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What a cute kitty. 5 more hours before I can go home and see my cat. :( Edit: Cat has received love, all is well.

Hang in there! I believe in you!

It looks so content with the rock sitting on its belly

Step 1: Show any object to cat.

Step 2: *sniff*

Just doing their best to fit in!

Just doing their best to fit in!

Super cute, thanks for sharing :) BTW, you belong here :)

Reminds with of that duck with the flamingoes.

this one

Thanks so much! I can't think of anywhere I'd want to belong more!

Phil always hits the wholesome parenting spot :)

Phil always hits the wholesome parenting spot :)

"Phil's osophies" is literally life goals, so good

EDIT: First anything to 1k upvotes, glad it's wholesome glad its modern family, thanks!

One of my favourite tv-show characters of all time! The combination of naivety, kindness, witiness and a little bit of cringe is imo unprecedented!;)

Ty Burrell deserves mad props. Few people could pull off this character without coming off as stupid or annoying.

Watch the sunrise at least once a day.


The best way to cheat on a test

Every time, without fail, makes me smile


I always hate how the gifs of this leave out the little determined head-nod he has after he reads his hand; makes it even more wholesome since his self-motivation was successful. Here's the full video ("full" being like, 2 seconds longer than the gif):

Beleive in yourself and you can move mountains!

Here's my favorite way to cheat on a test:

The first step is be present in class as often as possible. This may sound counter-intuitive, but oftentimes I find that you absorb useful information just by hearing it, even if you're on your phone or something. The next step is to know what the homework is and look at it. Preferably, you should do all of it, since it's based on the same material as the tests, but even just looking at those kinds of questions will make you used to them and tell you how to answer them. Maybe the most important thing to do is ask your own questions about the things that you find confusing.



I have seen a glimpse of my future

It looks great

Edit: Wow! Thank you so very much for the gold!

Dreams do come true!

Probably not real, especially considering he did this one as well.

Probably not real,

This was done by a Reddit user named /u/ObviousPlant who puts up signs like this, so I don't think there was a real picture.

C&H is rarely this wholesome

C&H is rarely this wholesome

Good luck and a wonderful day to all of you!

Just found out they have a Cards Against Humanity style game. Can't wait to get it.

God I love this sub

Same to you, kind stranger!

Joking hazard! It's hilarious

Let him be

Let him be

awwww, lil trooper!

You got this bud!

Me rn

I think we should take a moment to remind everyone that foxes, although extremely adorable, are wild animals and very dangerous. They might appear friendly and cuddly and soft, but they are really unpredictable.

Hiking in the woods is a great and wholesome activity, but safety should always be the number 1 priority.

When they ask if your order is together or seperate

When they ask if your order is together or seperate

And then you realize you're paying -.-

Your gf still being your crush after 4 years is cute as heck

Would pay 11/7 times if my crush said our meal was together.

It's so worth it. My crush eats with me all the time and I love it. We've been together for four years and it's still exciting when she says we're together!

Lady Gaga being nice to a homeless man

Lady Gaga being nice to a homeless man

I may not like Lady Gaga the character, but damn I love Lady Gaga the person.

That's just Thom Yorke

Trust me, i don't think even she likes Lady Gaga the character. She's an incredibly talented musician that had to resort to absurdity in order to get famous.

She does like Lady Gaga the character and has been into the absurdity since she was at NYU. She's a drag queen (yes women can be drag queens - they're called hyper queens) and what she does is pretty run of the mill standard for drag performers.

I see it everywhere now!!!

I see it everywhere now!!!

Well, we haven't taken over. That would be very impolite. We have just become quite popular!

And the ripple effects of being excellent to each other is quite fun to ponder....

I have nothing clever to say here, so I'm just leaving this message here.

I think this pretty much sums up what you are trying to say http://i.imgur.com/0snZnUx.jpg

I think this pretty much sums up what you are trying to say

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