Update 22.4

Update 22.4


Make easy prey of enemies with this quiet, agile, and pinpoint accurate Tenno submachine gun.


Light and nimble, the twin blades of this polearm will swoop and slice through throngs of hardened foes.

*Baza and Cassowar Blueprints can be researched in your Clan Dojo’s Tenno Lab.



Styled to match the Baza submachine gun and the Cassowar polearm, this armor gives a regal look to any Warframe.





Stalk enemies with this deadly collection. Includes the Baza submachine gun, Cassowar polearm, and Syrinx armor.

*The Baza Collection is available for purchase in the In-Game Market.

Mirage Sleight of Hand Changes:

In addition to booby trapping nearby objects, Mirage’s Sleight of Hand now spawns a jewel that attracts near by enemies! If Sleight of Hand is used with Hall of Mirrors, each of her clones will also place a smaller jewel with a smaller enemy attraction. The jewel Damage, Blind Duration, and Range increases with the level of Sleight of Hand.

If the jewel is placed in the light, it will deliver a radial explosion to nearby enemies.

If the jewel is placed in the dark, it will deliver a radial blind to nearby enemies.

*Jewels will be auto-destroyed if they go unused after 20 seconds.

General Additions:

A Mastery Rank 25 test has been added!


Improvements towards the overall transition from the Plains to Cetus. This includes better handling of attempting to join a Host that was in the middle of transitioning to Cetus from the Plains, which sometimes resulted in either leaving the squad or loading into different Cetus instances.

Returned the Plague Keewar Strike to a Scythe Stance when used with one handed Grips.

To fix Tusk Seeker Drones lingering indefinitely and continuously calling in Grineer Reinforcements (even after you’ve ran far away), the Alarm Drone now destroys itself when you are 100 meters away.

Companions now try to get out of your way (ie. behind the player camera) when Spear Fishing/Mining in the Plains.

Improved the pathing of the hijacked Drone in the Plains. This also fixes issues where the Drone would become stuck on it’s way to the Boil in Operation: Plague Star. Made some very simple tweaks to Octavia’s Metronome (basically cut the pixels being rendered for it in half) to improve the performance of the FX, while at the same time reducing a bit of the visual clutter from full rings being around you.

Improvements towards performance issues that was caused by lingering (yet invisible) reticles even when the respective weapon was no longer being held.

Bounty Changes and Fixes:

Focus Lenses are now rewarded less frequently as Tier 3 and 4 Bounty rewards. This also shuffled around some other Bounty reward frequencies to balance the mix.

Fixed not being able to Capture an enemy if you died attempting your first Capture during a Bounty.


Fixed being able to Vacuum up the Sky Archwing Enablers in the Plains.

Fixed having a player join while a session is paused resulting in all players unable to move.

Fixed the End of Mission screen upon returning to Cetus from the Plains not showing Affinity gained on not fully Ranked weapons, Warframes, Companions, etc. This was leading to confusion on if you were losing that gained Affinity or if it was simply not displaying it.

Fixed not seeing any of your squadmate stats in the End of Mission screen when returning to Cetus from the Plains as the Host.

Fixed seeing no extraction marker in the Plains when a squad member transitions to Cetus.

Fixed the remaining Client post-Host migration joining the Client who left the squad instead of the new Host in the Plains.

Fixed the Zenith disc firing cancelling whatever Warframe Ability cast animation you were currently performing.

Fixed losing all UI elements if you died in the tunnel upon returning to Cetus from the Plains and the End of Mission screen revived you.

Fixed the Sprint toggle being reset when using a Melee weapon which resulted in lost momentum.

Fixed doing self-damage if you equip Whirlwind, Power Throw and Quick Return on your Glaive Prime.

Fixed being able to Switch Teleport Excavators with Loki.

Fixed the Kronsh not playing proper Hammer hit sounds.

Fixed the Sniper combo counter not ticking down when firing unscoped.

Fixed a large amount of dialog missing when replaying Octavia’s Anthem as per: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/880007-soo-much-dialogue-is-not-used-in-octavias-anthem-replay/

Fixed Ivara’s Navigator causing Exodia Contagion projectiles to get stuck floating in the air.

Fixed not being able to control Exodia Contagion projectiles with Ivara’s Navigator (enjoy, DK).

Fixes towards Exodia Epidemic causing enemies to get knocked down twice and remain permanently inactive.

Fixed not being able to scroll through all your Affinity gained items on the End of Mission screen.

Fixed Fragments in the Codex not displaying which planet you discovered them on.

Fixed minimap Mining markers lingering for the Advanced Nosam Cutter when the tool is put away.

Fixed minimap Mining markers lingering for the Advanced Nosam Cutter for Clients if the Host has their Cutter out.

Fixed Dargyns (and Ogma while its arms are destroyed) being too passive against the Sky Archwing Tenno.

