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I synced up and replaced as much of Rihanna in The Monster with that singing parrot from 2 days ago as I could. (Original in comments too)

I synced up and replaced as much of Rihanna in The Monster with that singing parrot from 2 days ago as I could. (Original in comments too)

Here's the Reddit thread from 2 days ago:

I thought it was really cute and wanted to hear it with a backing track, so I did that.

Source video link:

Hope someone likes it, I spent around 4 hours on this silly thing :)

edit: Thank you all so much! And thank you for the gold anonymous strangers.

Someone suggested I create a version with the same audio, but no parrot, and I did that:

Physics students design bridges and test them

Physics students design bridges and test them

We did this in my shop class back in middle school and we worked in pairs and we had a couple weeks to finish the bridge. The day after the project was announced a kid asked if his Dad could do the project also, just for fun because he was interested. Everyone did their bridges and we saved the dad's for last.

Not only did his blow all of ours out of the water "pun intended" but we used up all the weights, staplers, notebooks and objects in the classroom that would fit in the bucket. I thought that the teacher was about to stick a kid in the bucket to see how much the thing could hold.

Turned out the kid's Dad was a civil engineer and he wanted to see how he could do since he hadn't done a project like that since early undergrad.

edit: some typos.


Crashed Ice. I had never heard of this sport until today.

Crashed Ice. I had never heard of this sport until today.

So you want to be a Crashed Ice athlete:

Step 0: Hope Red Bull keeps putting on Crashed Ice. They've been doing it for years and draw hundreds of thousands, but TBD if that keeps happening without growth in the overall sport known as Ice Cross Downhill.

Step 1: Qualify. You used to be able to do this zipping around cones and obstacles at a hockey rink faster than other people, especially if you were nearby one of the races. Now you may have to achieve something less than failure at a "Riders Cup" event to score enough points to qualify.

Step 2: Show up on race day and drop you gear off in the tent. Pick something towards one of the sides so you're out of the main walkways and then watch condensation rain on you and your gear all day because you weren't savvy enough to sit near the middle. The tent is heated. It comes with medics, massage, skate sharpening, a hangout lounge and lots of free Red Bull.

Step 3: Sit down for the intro presentation. "If you haven't walked the track yet to scope it out, you fucked up." Realize you fucked up.

Step 4: Put on your gear and get out to the track where your instructor will give one or two pointers and demonstrate once making everything look really easy. You're shown half a track at a time and will get to run through each half twice.

Step 5: Well, he didn't make it look too tough. Find out it is. Fall 3-5 times. Get stuck at the bottom of one of those inclines and wonder if your toe warmers are going to stay hot all day while other skaters fly by.

Step 6: Trial runs! You get the full length of the course all to yourself. Avoid embarrassing falls or getting stuck at the bottom of incline, which you've now figured out how to grapevine up. When these do happen and you've held everything up just blame the guy in front of you.

Step 7: Perfect trial run. Yeah, you're not fast. But you didn't fall or run into anything you weren't supposed to. It doesn't matter for shit because it's a trial run, way to waste the good stuff.

Step 8: Timed runs. Now you and all the other newbies need to score fast enough runs to move on. Once again you're all alone, but now there's a clock and some fans have started trickling in even though the finals are a couple days away. Realize the fans suck when that jackass keeps yelling "Fall! Fall!" Then fall and realize the fans are awesome when they're yelling at you to get back up and racing.

Step 9: Somehow finish in the top 30% of timed trials against the other scrubs to move on to the races. How the fuck did that happen?

Step 10: Wake up the next day and realize you haven't been a competitive athlete for a couple of years. Drink all the extra Red Bull you grabbed from the Athlete's tent yesterday and get down to the course to watch the skilled racers (see: OP) make it all look easy. Also, take more free Red Bull.

Step 11: Now you're on the final day and racing other athletes down the hill 4 at a time. Watch the 3 other guys rip way ahead of you and concentrate on not falling over. Come across the wreckage of two who tangled up and wiped out. Ponder Aesop's Fables and continue trying not to fall over. Somehow finish in 2nd which is good enough to advance.

Step 12: Now's the part where you have to be good at it to win races. So I'm all out of ideas. Go drink more Red Bull. It's free and your piss will probably be able to power an Iron Man suit soon enough.

Step 13: Go to the after party and tell everyone you would've won it if not for your injury. Be non specific so you don't have to remember to fake a limp all night while drinking.

System Of A Down - Chop Suey | Ten Second Songs 20 Style Cover

System Of A Down - Chop Suey | Ten Second Songs 20 Style Cover

I really enjoy it. The only downside is some of the styles are so interesting youre left wanting to hear the whole song in the Beegees style or whatever you prefer.

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