The kid in the background too 😂😂

Who gives their kid a flimsy headed rat cake!?!

I thought that was mashed potatoes. Haha

Oh shit

The look of disapointment at the end

that kick tho


"Get the fuck off my couch!"

"Wait. You mean I can't whale on you with a broom?....bitch."

Runner celebrates just a tad too early and loses to rival.

What a good sport. Amping the crowd up for the guy in purple. Sportsmanship at its finest.

The best part is the offended look at the end...did he completely forget about the other runners?!

I love how shocked he looks in the end hes like :how dare you?!

I can't believe you've done this.

Premature celebration at its finest

I have zero sympathy for people who celebrate early lol

Always play to the whistle

Really? Not one person on that team noticed it was still going.

I like to think there was one person on that team that noticed it and went to the huddle just to shit on another teammate.

"Nice job team, we did it!"

"No we didn't Kelley because you stopped paying attention."

Man imagine how huge the burst of cheer the crowd must've shouted when black pulled it off.

Now imagine being one of white and for a brief glorious moment, you thought that cheer was all for you only to break the huddle and find out your moment was a lie. They got to experience ascension only to have it snatched away.

These people are obviously playing at a high level in front of a crowd, yet this is such an amateur mistake. This is the shit that keeps you up at night years later.

He clearly had no exit strategy

He clearly had no exit strategy

Every time I think he’s going to give up he just keeps on dancing. I don’t know if I should cringe or clap

That Domino's ad was fucking weird.

Cringe. The worst part about this video is that it lacks a third act. We know who the characters are. We sort of watch them develop. And we almost buy into the protagonist's attempt to win the young woman's approval. But it's extremely unsatisfying to watch because we don't know how this tragedy ends. Does she walk away? Does she shut him down? Does an adult intervene on her behalf? Or do aliens land and start killing people?

I feel like I'm watching a bird dance around trying to impress a potential partner

Angry girlfriend

I think he's been dead inside for a long time.

Yeah, this isn't an isolated incident. Public behavior like this is nurtured, and allowed. Fuck that shit.

I've seen this face. It's actually his ex-girlfriends childhood best friend ranting in his face about something she only got the most elaborate one side of.

I remember I was drunk one time and when I came home my wife was upset about something. I can't remember what it was, but I fell asleep in the middle of her yelling at me. She is a great lady and was able to see the humour in it and just let me sleep, but I haven't tried it again to see if it will work a second time.


Hey, it was a good try, and it's the thought that counts

I love his defeated walk of shame "I guess I'll go get a pizza now idfk"

Ya know every time that I watch trailer park boys I always think there can’t be people that dumb. Then I see shit like this.

What the hell type of a house is that? Why does it have a false front with windows and everything? Is that just a big carport, even though it looks like the back half has a garage too?

When you think you're on a Valentine's date but this is where she wants to eat. (x-post from /sub/funny)

When you think you're on a Valentine's date but this is where she wants to eat. (x-post from /r/funny)

I get the feeling this is tongue in cheek but everyone is taking it very seriously.

yeah lol it definitely looks like a joke, not sure why everyone in this thread is legitimately mad

That's when you order something small and cheap, and quietly ask the waiter to split her shit onto her own bill.

Is it at all possible that these two are a couple and thought this would be a fun picture to take? I mean it’d earn them a lot of internet points. It’s definitely something my gf and I would do as a joke.



It's his own fault for wearing clothes from the 1990s.

Maybe he's just Russian.


Who eats without realising their plate is halfway off the table?

Kuwait accidentally plays the fake Kazakhstan national anthem from Borat for a Kazakh athlete during medal ceremony

Kuwait accidentally plays the fake Kazakhstan national anthem from Borat for a Kazakh athlete during medal ceremony

I love how she doesn’t take her hand of her chest.

"The spoof song praises Kazakhstan for its superior potassium exports and for having the cleanest prostitutes in the region. "

You can tell the writer is laughing their ass off.

For anyone who thinks this is fake:

Try one of these subthreads