Fixed experiencing a black screen when using a controller and pressing B on the Saya’s Vigil End of Mission screen.

Fixed the crosshair and Sniper scope vanishing after using the Nosam Cutter as Limbo.

Fixed Clients suffering from a 3 year-long stiff neck ailment.

Fixed Sugatras being placed in the middle of the Guandao instead of on one of the ends.

Fixed an issue where the distance for a very far waypoint would not include the distance between the target and the last point on the calculated path.

Fixed Dual Pistols clipping through Ember/Ember Prime’s leg when equipped with the Vermillion Skin.

Fixed a blocking volume blocking your Operator Void Beam in the Mastery Rank 24 test.

Fixed Carrier’s smoke FX glowing in the dark.

Fixed a script error that would occur if a Tar Moa was killed while its tar was in mid-air.

Fixed doing enough damage to an Ancient Healer resulting in a significant performance drop.

Fixed Nyx being able to create allied Infested by Mind Controlling a Boiler and then Melee attacking it. This caused an infinite amount of friendly Infested to be spawned from the Boiler spawn pods - which is pretty cool but not intended.

Fixed Octavia’s Resonator Roller not animating when rolling.


Kill 50 enemies before the timer runs out, melee strike orbs to add time. The map is a floating island open map, with archwing launchers (yes, archwing sigh) scattered around, enemies are Tusk and lv.40+. Be prepared, this will require skill

Focus Lenses are now rewarded less frequently as Tier 3 and 4 Bounty rewards. This also shuffled around some other Bounty reward frequencies to balance the mix.

No! I need so many lenses! Why are you doing this to me DE?

Because people complained that they had too many lenses.

Despite most of said lenses coming from sorties.

Glad they changed the design of the revamped Sleight of Hand.

A literal present box felt a bit too out of place.

what's the point of a silent smg if enemies are alerted after surviving the first shot

Sprinting in Warframe

Sprinting in Warframe

With the recent introduction of sprint related bugs I thought I’d use this as an opportunity to highlight something that I, personally, have found quite odd in Warframe: Sprint cancelling.

There is a mechanic around sprint you may have noticed that causes you to return to a walking state after certain actions. Regardless of how you have stopped sprinting, you must always re-apply the sprint manually, toggle or no toggle sprint. This is in contrast to many other games which, if a key is required to sprint, will always resume sprinting at the next available time. In these games, it makes sense. For example, a classic modern shooter: Hold your sprint key, run around a corner, there’s a bad guy so you aim down sights. You move more slowly as a balance trade-off for more accuracy, but once you’re done you continue sprinting, all without ever releasing the sprint key. These games aren’t about fast paced space-ninja action, yet a game that is feels surprisingly cumbersome in this respect.

If you’re a melee focused player, you find that you can fling yourself at the enemy, tearing them down just as effectively as someone with a ranged weapon. The game makes you feel powerful, as you mercilessly rush down a hallway with speed the grineer have nightmares about. So why, in a game where I have never once thought to myself “I sure do wish I was walking right now,” do I end up walking so frequently?

Posting here for opinions, am I the odd one out or does this observation have merit?

You are god damn right.

3 Jun 2016




You are already dead

You are already dead

I hope that someday we get into another situation where the Lotus has to intervene, except this time with her full Sentient form. Maybe a final showdown between her and her father.

Mother of Thousands vs Destroyer of Worlds.

Lotus actually doing something worthwhile and not just screaming at us to do it for her, then shrieking and hiding when she doesn't like how things are going anymore?

Hahahaha. Next you'll tell me they'll start fixing Archwing and addressing other balance issues.

You forget she's space mom. It's her job to nag us magically-inclined immortal teens...


I need something to do.

I need something to do.

I need something to do in Warframe that doesn't involve grinding any form of Frame, as I've accepted I'm never getting Nidus without paying the Plat.

Throw suggestions at me. If Warframe is as great of a game as people make it out to be, there has to be a suggestion someone throws that sticks.

John Prodman

Get the Kuria.

I do, thats the true purpose of our lives no?

Do you have his poster?

DE, you made the original warframe skin an option, please do the same for WEAPONS

DE, you made the original warframe skin an option, please do the same for WEAPONS

Ever since they allowed the original warframe skin to be used instead of the primed/other skins as an alternative, it should be the same for weapons.

For example, Silva & Aegis Prime. The original is a bright flaming sword and shield for heaven's sake and then the primed variant is a toilet brush and a stag beetle.

More variety would always be welcomed especially in the name of fashion frame.

Legacy skins too! I loved the old blocky burston.


Best damn weapon. It feels wrong to fire now.

I'm still surprised that they haven't done it yet. I can't imagine that would be particularly hard to implement having that, as you say, we can already do it with Warframe skins.

Seven hands raised

DE, please consider your proposal in DS#101 and what it means for Rhino and his augment Piercing Roar.

