Unexpected unexpected

Hah, you can't catch this now!

The cat at the end of the gif has realized what has happened and was regretting its decision.

For those of us who thought OP was having a stroke during that comment:

"Upvoted Not Because Girl, But Because It Is Very Cool; However, I Do Concede That I Initially Clicked Because Girl"

How did he do that

Cats have very sharp claws

Praying for a victory

My man

Title 🔥


Great. Now the kid has brain cancer

Good boy shows his balancing skills


That other dog was so casual in stealing it.


He was like "i mean...if youre not gonna eat that..."


Patience is a motherfucking virtue Rapunzel!

I thought this was an old "Red Bull gives you wings" commercial, and he was just going to chug a Red Bull, fly up and save her.

Yeah but banging in a field is uncomfortable.

I thought the exact same thing.

Australian Bicycle Race Finish Line

No wonder those bicyclists were going so fast

Australia is only a couple of steps away from just being Mad Max.

For those who don't watch much cycle racing, this truck is usually present during races, following somewhat behind the last field of cyclists, carrying all the steroids...

I was surprised to see they were able to move her hair when they went by.

Tired of keeping my Emma Wats on

Tired of keeping my Emma Wats on

Well ya see, this isn’t real.

Sigh... unzips

Where does the hair go?


Knocking on the door

The Kool Aid cat.

Did somebody ask for me?

Reminds me of the time I wouldn’t stop asking my mom if we were there yet and she got so frustrated she pulled over and threw me in the snow


Have a great day at school sweetie!

That's one badass little girl! Not happy about going to school and not afraid to show it.

That's definitely in reverse.

I’m always confused. Challenge, or, offer?

shakes head confusingly

When life it's gooood...

That was unexpected.



When title it's baaaad

Did I get it?

“He went that way” Fox, probably

Hunter becomes the hunted.

Can confirm, if the fox doesn’t know you want to shoot it, it will come and investigate you. Only works once though, those crafty bastards are smart

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