use the restroom but is embarrassed to ask where it is.

Alright, that's cool as fuck

Where the hell is...excuse-m... eh probably shouldn't bother him... gotta be around here somewhere..

Woah, that was kind of creepy.

Ever been so high you don't even feel like you're moving?

Can someone send this over to the flat Earthers?

Nah, they will just say its cgi.

Nah, quite clearly a fisheye lens

thought maybe this was /sub/trees

Purple Mist

Purple Mist


Yeah, and the original is much more beautiful, imo.


You are walking through a red forest and the grass is tall.

It just rained.

Most of the blood has been washed away.

Palm Painting

are these hand made?

Literal face palm

Take it and go.

All for that grainy look. Neat af!

Here comes the king


photoshop skill: 100


"Oh he's turning into Putin..no wait its Obama. It's fucking Snoop!"

more like editing skills, in a lot of frames he sneaks Snoop's features. Still impressive.

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