First rain

First rain

OMG that look of wonder on that baby's face is the best!

Applauding the rain, too precious!!

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The most wholesome good boy greet

The most wholesome good boy greet

Our ancestors did us the biggest favor by domesticating dogs.

Aww, this is so cute! I love how the puppy keeps leaning forward, not wanting the hug to end.

A little of both for dogs, and I think cats were just like "we live with you now, and you better worship us" and the Egyptians were like "k"

I wish somebody loved me as much as this sweet boy does his human.

Boy Giving Loving First Hugs To Stray Dogs

Cool, now I'm tearing up at work. I don't think my boss is gonna think that my PowerPoint is THAT emotional.


Aaaaaaaand now he has ticks.

😢 I just love this graph...

PURE Happiness

PURE Happiness

"Oh shit I'm on tv! Gotta fix my hair."

Lol I love the ol' "lick the fingers, smooth out the eyebrows" thing she does.

Her pure joy is contagious



Don't give up the fight!

Don't give up the fight!

That was gonna be the original title actually hahaha

The other gif was a repost.... But okay, it's probably best the other one stays up anyways hahaha

PMA! Postitive Mental Attitude!

It’s amazing that PMA has spread so far hahaha truly wholesome

positivity > negativity

positivity > negativity

Kudos for reposting my meme faster than I could, enjoy your karma lol

edit: damn 100 upvotes, I spent like 30 minutes making this frame by frame, welcome to reddit

here's more repost material:


Downvoted this, upvoted yours and a few other goodies of yours I saw

Got you covered fam

Mickey and Minnie talk to a kid using sign language

Wonder if certain skills are required to get this job, or if Disney trains them. Like Gaston being able to do one handed push ups must have been a perk.

From what I understand, these positions are pretty competitive. Disney probably doesn't have spend the resources to train actors to do these things when they can expect their applicants to bring those skills to the table to get the edge over lower caliber applicants. There are enough applicants that Disney can exercise higher standards when considering potential actors.

I'm sure someone else can chime in here though. Maybe they do teach ASL so they can ensure a uniform experience for all guests. Gaston probably already needs to be able to perform.

Disneyland Castmember here. They do not teach us. This is a perk lots of us have. However they hire solely on the skill needed. For instance, if one person is slightly more talent than the other, but the other knows sign language, they’ll still hire the more talented one.

Edit: also, if you look at Pluto, after the sign he puts up his hand. He’s asking the character host what that means.

Minnie is watching Mom who is instructing her on how to say, "Nice to meet you."

She was gone for two weeks

I've been in the hospital away from home for months and I can't wait to get back home to my doggo. I hope he's this excited to see me.

The hesitancy!

"Can it be?... Is it true?... It is true, it is true!!"

To be fair, golden retrievers get this excited to see you again even if you've just left the room for a moment. They're like 95 % love, and the rest of fluffy fur.

Her entire butt is wagging

“I actually feel like Cinderella”

Too fucking adorable


I've met a few people who are my shoe twins, but this takes it to a whole new level. It's great that they met. I wonder how they found each other.

Rescuing a stray pup

That jump into her arms is too cute

It actually made me cry. My buddy Jake used to jump into my arms when I clapped. It was funny because if someone else clapped he would jump into him. He passed away 3 years ago I still miss him.

Jake's last car ride

To anyone thinking of doing this- please don't attempt to hand feed the dog immediately. Very easy way to get bit. Leave them food on the ground first

Yup! This is actually a clip from a hope for paws vid, they’re professionals, but yeah regular folks should avoid this.

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