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Rude Host on Today Show Cannot Stand Her Own Guest, Bill Nye

Rude Host on Today Show Cannot Stand Her Own Guest, Bill Nye

If you are not a fermented grape, your chances of keeping her attention are very low.

I can not stand either of those women. It seems like they get in stupid passive aggressive fights with half of the people they have on the show. Also, promoting their own books during his segment? So ridiculous.

I love that the "losing prizes" are copies of their own books.

Are they both fucking hammered, or just... that bad at being respectful hosts?

Beagle plays the piano and sings the horrors of life.

Beagle plays the piano and sings the horrors of life.

I love his little tail wagging.

In all seriousness, I am impressed with his rhythm/timing. It has a sort of bluesy call-response feel.

The blues dog

You can really feel the sadness the beagle is trying to emulate. Really pulls at my heart strings. I hope he's found happiness these days...

This $400 juicing machine does nothing but squeeze bags of juice into a cup

This $400 juicing machine does nothing but squeeze bags of juice into a cup

I love a good scam like this

Honestly, even if the machine was the only thing that could squeeze it, it would still be a scam. The whole point of a juicer is that you can squeeze any fresh fruit. If you are going to buy sealed packs of mushy fruit, just buy bottles of juice.

ensure the contents haven't expired

This way the machine can refuse to squeeze your 1 day expired juice and make you go buy more!

Oh, and in case this thing actually caught on, it prevents you from buying third party squeezable juice bags.

The full article is even better, some truly amazing stuff in here:

Juicero declined to comment. A person close to the company said Juicero is aware the packs can be squeezed by hand but that most people would prefer to use the machine because the process is more consistent and less messy. The device also reads a QR code printed on the back of each produce pack and checks the source against an online database to ensure the contents haven’t expired or been recalled, the person said. The expiration date is also printed on the pack.


"Can I talk?" Today Show's Queens of Cringe shocked into shutting up for more than two seconds

"Can I talk?" Today Show's Queens of Cringe shocked into shutting up for more than two seconds

"Ooh that seemed to work". What a champ.

You know, it might be his first and last day on that show but his name will live on forever as the only person to tell those two fuckwits to be quiet and pay attention to the program. Agreed: What a champ.

The crew laughter tells you he's 100% right

I'm in 25 other markets!  not everywhere but working on it! all my stuff is at

I'm in 25 other markets! not everywhere but working on it! all my stuff is at

DISGUSTING! Deleted Video Exposes HUGE Problem In DO5 YouTube Scandal

DISGUSTING! Deleted Video Exposes HUGE Problem In DO5 YouTube Scandal

Let's just be thankful that these parents had the great idea of making a youtube channel devoted to their abuse. Otherwise this would likely go unnoticed for years, which it likely already has.

Edit: tpyo

one the videos

In at 18:24 when Emma is crying and doesn't want to get in her room he says "do I need to turn this camera off?"

Definitely sounds like a threat and makes it sound like it's much worse without the camera on.

EDIT : It's not available anymore, they're pretty desperate at trying to cover their tracks. Hopefully people had enough time to download and keep these videos. Here's a mirror, thanks Mrs_Damon :

If they put that shit on YouTube, imagine what happens off camera.

I like how he blames "that DeFranco guy" after he actually says what he did was wrong. He's like a fucking Scooby Doo villain.

Binging with Babish: South Park Special

Binging with Babish: South Park Special

Thanks for posting /u/bbuullll33rr!! And thank you guys so much for your feedback last time around - I hope the pacing of this episode feels a little less rushed - it was a challenge keeping it all under 10 min though! Randy's frittata won the day - that shit was delish and I'd happily have given him an old-fashioned for making it.

Present them.

Nah just like to keep em snappy - awesome dude glad you liked it!!

I was hoping for a Scott Tenorman special

DaddyOFive Claims Videos are Fake

DaddyOFive Claims Videos are Fake

This video is laughable in the saddest possible way. Here's a list of their arguments from start to finish, with my own input, because fuck these so-called "parents."

The dad claims that they had an interview with Keemstar and that the videos are fake (e.g over-exaggerated or sometimes scripted). He says he was scared to admit it because he didn't want their channel to be over.

How is a video fake when you physically hit your child? Are those fake bruises and scratches on his arms? Calling your videos fake doesn't apply when it results in real harm in your kids. Furthermore, how stupid do you think we are? The pure look of pain and sometimes terror on the kids' faces isn't acting.

