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So smooth!!

So smooth!!

I like to dance at the bowling alley too!

Gal Gadot kissing Kate McKinnon on SNL

Last time I saw this posted, someone commented “It’s like I’m in a porno, but the plumber is literally just here to fix the sink” and I have no idea what it’s supposed to mean but it’s fucking hilarious

Kate played that pretty smooth but I'm willing to bet she was wet af

I mean if she wasn't before, she would be now.

I didn't even know she was gay irl until my wife pointed it out.

Attempting to one up the "punch through ice" gifs


Rookie move leading a headbutt with your nose. At least he was able to ice it immediately.

I love the smell of ice in the morning

I was wondering exactly how thick that ice was and if they really rolled down the window.

Safari pssenger

Safari pssenger

The slow zoom in and awkward retreat of the head. Kevin will never live this down.

Sunburnt and slammed by a door. What a great day for the white man

The tour guide and I, did not get off to a great start.

Me : I'm finally happy

life : LOL, wait a sec.


How to deal with a horny couple on your table

How to deal with a horny couple on your table

Damn he was two knuckles deep.

That crazy woman that had a freak out at that restaurant at that kissing couple would be so pissed if she saw these two on the table like that.

I don't like anyone in this video.

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Kristen Stewart forgets she has short hair

It’s like me taking off my glasses that I’m not wearing.

Look at all those camera flashes. What a nightmare.

Did she shave it for a movie she’s doing?

Stream it.

Jennifer Lawrence spills her mints

I love the way the first thing she did was to check who saw it

I wanted to see if she picked up and ate just one nonchalantly, or just awkwardly picked them all up and put them back inside.

"Probably no one. Am good."


I have to go

He knew exactly what he was doing.

Reminds her of college

That was SO MUCH DIRT. holy shit

Shit happens ☺

Tunnel skating \m/

"Runs over a hobo"

Skate 4 graphics look insane

Props to the filmer, takes a lot of skill to film and follow at the same time.

100 points

at IKEA, she is known as the one

at IKEA, she is known as the one
at IKEA, she is known as the one

No way! I do this with shopping trolleys all the time. Am I special?

Are you as hot as this woman?

His mom says he is

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