Ooh la la

Ooh la la

This is made up.

That kid turned around to look at the camera, almost as to say “oh was that good enough?”

They were filming to get viral, the kid puts his foot down before crashing, yadda yadda.

At that age that's a surprisingly mature reaction.

It was a little breezy yesterday... (x-post r/truckers)

They were filming because a stack had already fallen over and there was a good chance another would fall over due to the wind?

It isn't that hard to see why they were filming.....

its obvious why they were filming! this sub is going to shit!

What is the point of this subreddit? The name "why were they filming" seems like it's casting doubt on the authenticity of the video, yet every time I see something from here, it seems like an obviously real video with an obvious reason why they were filming.

I think the glass vase I bought was in one of those containers

Let's film some yaks, they're always up to interesting things

...sooo...does this qualify as burger flipping?

That's fucken hilarious

Instant karma!

Instant Regret

At a grocery store, when suddenly

The world is strange. Imagine if those were humans in the tank and that was some kind of alien market where they come to purchase different species from other worlds they've captured...as you make your move and try to escape you're instantly captured. All of the aliens are startled at first but then smirk and laugh as they know your efforts are futile. Nothing but a snack in their world. It would suck to be anything but human on Earth(minus your typical house pet). Im not a vegan or anything just super high.

Dude if aliens ever visit us they're going to treat us exactly the same. "Just knock them out with pliers so it makes it easier to cut their skin off." I've thought about this too much, also pretty high rn.

the mom and kid seem so nonchalant, I would have shit my pants

I once worked in an aquatics shop and a kid was climbing up the side of a Koi vat and banging on the side to scare the fish. His dad just stood watching him like a moron. I told the kid to stop but, of course, I was ignored. Then a 16” carp jumped out of the water and smacked the kid square in the face.

How could they know?

Tall buildings get struck by lightening all the time. Probably filming the storm and figured the building was a good place to point.

Nah dude didn't you read the shitty automod comment they pinned at the top? every time? There's no way this has an explanation!

That's the Q1 tower in Surfers Paradise, Australia. We had a massive storm last week and this tower was actually smoking because how heavy and frequently it was struck by lightening

They probably saw it strike there before so they started filming and waited for it to happen again

Oh Crepe.

I've filmed myself flipping shit in a pan before, so maybe it's not a setup?

They were probably filming because yesterday was Pancake Tuesday and everybody was filming their pancake escapades.

they should just sticky a generic version of this comment.

I don’t get this sub, it pops up on /sub/all from time to time with videos or gifs that it’s very obvious why were they filming, and then the auto-bot comes with his snarkly meta comments.

Is this a satire sub about people complaining about why people take so many videos of mundane day-to-day life?

It's Hammer Time

Imagine how much better this would be with SOUND!

Wrong sub.. Seriously wtf? Worst post I’ve seen in this sub. The hammer strike in Mahler’s 6th is the most famous percussion entry in all of classical music.


The hammer just happened to break during this rehearsal. The same entry would be filmed dozens of times a year and the hammer at a a low grade college which is probably home made by the player’s uncle is bound to break after a few good smacks. /sub/whataretheodds is not a much better place to post this but it beats this.

I don't have the sound, but its transcript:

Music playing

loud bang

Augh! FUCK!

Does that help?

Does this sub just not have mods anymore or something?

Money Shot

Drunk af guy going to drop a bottle of beer in front of the atm? Why wouldn't I fucking film it

This sub is turning to shit, but if moderators actually did what they are intended for then this sub would be dead since posts like these account for the vast majority of posts.

Perfect bottle flip, backfires

I wonder. drunk man stumbling at an atm with beer sitting on and edge

Don't mind me, just filming random people's cars...

That is one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen.

I’m guessing they know each other

They were filming because they were waiting for the dog to poke their head out again


Dog lowers window for locked out owner (from r/animalsbeingbros)

Yes and this car here comes with push to start, a back up camera and our new pug feature

TFW you put your arm in and the dog rolls the window up on it.

Fucking idiot dog opened the wrong door.

That doggy probably locked them out in the first place

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