Sir Patrick Stewart enjoying a Cornetto.

It makes me happy knowing that Sir Patrick Stewart follows proper Cornetto eating ettiqutte.

I belive the Queen hands out Cornettos before the knighting ceremony as a final test.

After this he'll go to the Winchester, have a nice cold pint, and wait for all of this to blow over.

I now see what Sir Ian McKellen sees in him.

Excited to meet Santa :')

I realized halfway through I was smiling bigger than I have all day. Thanks OP!

Besides the obvious joy in this young man, what made me feel even better was reading only loving responses, thank you reddit for showing me humanity still exists today.

This is so sweet, really makes me miss my uncle.

Yeah, my uncle was also a motorcycle Santa.

95 year old receives assistance from police

I mean, the elderly are more likely to overheat so it kinda was an emergency.

You don’t live that long by being ignorant

That man has a kind face. Probably from a century of being a good human. I'm glad some good karma is catching up to him.

Think how much shit he had to live through as a 95 year old black man

Deaf grandmother teaches 9 week old deaf baby sign language

Never really thought about how deaf people talk to their babies. Guess it's pretty much the same stuff they're talking about

Deaf babies babble in sign language too

"I'm Grandma, I'm funny? Funny? What do you want to talk to Grandma about?" Then makes baby sign "Grandma". High School sign language from about 15 years ago, but that's the jist. Sooo adorable.


This GIF misses the best part of the original video, the baby trying to imitate her grandmother.

Meghan Markle describes Prince Harry's proposal

The fact that they met on a blind date is crazy to me. Even princes have to look themselves in the mirror everyone once in a while and give themselves the pre-blind date pep talk.

No matter how cringy or weird the setup to these proposal stories are I will always get butterflies hearing two people share their memories of a moment so special to both of them

Damn, Harry went from the awkward ginger kid to grade A fucking stud in no time.

Them- "we were roasting chicken"

Me- "awwwwwwww, that's the sweetest thing I've ever heard!"

Guy pull beached shark back to the water

This man has now earned immunity from all shark attacks

Years later he was swimming in the ocean and a rip tide pulled him out too far. He begin to panic as the sharks began to circle. But then he recognized a familiar fin. The sharks communicated then pulled the man back to shore, fulfilling their oath to return the favor to the shark-friend.


Little girl hugs her big brother every day after school

I wish someone loved me like that.

He slowly gets more and more annoyed by it like a good big brother.

If you can, get a doggo. Cheap to feed, and walking it every day is amazing stress relief, and cuddles are the best too.

I think my sister may have felt like that about me when we were really young.

Then I went away to boarding school and she felt abandoned and behaved horribly to me and I was too young to realise why and my parents were too dumb to tell me.

Father gets emotional after son's first goal

Full clip with Jake's first goal

That's Louie DeBrusk, former professional hockey player in NHL.

His son Jake scores his very first NHL goal in this gif.

Edit: .

Man. The dad looks young enough to be on the ice playing himself.

But, but that's over an decade ago

He was not too long ago. Retired in 03, or 04 I think.

Dedicated fan waited over a decade for this moment

I don’t know what is happening but every one seems happy, have an upvote.

The pride those kids felt at that moment, real life dad goals.

Kevin Garnett was drafted by the Timberwolves and had a great career with them for 12 years. He was a fan favorite and the star. He was traded to the Celtics in a huge trade and won a Championship. He bounced to another team for a short time and was ultimately traded back to the Timberwolves to presumably retire with them.

The chubby guy really likes KG or he’s a paid actor to really like KG.

Lol the look on the security guards faces as they walk slowly towards him

The interior of the Texas church where 26 people were killed has been turned into a memorial

Two of the parishioners, Joe and Claryce Holcombe, lost eight of their children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren. Eight people they loved unconditionally, gone in a matter of minutes.

I can't even imagine their pain.

I didn't even realize this. Losing one person is painful enough, I can't imagine the heartbreak they must be experiencing.

Generations of a family, broken by one sick disgusting man. It's awful.

I like the simplicity and reverence.

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