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Ghost cat and ghost dog

Ghost cat and ghost dog


It's okay, they can have cool ghost adventures together now forever :)

This guy would do it, he's very protective of her. Not that he needs to be.

would do it, he's very protective of her. Not that he needs to be.

Part of me wants to see that as a cartoon.

Welcome to the club, mate.

Welcome to the club, mate.

Haven't seen this episode of We Bare Bears.

There's an episode kinda like this i guess. Its more of the koala being a dickhead to the bears though.

I think the content creator meant "honorary", but thats okay

Panda is missing. As far as I know they are actually bears.

Character growth in the youtube comments section

Character growth in the youtube comments section

Top 10 anime redemption arcs.

That's beautiful

Someone needs to make an AMV about this.

Master Yoda seems off a bit he does.

He's trying and that's what counts.

He's trying and that's what counts.

In that case Id prefer him not to try.

Fish are friends not food!




The most wholesome dude in the whole Avatar universe.

I've always loved how Iroh doesn't discriminate. He offers his wisdom and kindness to all.

I've decided to be Iroh when I'm older. Screw being rich and successful, I just want to be a happy, old, tea lover who knows to experience life to the fullest.

Was just watching "Tales from Ba Sing Se" and it's such a perfect example of your comment when he offers advice and helps the guy who's literally mugging him. Amazing.

Why wait, get a head start now.

You're beautiful

You're beautiful

If goddess Aphrodite can have no nose, so can you


Literally everyone has stomach rolls in that position.

Are you kidding me? Those abs are rock hard.

Mums are the best :)

Mums are the best :)

The best part is the dog probably loves it!

Discovery Channel:

Other dogs! My favorite thing!


Yards! My favorite thing!


Balls! Running! My favorite things!

Home Videos:

Family! My favorite thing!

Food Network:

Bacon! My favorite thing!

God damn it, I wish I was a dog.

One time I was trying to drag my girlfriend out the door because we were late but she couldn't settle on something for the dog to watch. I told her to just pick something and she finally did. But then I said, well wait don't let him watch that....

The original version of cynicism, followed by Diogenes, was all about trying to be a dog! "Cynic" comes from the Greek for "dog" and it's about trying to value the things dogs value - food, play, companionship, etc.



But isn't that heartbreak? :(

I always have to apologize and pet it extra, otherwise I can't sleep at night.

I always feel so bad for the poor doggo that I've done it to :(

Yeah, that's like binge watching Romance movies and cutting it off before they get back together level heartbreak.

Local wholesome grass cutters who only work for hugs!

Local wholesome grass cutters who only work for hugs!

That's great! Also Eoin is a really common Irish name, pronounced like Owen, pretend the 'E' is silent.

Jack looks like he got tricked into doing this and is silently plotting his revenge

Thanks for the explanation! That's a pretty darn cool name.

Or he has resting bitchface and doesn't like to display emotion but actually loves to help people and enjoys the hugs he gets in return, even though he gruffly pretends not to :)

pie trubs

pie trubs

If you want to see more of my stuff, you can find me on instagram, twitter and patreon :D

Why is there a huge rabbit walking around :3. I'd feeds it pies all days and protec, but not attac

It's to let the pie cool and leave as much of the bottom surface exposed as possible. Helps prevent soggy bottoms.

When I expose my bottom surface to prevent soggyness people ask me to leave.

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