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That little voice inside your head...

That little voice inside your head...

I never really comment or post anywhere but I really have to say this comic made me so happy. I love this sub with all my heart.

I love this!! So funny. I think it's really helpful to look at negative thoughts this way, like an annoying monster that we fight and correct and that we hold power over. Sometimes I do this by exaggerating the negative thoughts and thereby making a joke of them. Try saying, "Hell yeah, you know, you're right! My work is pathetic and nobody could glean an inkling of goodness from it!" Saying it out loud if you can helps in particular. It just helps you see how pathetic this little monster of irrational thoughts is.

You deserve to be happy and this sub and everyone here appreciates you. Thank you for sharing, and looking forward to hearing more!

i really wish i could talk back to the voices :(

Do your best ❤

Do your best ❤

This entire show is so wholesome.

I was so surprised at the stark contrast between this and American cooking shows! This one is just nice the whole time... None of the intense music, built up conpetition, or drama. The English are so much better at TV!

Is this from the Great British Baking Show?

If you like this wholesome show, check out The Great British Sewing Bee (about people making clothes) and The Great Pottery Throw down (about making pottery. The male judge is adorable, he literally cries with joy when he sees some of the artists' works)

Wholesome pets :)

Wholesome pets :)

Hey OP, I'd give you the bow :)

I'm dead. This killed my cold black heart

Not if I give it to you first!

This. This is the quality content I signed up for.

This is my favorite type of gif.


Wholesome hobby

Wholesome hobby

His is perhaps the least dangerous mind ever

Here's the source article that shows just how many sweaters this guy's made.

Somebody please start making sweaters of pictures of this guy wearing sweters he made of those places.

I get the feeling from those pictures that this is an incredibly kind, sweet guy. And patient! Creative, too. You just kind of want to give him a hug!

Love nibble

Love nibble

Dear future SO, I'd like a love nibble please and thank you.


because you're just as lazy as me, and no one else had linked it yet.

"It's just like kissing, except there's a winner"

And you're doing a great job!

Stripes or spots, we all need love, lots and lots!

Stripes or spots, we all need love, lots and lots!

To explain this: Cheetahs don't get what we want from them and that results in us doing something as simple as wanting to pet them and them freaking out because they see it as a threatening act.

The dog meanwhile understands a lot more of our actions. And the cheetah understands the dog a lot better. So basically the dog is used as a "translator".

But the dog is also the dominant one in such a relationship. They have to feed them separately or the cheetah won't get anything for instance.

That's a great summary thanks, not only adorable but functional!

I worked at the San Diego Safari Park for a few summers and they do this. Its kind of adorable to watch. They have a little 'show' where they let the Cheetah do a sprint down a short track. To put the Cheetah at ease, they have the dog do the sprint first. The difference is silly. The cheetah absolutely zooms by so the dog looks like a slow goofball by comparison.

filet mignon for the cheetahs

Can I be a cheetah???

I love my friends and family!

I love my friends and family!

Once, I was being interviewed during a procedure to find out if I had ADHD or not. Something came up where they asked or I started talking about my friends...

I started tearing up with happiness because I remembered how much I love my friends. :,)

edit If anyone wants to talk, I'm happy to be your friend. Just PM me.

must be nice to have friends :(

If anyone here knows how to make friends please let me know

Buy people food. Otherwise I've got nothing



I believe that's what we call the All-Star game

Hey now

You're an all star?


Dolly makes me smile!

Dolly makes me smile!

There are many reasons to love Dolly Parton. She's witty and a smart businesswoman. But my favorite reason to love Dolly is actually her philanthropic work. She founded the Dollywood foundation to support a number of areas, but one of the primary things her foundation does is to foster a love of reading in young children through a program called Imagination Library. In her county in East Tennessee, Imagination Library sends every child a free book a month in the mail, from birth to age five. The program was so successful, they now help other counties replicate the program. By partnering with the Dollywood Foundation, who has been able to build relationships directly with publishers to source books as affordably as possible, counties are able to offer this program at a relatively low cost. The Imagination Library program is in over 1600 communities, serving more than 1,000,000 children per year (find more information on program's website).

Also, the first book a child receives is always The Little Engine That Could. How's that for wholesome?

I had a professor in college who worked with her for a number of years. He said in real life, she is one of the most wonderful people you could ever meet, and exactly the way her public persona portrays her.

After the fires that tore through Gatlinburg, TN, a lot of people lost everything. Dolly stepped up and pledged $1000 a month per family (I think it was like 900 families).

Five months later, she brought them together and gave them all another $5000 for a total of $10,000 per family.

She is an absolute national treasure, and a proud Tennesseean.

"It cost a lot of money, to look this cheap"

Love Dolly Parton

A true wizard

A true wizard


Wingardium Lolviosa.

Tasha's Hideous Laughter?

The world needs more wizards like this.

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