Are you kidding me? You were scared to admit that your videos were fake because you thought it would kill your YouTube channel? Why am I not surprised that that would come first for you, instead of your kids. First you doubled down on your abuse with the first non-apology video, then you gave another half-assed apology on Twitter, but now that everyone knows who you are and what you do to your children, now it's finally time to "apologize."

The fact that they decided to interview with Keemstar doesn't surprise me because he was in favor of their abuse all along. "That kid might grow up to be the president" or whatever Keemstar said. It's more likely that the kid will grow up with lifelong trust issues and relationship issues.

They thank their fans for being supportive and "getting it."

They claim that Philip DeFranco, the news channel guy (and another YouTuber) who brought light to this, unfairly steamrolled them and never asked for an interview with them to see if the videos were real or not. He also claims Phil never did any research into the family other than looking at a few videos. Lastly, he says that Philip DeFranco put him and his family in huge danger over fake YouTube videos.

Neither did you reach out to him to immediately dispel the rumors of child abuse.

Phil and his team did do research into your channel, hence his first video has video evidence of all the crap you've done to your kids. Just because he didn't come to the same conclusion, that it's just a prank, BRAH, doesn't mean that he didn't research it. He didn't even accuse you all of child abuse, he left it open for interpretation. It is not his fault that so many people see you as scumbags, you have your own actions to thank for that.

Somebody tried to run his wife off the road with their kids in the car, and the family is receiving death threats.

I suppose one thing I don't understand is that it's not your family that's receiving death threats, it's you two (the mom and dad) individually. As far as I've seen, the internet feels terrible for your kids for having to be exposed to you, they don't want to hurt them.

"I'm taking all this hate for [my kids]."

They say that the reason they didn't come out earlier saying that the pranks were fake was because the kids begged them not to, in fear that they would lose their subscribers and fans.

The one GOOD point they make in the video, if they hold true to it: "We're going to make things right.. These kids are safe... I swear to God, if we continue making videos, you will see changes. There will be no more fighting, there will be no more heartbreaks for the kids."

They bring up the fact that they're a blended family--Heather is not the mother of Cody or Emma. The reason they bring it up is someone interviewed with the children's biological mother and called her "their real mother," which set Heather off. The parents also say "You guys have no idea what these kids have actually been through." Cody was apparently much worse off before he came to live with them. His ambition in life was to "hold a cup on the street collecting spare change," but now he wants to be an actor. He is doing better in school since having come to live with them.

"Leave the kids alone, please."

If the kids honestly are getting bothered and hated on, that's very unfortunate. However, I still think most, if not all, of the hate is directed at the parents. The only hate I could see coming towards the kids is the oldest, Jake, because he should be old enough to know by now that hitting your younger siblings isn't okay. However, he's also still getting egged on by the parents, so it's still their fucking fault.

"If we go back to court, we'll win... We have all the proof we need... but to put the kids through that again... And now here we are, having to tell the world all these private things for some fake YouTube videos, because someone couldn't come talk to us."

Except, what you're really upset about here is that you didn't get a chance to prepare for the upcoming onslaught. You're upset that he didn't give you a chance to downplay the abuse before putting the video up and having it go viral, so maybe it wouldn't go viral after all. I think everyone should have a chance to defend themselves, but you're on strike three and you're fucking out.

They say they understand that if someone is a child abuser, then obviously they're going to get hate and people are going to want them to get shut down. They claim they aren't child abusers.

They claim a lot of their viewers wanted them to do a divorce prank video in front of the kids, but they wouldn't go that far because even to do so jokingly would be too much.

So what about that video where you threatened to put Cody up for adoption? What about the video where you threatened to send him away to live with his Grandpa?

So it's not too much to throw your kid into a bookshelf? It's not too much to force Cody to hug his older brother who just punched him in the head? It's not too much to come at your kid Alex with a fucking baseball bat, destroy one of his toys, and then make fun of him when he gets upset about it? It's not too far to pretend that your daughter's favorite toys are being destroyed by her brothers for 15 minutes? It's not too far when your son drop-kicks his sister? Is it too far when one of your sons destroys his brother's room, and you make the brother clean up the room?

