Getting ready to fight


This is a Gus Johnson video, please go to his YouTube channel and check him out! He is struggling financially because of YouTube's new ass backwards ad system, and sharing his content without giving him credit is not doing him any favors. Please upvote this for visibility

EDIT: Sorry, forgot the link https://www.youtube.com/user/gustoonz

Watching the guy on the right the whole time and all the sudden the other guy has a Batman onesie.

Nothing to grab on

Redneck Shenanigans

Holy shit....

That's why you don't start fires with accelerants.

Is this Far Cry 5 gameplay footage?

So, he's dead?

*Insert stayin' alive tune*

its oranc

do not trust

You see, u/nitro1234561, when a mommy and a daddy love each other very much...

Joking Hazard! Great game to be strolling naked to.

What is the middle finger meant to be? Just saying.


Motherhood? Fuck that shit

Hahaha This reminds me of my daughter around that age. She was given a cabbage patch doll that she would grab by the leg and beat it's head on the floor, yelling, "I HATE BABIES!" 😂😂😂

This might be how us white moms feel secretly inside but white moms are embarrassingly opposite this shit.

Our kids are usually covered in sunscreen, bubble wrapped and helmeted before being strapped tightly into a padded stroller with 9 harnesses and fitted with a life alert alarm that will alert us if baby's breathing slows. And that's just for a 10 minute stroll in Hobby Lobby.

Bonus white mom shit: stroller is monogrammed on all sides and matches diaper bag.


they like to feel like they're grown-ups

they like to copy what their parents do

it helps them learn how to care for things

Apparently I did the same thing ....I was around 3-4 years old and I got a doll for Christmas. I threw the doll down and yelled "SANTA KNOWS I HATE BABIES!!"

I'm 29 now and I still hate babies.

Making Mom proud

Thats a look of disappointment. Thats a weak ass shotgun

The camera man just waiting for a high five in the window is what gets me

When you have a flash back of being passed around the fraternity

Dad is doing the same stare as mom in the reflection, and camera person has, long hair and is wearing pink. My money is on older sis/

Just chilling at the fair...

When I used to work at Six Flags Great Adventure, I used to ride the Taz tornado (edit: Taz Twister) or whatever it was called every day. It was basically a cylinder that would spin around really fast and make you stick to the wall. We used to hang upside down, roll around on the wall, and we even became so good at it that we started crawling on the wall. This all happened before the park opened. If anyone saw us do it, we would have been fucked.

Same guy?

Back in my day, we called them things the Gravitron

I guarantee that he works there, and is from eastern Europe. No one gives less fucks than slavs

Cue the clown car music

Do you find something comical about my appearance when I'm driving my automobile?

This was the largest auto that I could afford. Should I therefore be made the subject of fun?

That guy is fucking huge.

Im hyperventilating from claustrophobia just watching this.

Try and blow out the candle, Grandma!

I..um....don't eat that cake.

Ok.. you can just have that whole side of the cake grandma

She was so close to getting sparkler straight into her hair sprayed head. Fuck that would a been crazy. Head on fire and no teeth.

That was her original plan

One pizza slice left, just for me

There is so much young/dumb/college kid stuff here I don't even know where to start. Mostly naked in kitchen? Check. Bottles on top of cabinets to advertise beer muscles? Check. Oddly low chair misplaced in kitchen? Check. Groceries on counter not put away? Check

Also are those globs of mustard on his pizza plate? Wtf

So many comments here saying/suggesting it's staged because "why else would they be filming?"

Have you people never had a friend who's just plastered? They're bound to do stupid shit at any given time. I've seen tons of times where this type of situation was filmed. You people need to get over your boner for calling people out.

I think it's a weird design on the plate, other than that though, right on the money.

This was one of those "Hey Eric! Bill's tryna eat, get your phone out!"

That was the day she learned fake lashes were flammable

Anyone else feel like this is fake

In no way are those real reactions to an eyelash getting set on fire.

If my eyeball was on fire, that little hand-flappy thing would not be my first reaction.

The fanning the flames behavior they all do, makes me laugh.

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