Woahdude woahdude

Picking up a glass of water

It's called Forced Perspective.

I use the same optical illusion with my penis.


This keeps confusing me no matter how much i see it.

And I'm not even stoned

Illusion Art

This looks cool as shit, but it also looks like exactly what it is.

I don’t get it, what’s the illusion?

I'm not really seeing any illusion here either, but maybe op is referring to how the triangle shapes are colorful or black and white depending on your viewing angle? Despite the fact that painting the sides of a building different colors is nothing revolutionary

Flame Bender

Every time I do something like that, they kick me out of Wendy's...

It’s called fire bending. The comet must have been flying overhead.

This is literally magic. Nothing anybody says will convince me otherwise

Well the Zippo flipping is just that. The fire on the finger is don't by over filling the Zippo with lighter fluid. Give it a flick and u can get some fluid in your finger.. the dancing fire on the table? That's fuckin black magic tie him to rocks and throw him in the river

Exploding Wine Barrel

Ah, it's always nice to have a gif sommelier in a thread. I too thought the gif was a tad too slow, and perhaps too much particle sharpness in the resolution. Though I much appreciated the title pairing (straight and to the point), I believe the essence of pixelation was lacking. Cheers my good sir, may we never be satisfied.

I wish this one was just a little bit faster. I normally like slow mo, but I think this might be too slow for this particular gif.

Aerating the wine like this gives the wine a chance to evaporate some unwanted volatile compounds, such as sulfites. It also gets rid of any smell of ethanol you might have so the wine can become more expressive in taste and smell. Plus it really gives it an earthy afternote if you have to drink it from the ground with a straw.

Less exploding, and more erupting.

Robots in Disguise

I dont think $3.50 is going to help much.

If anyone knows who makes these I'm completely willing to invest my life savings.

I enjoyed this more than all the movies.

No matter how they change the looks of transformers, this will always be the true transformers for me. Fuck that Michael Bay shit where all Decepticons look the same.

A very GIFted artist

This shit is moving !

I've never taken LSD but I imagine it's something like this.

Bro, my words exactly.

As far as visuals go this is very accurate.

Your brain will not allow you to see all twelve dots

Your brain will not allow you to see all twelve dots

The fact that I can't see all the dots is legitimately frustrating. Why brain why.

I got mad and had to do it: https://imgur.com/a/g470K

Probably has something to do with tricking the brain to auto fill the parts you aren't focusing on (aka the row you're looking at) with the rest of the image. Your brain uses this same trick to prevent you from having holes in your vision from how your eyes are made.

Thanks man

Kubrick's Loop

Open the pod bay doors, HAL.

I'm sorry, Dave. I'm afraid I can't do that.

When you have to pee in a dream

Explanation pls

I see the screen warping a bit, anything to do with how it works?

I heard you like long exposures of Ferris Wheels

I heard you like long exposures of Ferris Wheels

You heard right.


That'll be a nice loading gif

This is perfect!

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