Why isn't it too far when your son Jake beats the shit out of Cody during a "prank," and then you continue with the "prank" anyway? Why isn't it too far when you can see that your son Jake gets enjoyment out of this shit? How is it not over the line when your kid gets the shit beat out of him and you don't even defend him? You don't comfort him. You don't calm him down. You tell him to get the fuck over it and tell him he's being a sissy, or being overdramatic. These kids are never going to learn how to express their emotions in a healthy way because you don't allow them to.

They say the reason they didn't want Cody to go to Disney with them is because they were afraid he'd wander off and get kidnapped. They were worried about him.

Uhm, sorry? This is not at all your excuse in your last video. You claim it's his own fault he's not going to Disney and that he didn't deserve it or earn it because of the poop and toilet clogging incidents. His own stepmom said that everyone would be miserable if he came with. Like, how is that not completely fucked?

They say instead of taking him to Disney, they were going to take him on a solo trip to VidCon because they'd be able to have their full attention on him. They didn't have time to announce it because "of all this excess drama."

"It would have never gotten this out of hand if it weren't for this DeFranco guy... He's responsible for this."

No, it wouldn't have gotten this out of hand if you didn't abuse your kids and record it.

"Maybe I got a little carried away sometimes, maybe the kids got a little carried away sometimes."

"At the end of the day, guys, we're parents first."

For every fucking prank or vlog I've seen, you are never communicating with your children. You are screaming at them, you're not even letting them get a word in edgewise, and you're not willing to listen to anything they have to say, especially when they're in arguments with each other or with one of you. You scream and yell and intimidate and bully until your kids do what you say. They aren't comfortable coming to you for help because they know they won't get any. They're looking for justice when they get hurt from one of their other siblings and you do nothing but egg them on further to get hurt more because of the views.

You sure are you pieces of shit.

tl;dr "Play the victim the whole fucking way through, say you did it for the kids, do whatever you need to do to get sympathy."

edit: Thanks for the gold, but I ask that if you're considering giving me gold, consider donating to a charity that works towards preventing child abuse instead.

we're parents first."

I distinctly remember in one of these "pranks" his son asks him to please turn the camera off and he says "I've gotta vlog my life, you know that".

Pretty clear evidence that he doesn't prioritize being a parent.

These people are incapable of taking responsibility.

"it all started when that defranco guy did this to our family."

No, sir. It started when you chose to target your child for entertainment value.

They're repeatedly claiming that all of their videos are fake, all (they say 'all' and 'some' back and forth, so i'm guessing 'some' is more accurate) of them are scripted, and the kids are involved in planning some of them. I guarantee that Cody, the target of so much of it, isn't "in on it" until afterward when he's already been the target. His reactions are incredibly genuine, and he clearly hates it. He's a child, and they're his parents, so when they say "it's okay buddy, it's just a prank, here's all this stuff you got from youtube." He calms down and says he doesn't hate it anymore, and then they do it all over again.

That is abuse. This is classic bullying behavior.

If he's genuinely in on it from the beginning and is okay with being targeted for these pranks, like that fucked up invisible ink one, then he's literally the best child actor I've ever seen.

What absolute garbage people. Even when "confessing" they can't not have a fucking clickbait title and can't spell for shit. There isn't a snowball's chance in hell that those kids were acting throughout so many of those horrid "pranks" being in near hysterics throughout so many of them, being thrown and punched by this so called man.

Nobody with an iota of intelligence buys your bullshit my dude. You're scared shitless because you'll have to deal with real world consequences, you have media hounding you and not to hear about your shitty "vlogs" or "pranks" but about the blatant documentation of physical and emotional abuse to children in your home for profit for MONTHS.

What the fuck kind of "parent" talks about a child's trauma (Cody collecting coins on a street corner?? "That's all he thought he was good for"??) and you do that horrible shit to him, screaming, punching and pushing him over (with you stating in a video "yeah, the push was real because he was in my way") He's weird and not like the other kids and I'm sure his weird, annoying child-like behavior alienates you and it's just too god damn much to ask for you to fucking parent him just use him for videos, make it a family event and gang up on him. LOL it's all good he gets a tablet! See! He loves it here! I mean, it's either this shit or the streets, right? That kid is well and truly fucked and your sad ass excuse of blaming the kids "it's all THEIR idea!!!" Holy fuck you bitch when I was 9 I wanted to do stupid shit all the time but my parents had the good sense to draw the line and parent when the time came and wouldn't make me do a god damn YouTube outro when I'm scared shitless, sobbing and shaking with adrenaline.

