Woahdude woahdude

Ferrofluid Sculpture "Killing Time" by Mesple

Imagine showing this to the Aztecs or some shit.

They would have a heart aztec

You would become the next religion, then some high school student will be stuck doing a shitty history assigment on you

"Turns out it was a time traveler from the 21st century just using ferrofluid and a magnet inside a well-made skullpture. Then everyone went fucking nuts. Kind of like when that Mary girl cheated on her husband, and the kid was 'the son of god'."

Thousands of kids practicing Kung Fu

Somebody say it...


I'd hate to be a parent when it's their turn to bring snacks.


This fucks my mind.

I think you just gave me a headache

White rotates, then black rotates

Lol the tag gg mods

Me too. Then I looked at it like a "wave" of the light color. Definitely helped make it worse


Drawing with the Sun

Good thing I got to see the finished piece for 1/18th of a second

Ah, very nice. But can you paint with all the colors of the wind as well?

Wood have been nice.


Military precision

Interesting, how do we weaponize it?

Sir, you've been watching it for 3.5 hours.

It's a weapon of dance instruction

I tried to as well, but no matter how hard I'd try, it just keeps skipping

Can someone make a perfect loop of this?

Portal Racing!

This type of work deserves credit.

This is the work of /u/exg

Original thread from /sub/highqualitygifs

I've seen this guy circle the portal track at least two or three dozen times and haven't seen any other bikers! Is he racing himself?

How can a clock be faster than a bike?

In Downhill mountain biking, you race against the clock

Open your mind to the reality

Gotta love solar radiation hitting our planet's magnetic field.

My kitchen. No, you may not see it.

This reminded me of Balto

Aurora Borealis? At this time of year? In this part of the world? Localised entirely in your kitchen?

Decomposing tin


For the curious, this is Tin-Pest or Grey Tin decomposition.


EDIT: I figured I should include this to, because metallurgic whiskering is pretty cool too



still think drugs are cool? think again

I'm guessing that is oxidation?

Can anyone confirm?

Single-line art

"today, on how its made..."

Here's how it's done :

Step 1: Draw a line

If you did it correctly, this should be the result. Congratulations! We're done!

Doot Doot

First comes the schleem...

The Pacific Ocean

The Pacific Ocean

The guys at /sub/mapswithoutnz will love this.

I always thought was interesting too.

The most impressive part is how pacific islanders were able to find and navigate all of this


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