Her face at the end...

Shit like this is why I could never be a teacher. I wouldn't be able to pretend I'm mad and I'd probably end up laughing.

She needs to rub it harder to get it off...

Did anyone else see the confederate flag backpack ?

That's the face of someone who REALLY loathes teenagers

The cheerleader.

3 of the 4 people in this video are black, OP...

Good for you for not seeing color!

I kept waiting for her to crack her head when they dropped her. Imagine my surprise.

I didn't know how high the ceiling was and was prepared to have her blast into the ceiling after that first throw

But she definitely banged her head on 3 humongous poles later.

Trimming Hedges

Better than slinging a chainsaw around on a string i guess


Takes experience my friend

Is there a word for something being clever and stupid at the same time?


Boy vs. Waterballoon

I'm not sure that's a water balloon...

The boy is happy, that counts.

Do kids of other races not enjoy water ballons? The fuck is this sub now

I mean, it is gif with a white person in it.

Gettin' down

The guy on the right, with the red tie... really bringing his A-game.

There's a longer version of this gif where you can tell he messes her up and she dances back out of the circle as if to say "I'll wait till kiddy swim is done."

Too much mixology earlier.


I want to see that version. Still, though, he's light years beyond my middle school shuffle


Stop it, are you crazy?

Other girl is a real friend. She stops her and wipes her mouth rather than stopping to take a video and encouraging her.

Her smirk/smile at her accomplishment tho

She spits hot fire.

Idk if it's just the heels but it always seems to be tall girls coming in clutch in situations like this.

Little girl got a nice surprise when she got home

Well, it's technically a gif of a white person...

I do the same when I come home to my cats at the end of the day

Glad to see two friends meet who will be there for each other for quite some time. Getting a pet at that age really is something special.

...aaaaand now I'm crying in a sub I wanted to laugh in.

Zip line and slide

That was oddly synchronized

Zip 'n slide

"Wicked fun, Chet! Now let's go dig in to those animal crackers I brought over!"

Grandpa's Breakdance Battle

Sometimes it's hard to tell if my pride is holding me back, or other peoples pride should be holding them back

Dude got bootyed down by a 75 year old Floridian

I just like the dude in the back, air guitaring cuz he's stoked

Find you a friend that hypes you like this dudes buddy hypes him.

Flippin' unbelievable!

What is it about white frames that look so goddamm stupid?

Seriously, it makes the kid look acoustic

EDIT: Holy crap, almost 2k updoots! Thanks guys <3


His white hipster glasses makes me conclude he is crafty with media arts and design. I can conclude this is fake because, well, stereotypes.

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