That's the thing right? "Fake" except we never see the kids relax after the "reveal". They're still crying, still red in the face, still trying to hide from the camera. And we're meant to believe that these children all conceived of this plan and that you poor parents just go along with it (and collect fat paychecks and shitty fans--fans you seem more concerned with than your FUCKING CHILDREN)

I am aghast that people are defending these horrid people. Fucking Christ.

Edit: Good God, another thing! This bitch takes a holier than thou discussion point that they would NEVER do a "divorce prank" despite their fans really wanting it because the kids have been pulled away from family and separated before and well, that just crosses the line because that's traumatic and horrible to do!--- HOWEVER let's do an "Adoption Prank" where we tell Cody he's being put up for adoption because that's um, not about being separated from family or at all traumatic and it's just Cody, you guys. It's funny!!

These people make me insane.

Edit: People are asking why I bring up spelling. Mainly just a rambly shitty post I made when I was mad but it also seems if you're going to make a video saying how you aren't a child abusing piece of shit you could spell "accusations" correctly, not "aquisations". Sorry, carry on.

every time i see a license plate from another state

every time i see a license plate from another state
Imagine my surprise seeing a Toyota Prius with Florida plates in rural Netherlands...

EDIT: For those wondering or the non-believers, this and this is what the "Rural" Netherlands looks like. And here is the license plate in question. And the picture was taken here

Imagine my surprise seeing a Toyota Prius with Florida plates in rural Netherlands...

EDIT: For those wondering or the non-believers, and this is what the "Rural" Netherlands looks like. And here is the license plate in question. And the picture was taken here


I think I'm actually from the Mundane as Fuck Zone.

whenever i see an out of state tag i always think. fuuuuuuuuck , they have to drive for days just to get back home. Why are there so many people from Ontario in Tennessee?!!??!!

F1 driver overtakes 9 cars on the first lap on a wet track

F1 driver overtakes 9 cars on the first lap on a wet track

If driving games have taught me anything, its that the best way to slow into curves is ramming into the sides of other cars.

Max seems comforable on a wet track, here's some inredible display of car control.

That's Max Verstappen, aged 19, a decent driver to say the least.

how does each F1 car differ from each other?

The cars are different depending on the focus of the team, for example Williams has a car very fast in straight line, RedBull is focused more in downforce. Also there are differences in lenght between the cars.

Do they all use their own engines?

There are 4 engines (now called Power Units) manufacturers; Ferrari, Renault, Mercedes, Honda; and costumer teams. Ferrari uses Ferrari PUs, but HAAS and Sauber also use Ferrari PUs (Sauber uses last year's PUs).

Renault uses its PUs but RedBull* and Toro Rosso also use those PUs. (*RedBull uses rebranded Renault PUs called TAG-Heuer).

Mercedes supplies PUs to their own team and to Force India and Williams F1.

Honda supplies PUs only to McLaren.

Do they all use their own chassis, tyres and stuff?

Chassis: Yes, the teams make their own chassis desings and usually they build them too, HAAS designs it but Dallara builds it.

Tyres: Pirelli supplies the tyres to all the teams; they will supply them till 2019; there are 5 dry compunds: Ultra Soft, Super Soft, Soft, Medium, Hard. And 2 wet compunds: Intermediate and Wet. More info here.

And do they all make the same power?

No, all the PUs are different and make different amounts of power, Mercedes is considered the strongest, followed closely by Ferrari then Renault. Honda is the weakest.

are there clearly better cars than others?

Yes, from 2014 to 2016 Mercedes were the dominant team. Right now Mercedes and Ferrari are battling for the lead.

If you have more questions feel free to post them on /sub/formula1 we'll be happy to help!

edit: wheels --> tyres

I too was once in first place, then I was launched far into the gravel never to return to online racing again.

How DaddyOFive Ruined His Childhood

How DaddyOFive Ruined His Childhood

WTF You want to really tell me that those people are allowed to do this to their children and posting this online without any consequences ?! What is wrong with them ? This is like a kick in the teeth for every organisation fighting against child abuse.

This makes me so fucking angry

Philip DeFranco is also great at explaining what the fuck is wrong with these people

. It was so hard to watch, these parents are awful people. Poor kid.

I don't want to imagine what happens to the kid if the videos get taken down.

"it's just a prank" is my least favorite phrase of the last five years.

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