Virginia Rogers (1960)

Virginia Rogers (1960)

Hey man, a NSFW flag would be nice.

I have my preferences set to block NSFW thumbnails. I've got boobs starring at me from my front page now for anyone walking by to see!

This is as close to perfection as I can imagine.

I second this. Are there any rules?

Yeah, it's actually rules 1 and 2 for submission.

I.) Mark anything that's NSFW as such. We want to keep this as safe for work as possible, but gorgeous women are intriguing to look at when they're wearing minimal amounts of clothing. No pornography allowed.

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Grace Kelly in Jamaica photographed by Howell Conant (1954)

Grace Kelly in Jamaica photographed by Howell Conant (1954)

So gorgeous..

To me, she and Audrey Hepburn symbolize elegance and class, and they were both amazingly beautiful as well.

Other than the swimsuit, I would have never been able to guess 1954. Wow.

She would be beautiful in today's world if that photo were taken yesterday, timeless beauty.

Bettie Page

Bettie Page

I read this interesting article about how she didn't realize how prolific her photos were until much later in life, & she refused to have her photo taken by the interviewer bc she wanted to be remembered like this.

After she dropped out of modeling in the late 1950s she had a really rough life, she was divorced three times if I recall and did a stint in a mental hospital in the 70s. When she started to make a come back in the 80s she was living in government housing penniless. Along with Maila Nurmi Bettie is my favorite pin up icon of the 50s.

Come to think of it, I think I saw her mug shot awhile back.. hard life... I have heard it said that beautiful women die two deaths

bettie page never gets boring

Debbie Harry photographed by Chris Stein.

Debbie Harry photographed by Chris Stein.

She just oozes sex appeal

I'd give anything to go back in time and bed her and Cyndi wison.

Lana Turner in The Merry Widow (1952)

Lana Turner in The Merry Widow (1952)

those legs! hot damn

Sexiest woman of her era

Try watching The Postman Rings Twice (1946) without drooling, it's a challenge.


I would put Veronica Lake way above her.

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