Woahdude woahdude

Moving graffiti art

That is a level of dedication I will never achieve in my lifetime.

Gonna be weird for the people who just see dead carcasses and a grey explosion.

That's some real woahdude shit right there

Or for anyone that saw this mid-timelapse

These Wooden Folding Chairs

This solves the problem of when you want to sit in an uncomfortable chair, but you want it to ship as many of them in a container as possible.

"I want the convenience of a folding chair, with the weight of a solid sheet of 1" thick plywood, and the finger slicing ability of a large paper shredder"

"Right this way sir, I have just the chair"

Just the height of this takes up more space than a standard folding chair. That back part is so tall it would negate the space saved by it being totally flat.

Seems comfortable though, more reclined than a normal chair:

The "woah" factor alone makes it an /sub/ineeeedit worthy post.

The heaviest fucking chairs ever made.


special desert camo pattern designed to blend seamlessly into the naturally-occurring 480p landscape

Combat in low resolution environments favors stealth.

"I didn't see you at camouflage training today, private!" "Thank you drill sergeant!"

Too bad they couldn't blend in with the watermarks.


Due to the lighting, angle and mirrored glass, this building looks nearly invisible

Due to the lighting, angle and mirrored glass, this building looks nearly invisible

RIP thousands of birds and/or visually impaired flying superheroes.

Here it is on a normal day from that same perspective 

It's the BNL-BNP Paribas Headquarters in Roma, Italy

Another angle 




from that same perspective

It's the BNL-BNP Paribas Headquarters in Roma, Italy

Another angle





Incredible architecture. Which building is this by chance?

Body paint

Body paint

Active Camouflage

I think it's part of the intrigue for me. I feel like the slightly turned head has a feeling of considering something, or like she just slowly moved into the scene. A little creepy but very cool.

10/10 see-through body.

I find it odd that her face is painted so that she has to to tilt her head to line it up with the scenery.

Making A Bismuth Crystal

This is fake. They didn't test the tongs to make sure they work.

Minimum 2 good solid clicks, every damn time.


Jesus Marie!

Watching uranium emit radiation inside a cloud chamber is mesmerizing

A cloud chamber is filled with alcohol vapor at a temperature and pressure where any slight changes will cause the vapor to condense. When the radioactive particles zip though this vapor, they upset the molecules in their path, causing the formation of these beautiful vapor trails.

Not all of the radiation visible here is actually dangerous. Alpha particles are easily stopped by skin, but if you eat uranium I'm sure some will dissolve in your stomach acid and therefore be transported into your bloodstream where the alpha particles will do all kinds of nasty things to your internal organs. Beta particles are less massive so they may penetrate deeper. And of course gamma radiation is ridiculously dangerous, passing through quite a bit of lead shielding without much attenuation.

Obligatory, "can someone please explain to me what this is/how this works?" seriously I'm curious

I was heading down to this new Uranium tapas joint tonight, thanks for the heads up, I think I'll skip!

You're watching the path that radioactive particles are cutting through a vapor.

Rainbow Cone

i'm missing out on the woah-ness i'm sorry what exactly is special about series of decreasing sized colored circles hanging by wire?

I agree. It's a cool piece of art but that's about it. Nothing mind-blowing here

You're just missing Porky Pig!

If the colors were reversed it would be a neat representation of how the color of light changes as it's wavelength gets longer. Missed opportunity for some bitchin science-art right there.

Stop-motion animation of a log's cross section as it's slowly milled down

Dear God that's amazing

If I was a tree watching this I'd probably be puking my guts out by now

Source: https://vimeo.com/196683500

The same type of animation exists using a human cadaver... just in case you really wanted to puke your guts out.

Edit: I found the web page with the video - like I said, just in case.

Elephants foot compared to humans foot

Elephants foot compared to humans foot

We are mammals. Check out a whales fin and our hands. Awesome.

Here: http://i.imgur.com/e56kM78.png


Fuckin' saladfingers


Well, that's fascinating.

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