Surgical Precision (xpost r/AccidentalSlap)

Surgical Precision (xpost r/AccidentalSlap)

Why is this in this sub? It's clearly a security camera. See rule 1.

Rule 1: No Security footage or Staged clips

Have you heard of CCTV?

The mod is having a mental breakdown in there own comment so...

Why can people not understand what to post in here. It's not hard...


Why were they filming 🤔 It's a dashcam🤔

They were recording because it's a fucking dash cam.

They were filming because it's a dash cam they film almost always

Why did the chicken cross the...

Making some dough

Making some dough

I thought by the title it meant making money 😂

I also film my television

I also film my television

Maybe he recognized the street and he started filming?

This absolutely does not fit this sub. Ffs this has gotten out of hand.

this sub is fucking garbage now. the person filming clearly recognized where the chase was happening and started filming expecting to see the car

It's just that the police is loud af

You haven’t unlocked this area yet.

You haven’t unlocked this area yet.

It was the other guys world so he had to go first.

Can't stop chuckling, that's great :)

Great title

They probably noticed other people slipping there and were just waiting for the next people to come by.

Pokemon used to do this sh*t all the time

G O O D B O I Protec

David Attenborough voice ' Here, captured for our very eyes, we see time's oldest conflict; the noble Labrador gallantly defending his pack from a tyrannical waterfowl. Two beasts, locked in a display of machismo, what are mere moments seem like hours. As quickly as it unfolded, the drama ends. The haughty Labrador claims victory by marking his territory while the scorned bird sulks off, lucky to fight another day.

Takes a piss afterwards, like a boss.

The original post explained why they were filming. These swans from hell attacked everybody that passed by. There is a whole set of videos on youtube and it happend in front of a german castle.

He protec. He attac, but most importantly he not scared of quac

But why

But why

Because he knew?


They were filming to show what happens when you put a trash can under a dryer. Pretty obvious really.


Just filming my friends butt, the usual

Just filming my friends butt, the usual

It's a nice butt, but damn that's funny

This is extremely dangerous to our democracy.

Somebody is gonna get hurt read bad.

Dang, must have been a nice booty if the husband AND wife both looked.

A new standard against which all beverage holding should be measured.

A new standard against which all beverage holding should be measured.

Amazing gif but very obvious why they were filming, it was an ambush

One might say, "It's a trap!"

it’s...really obvious why they were filming.

That was a form tackle right there. I’m guessing he played linebacker.

Why though!

Just by his reaction you can tell he’ll handle life fairly well.

Having recently turned 40, I think that would have killed me.

Odd how the older you get the more you feel like you'll shatter like a Christmas ornament if you fall.

Parent/sibling/family member/friend who has not seen him in a while came to pick him up from school as a surprise and they are filming his reaction.

Parents film their kids doing far more mundane things than walking to a car anyways.

Small people, like children, are lower to the ground, thus don't have as far to fall. In addition they usually have lower mass. The two together result in them hitting the ground with considerably less momentum than us tall, heavy beings.

At least that's my theory, and I'm sticking to it.

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