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World's fastest zip line

I dunno. 53 seconds doesn't seem very fast...

I went on this zipline last year, it's at an old quarry near Bethesda in Wales. You can reach up to 100 miles per hour on it (around 160kmh). Whilst it's not obvious in this gif, you really do go quite fast.

You underestimate humans. Do you know that half the world is below average intelligence?

Part of what makes a great zip line experience for me is a scenic view, through a forest or through trees over a lake. This just goes over some gravel construction site or something.

Mathematics, software, and talent


Works surprisingly well with a mouse, too.

Here's one I made with that site: http://i.imgur.com/XUZCHzY.png 

Edit: a smaller one as well: http://i.imgur.com/Qdp6G2q.png

Here's one I made with that site:

Edit: a smaller one as well: http://i.imgur.com/Qdp6G2q.png

Hijacking top comment sry :)

I coded Mandalagaba, let's just say it's not meant to have so many people on the same session :) the link TheFlamingTaco provided goes straight to a single collaborative session. Click "New" if you want your own.

Or alternatively, simply go to http://mandala.akrin.com (without a session in the URL).

I hope this helps, you guys have fun :)

edit: made #MvV8m session go to blank and just allocated a bunch more server resources, sorry if you got bounced around.

You don't really need any talent to make stuff look good on this.

Vacuuming a lit cigarette when the vacuum is filled with gunpowder

This is obviously fake, fire can't exist in a vacuum.

neat idea, but indoors?

This voids the warranty

Not getting their deposit back.


How to bubble gum

That's a bubblegum summoning circle. They're trying to summon the spirit of Bazooka Joe.

The girl on the right sucks at this

...annnnd POP! all over the carpet and curtains.

She's too busy having her mind blown

Swinging a string of glow sticks with burning steel wool at the end

Swinging a string of glow sticks with burning steel wool at the end

Krillin sure has refined that distructo disc.

That's fuckin' magical.


He now calls it... Distructo disco....

Okay, that's pretty cool. Clearly a long exposure, but I wasn't expecting the edge.

Venus High Trap

Cannabism in this case

Is a plant smoking another plant cannibalism?

Fun fact: Venus fly traps are a colony of clones and not a single plant.


Dropping a camera from a plane

There must be an easier way to get licked by a pig.

Imagine if it hit the pig, and the farmer went out there and was like "wtf I'm so confused"...then he'd watch the footage and be like "oh I get it now"

You can see OP finding the camera right at the end of the video.

The pig is a really cool coincidental happening. But what if the camera had landed two feet to the right/left? That pig would be toast. Or at least a nice protien filled side to go with toast.

Drawing with gunpowder then lighting it on fire

Holy fuck that was long

I'll take "things girls don't say to me" for $100, Alex.

That should have been sped up faster, then fixed on just the overhead camera for the burn.

Also, they should have shown the aftermath (with the powder remains blown away). Was an image left behind from the burning?

Ship gets hit by a 100ft wave

Can confirm this happens. In the navy and sat bridge watch during a storm. The waves came over our bridge wings. I will also never forget the feeling of a ship coming out on the other side of the wave airborne and landing in the valley. The whole ship shook and twisted. Made me appreciate the shipbuilder so much more.

Prior air force. Leaned too far back once from the massaging office chair. My headphones came out and I spilled my latte.

And that's where I would shit my pants.

Try sleeping during a storm like that in a fucking Navy can. 40% of the sailors are puking everywhere, the smell of vomit mixed with the already funky berth because all we get are cold salt water showers. Now, the ship is fucking rocking and rolling and there you are, straps up in your bunk so you don't roll out onto the deck four feet below praying for just an hour of unconsciousness because you haven't slept in like 40 hours and that fucking piece of equipment still isn't working.

The sun setting in a tree

The sun setting in a tree

What's 'woah' about this?

the fact it reached front page

How is the tree not on fire?


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