Went for The Dab, hit The Vogue

Jesus christ this is white.

Source: am white

That's hilarious, kid was probably mad out of the loop and just assumed the other kids were doing similar variations of some cool karate kid move.

Got that Will Farrell confident smirk 😏

Attempted Horse-Back Riding

Flipped, kicked, n hooded.

That wasn't a wild horse; if it had been, it would have either run away or bitten him way before he actually touched it.

It was, however, clearly not a horse he knew well, and also clearly not a horse interested in being ridden at that particular moment.

He's an idiot. Hopefully an idiot with a newfound respect for animals 4 times his size.

What the fuck was he thinking?? Did he think a wild horse was going to just let some fucking noob jump onto it??

Of course he's wearing a BYU hoodie.

Hold on guys I'll be right down

That end expression is that of a time traveler

I'm really impressed that table held up. Thought he would just crash through it.

What the fuck did he land on, a toll gate for the stairs?

Colorado state baby

"White people can't dance"

She looks like having fun.

Ah the Mr. Bean on speed. Classic.

"White people can't cut their own hair"

Watch this a few times. You just keep noticing white people stuff. (xpost r/BetterEveryLoop)

The guy at the bottom, aggressively eating...something?

It's BYU. That explains a lot...

BYU might be the whitest school on earth


Party in the kitchen

I have been that person a few too many times. Damn I am so glad I went to undergrad before there was 250,000 cameras per square mile.

At some point in the party, everyone will gravitate towards the kitchen.

Poor decisions

Ooohhhh she needs some milk! Good thing she's in the kitchen

Military food magic

He had so much confidence his shitty food wasn't gonna fall off that plate. I feel for the guy.

The face after he

Pats in on the table and

Lifts it up got me.


                  - grand-moff

I'm a bot made by /u/Eight1911. I detect haiku.

Good bot

Never thought I'd see "thank you village rapist" as a sentence.


This is what it means to be a white suburban dad.

That's Paul, when he's not chugging cold ones at the family BBQ he works in Accounting as a mid level manager with a portfolio that is slowly becoming more and more respectable. On weekends he enjoys golfing and trying out new recipes with his wife Cindy. That's their first child. She wants two more and Paul will happily oblige. Their ten year outlook inculdes mortgaging a new home just outside of the city and enrolling the kids in soccer. Paul will hopefully become senior manager by this time and if not he'll continue to work hard and party harder

That baby is cooler than any of us will ever be

Millennial parents... I see them with their babies at the winery all the time.

Edit: millennial

Edit: I'm also a millennial and totally get not wanting to be a square after having kids or that our parents drank when we were young... it's just sort of irritating when the place I splurged on a membership as an escape is filled with toddlers and crying babies.

Fishing at the dock

His arm is bleeding before he put it in, means this isn't his first try

They should invent something to help you pull them out, maybe some type of net on a stick.

How to infect all those fish with his std's

Pretty sure those fish are for tourists to feed. I recall this jackwagon got arrested for this.

Dance Party

Dunno, girl in FG is clearly feeling it and doing her own thing. I think the bland repetitive bobbing in the background is way more lamestream.

But yeah, weird party. :)

It might be because I'm white, but front girl is killing it. The one bobbing in the back is doing the white mom dance

Weigh* and why would we want a bunch of white highschool kids opinions?

Yup, the one in the green is how every mom dances at a wedding after a few too many white wines.

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