DE, please consider your proposal in DS#101 and what it means for Rhino and his augment Piercing Roar.

"Puncture used to be a 30% weapon damage reduction on enemies it procced on, now it will scale up to 90%."

This is a fantastic change, even if it's niche, for at least one good reason. Rhino has an augment called Piercing Roar; I'm pretty sure no one currently uses it, cares about it or even remembers/knows of it. It inflicts a Puncture proc on all enemies within a base radius of 25 meters. This change will allow Rhino to become an even better supporting Warframe, for both himself and his team and for obvious reasons, but not without one more important change.

DE, this is what I wish for you to consider either before or when you implement this buff to Puncture procs. Please give Rhino the ability to recast Roar at any time. A good amount of other Warframes with a self applied buff are allowed to recast their ability, such as Mirage's Eclipse, Harrow's Penance, Octavia's Metronome, Volt's Speed, and Ember's Accelerant. I push this issue because being able to recast Roar will allow the augment to properly do its job and be worth its slot; otherwise the nature of the procs being a "once every so often thing" and the fact that Roar's mainly a radial buff will keep the augment in obscurity and worthlessness even with the Puncture proc change.

You do so much for us and I'm so appreciative of it. I just hope you consider this as well and make the change, and make even more people happy in the process.

I always thought they should change it to be recastable and whenever he casts it, he aggros everything in range


That would be pretty cool, actually.

Hey that'd be really neat. It'd have cool synergy with iron skin too

I put every status effect on a heavy gunner

I put every status effect on a heavy gunner

[Condition overload twitching]

MK1 Skana

Try a machete, with a dragon key equipped.

Life is pain.

I really want to see someone use a MK1 Skana with just Condition Overload on it against that Gunner

Why are we being sent out to kill Eidolons every night?

Why are we being sent out to kill Eidolons every night?

Because Cetus does not negotiate with Teralysts

Distant grineer death groan


I prefer the "close grineer death shriek" of the pilots.

yknow, thats actually pretty clever

I'm pretty sure these New Loka operatives are on drugs right now.

I'm pretty sure these New Loka operatives are on drugs right now.

As opposed to your edgy syndicate kids sitting around brooding and setting shit on fire?

I mean, I'm your Steel Meridian ally, but still...

As opposed to your edgy syndicate kids sitting around brooding and setting shit on fire?

I can't see what's wrong with setting shit on fire.

"Are we really sure we have ten fingers? What if our idea of 'ten' is wrong and we actually have zeepaloopadop-teen fingers? Duuuuude."

That's because you're the trouble starter, punkin' instigator.

PC Baro Ki'Teer 11/17/2017

PC Baro Ki'Teer 11/17/2017

Holy Mother of Damage!

Primed Fever Strike!!

Primed Fever Strike


I was only MR9. I loved Baro so much, I had all the primed merchandise and prisma weapons. I pray to Baro every night before bed, thanking him for the life I've been given. "Baro is love" I say; "Baro is life." My dad hears me and calls me a Tennoob. I know he was just jealous of my devotion for Baro. I called him a cunt. He slaps me and sends me to go to sleep. I'm crying now, and my Warframe hurts. I lay in bed and it's really cold. Suddently, a heat proc is moving towards me. It's Baro. I am so happy. He whispers into my ear "The wait is over, Tenno." He grabs me with his powerful void hands and puts me down otno my hands and knees. I'm ready. I spread my wallet for Baro. He penetrates my Ducat-hole. It hurts so much but I do it for Baro. I can feel my wallet tearing as my eyes start to water. I push against his force. I want to please Baro. He roars in a mighty roar as he fills my inventory with his Prisma love. My dad walks in. Baro looks him straight in the eyes and says "I'm afraid I must be off; the Void is calling my name." Baro leaves the relay. Baro is love. Baro is life.

Making another "Suggested Buys" list, though remember this is subjective. Items are listed in general order they should be bought, with the 'best' buy being at the top of each section.


Primed Fever Strike is a good Melee mod. Great for Exalted weapons, decent to good for Crit Melees. Get if possible. Primed Regen is ok for Sentinels as a survivability increase, but not necessary. Skip unless you want/need that. Primed Banes are good, but not required for any current content. Fine to skip.


Ki'Teer Diax Syandana is a ok syandana, though too blocky for most frames to use well. Ki'Teer Tribute Glyph is a Ki'Teer Glyph. Everything else is summed up as if you like what it's for (Twin Grakatas, Mantis, Puppers, Melee Sugatras) get it and otherwise ignore.


Sands of Inaros is always a good buy if you do not own Inaros. Axi A2 Relics provide the Aklex Prime parts. Decent to get a few and run radshares for. 3 day Resource Booster is good if you want to do a lot of farming in the next 3 days. Mara Detron is a decent secondary shotgun. Not really amazing though so fine to skip.

Try one of these subthreads