If you're at a normal BMI, you will function 8 million times better if you gain weight.

If you're at a normal BMI, you will function 8 million times better if you gain weight.

Also, apparently, it's just not possible to maintain a healthy weight in a healthy way.

Eating healthy is "disordered behavior", apparently.

We should approach the same with alcohol, smoking, and drugs. If you are obsessed with avoidance in a daily struggle, your body clearly needs it and knows what's best!

Just do what feels most comfortable!

Funny thing as that she'll go all out on someone who feels more comfortable skinny or fit.. cause that's fatphobic

Everything is political and readers should be forced to apply politics to everything. (Babe is a “journalism company”).

Everything is political and readers should be forced to apply politics to everything. (Babe is a “journalism company”).

I ate a Pizza, now let's discuss how this relates to tax policy.

Babe was a great movie.

That'll do u/existentialadvisor, that'll do.

Is it this babe article?

Because it sounds like this is the one story they have that has people's attention.

Doesn’t know how To “deal” with deaf baby.

Doesn’t know how To “deal” with deaf baby.

This person clearly doesn't have children. Deciding what to do in the best interest of tiny person who can't understand or consent is literally the job. Better chew them out for vaccinating and checkups to. How dare they correct that beautiful cleft lip! There are some legitimate concerns about cochlear implants, but I am going to make the crazy assumption that the parents made an informed decision after consulting with medical professionals and not idiots on twitter.

My wife I changed our toddler's diaper last night. She actively tried to stop us, so we definitely didn't have consent. Someone should call CPS.

Yeah literally anything a parent does to and for a child for several years is done without their knowledge and consent.

It's a disability, why would you embrace it when there's ways to remedy it? My baby was born with cataracts, and I made sure they were removed so he could get glasses and have his vision develop properly.

Humans are designed to be vegan

Humans are designed to be vegan

open a fucking biology book you numbskull, we're omnivores.

the unsustainable bit has some truth to it, but that can probably be fixed in other ways then everyone becoming a massive fa... uh, vegan.

And that unsustainable bit has nothing to do with our design. Our design to eat meat didn't anticipate our amazing ability to proliferate.

Well...humans weren't designed either. Who the fuck would put an amusement park next to a sewer outlet?

Unsustainable? I don't know, we seem to be doing okay for the last few millenia we ate meat (not meat only, but that's what the food pyramidnis for, now isn't it)

Eating vegan foods = cultural appropriation?

Eating vegan foods = cultural appropriation?
Eating vegan foods = cultural appropriation?

No, the poster is rightly concerned about the over harvesting of the wild tofu herds. There are significant drops in the number of food worthy tofus to harvest, and shortages loom. As such, nobody who isn't actually a "real" vegan or vegetarian should eat tofu.. because if we eat all the tofus, then the vegans will starve and die. Because there will be no way for them to eat anything else.

It happened with the Naugas in the 70s and 80s. People warned about overharvesting for barcaloungers and huge sticky sofas.. but the hunters, they didn't listen. Plains that used to thunder with the hooves of the nauga herds now sit empty, devoid of any life bigger than a cous cous plant.

This is why people don't like vegans

Tofu is strictly for vegans and vegetarians.

What about Fish Tofu soup

CIS men do not spend 10 minutes taking a shit when trans men need the stall to pee

CIS men do not spend 10 minutes taking a shit when trans men need the stall to pee

well, maybe the search for the person who vandalized the wall can be successful.

How do you know it's not another trans man taking a shit? Learn to hold it, whiner.

just use the other bathroom then. I can't count how many times I've seen girls use the men's room because the other one was full. Hell, I've had times where they have their friends block anyone else from going in while they use it.

Writes it on the wall - doesn't approach the person.


Doesn't really have the same conviction really does it?

Not being a healer is toxic masculinity...

Not being a healer is toxic masculinity...

I want to play Symmetra but I usually end up healing. Guess that makes me a woman?

That can't be ... we know that women can't play games because of the oppression of the patriarchy and harassment of the neckbeards and virgins etc.

As someone who's played comp as Lucio->Mercy->Moira as mains I guess I have also lost my penis and grown a vagina?

explain healsluts.

‘Equality traffic lights’

‘Equality traffic lights’

Why does literally everything in existence have to be "equal"? Nobody is going to notice this, it's just a waste of time.

Also why does the light have two legs? That's ableist as shit.

The icon is also pretty skinny. Why is there so much fatphobia?

Because they live cushy lives with no real struggle.

The problem is that the people that scream "WE NEED TO BE INCLUDED!" are the same people that have assigned gender to a fucking stick figure. A stick figure has no gender.

They have invented the situation in which they are now offended.

Things that happened #9043

Things that happened #9043

There's always the trades. Plumbing, carpentry, auto repair. They require less schooling than a college degree and pay rather well, but they are labor intensive.

Ah, so this person went to college perfectly knowing that it's a sucker's game unless you actually have a plan set out, and is therefore admitting that they're an idiot.

Since when do multiple students sit in on a college counseling session?

I mean, you get an hvac contractor and ask him how.long he spent in classes and apprenticeship. It's probably at least 5 years. Skilled trades are incredibly underestimated in America both for difficulty and pay rate

Anon tries to improve himself

Anon tries to improve himself

This shit happens FOR REAL. I've known some folks in the DDPYoga community who logged into the support board, and it's just fucking heartbreaking. They want to feel better, be able to move, stop being in chronic pain, etc, and the people around them are actively sabotaging them. One dude was nearly in tears.. he's like, 350 lbs (well, was, I haven't heard from him in a while) and could barely walk anymore.. just crippling pain and lack of flexibility, and his wife was screaming at him, calling him names for wanting to get his life back. Had his kids harassing him about it and everything.

It's fucking SCARY the level people will go to to tear down someone who they think might make them look bad in comparison.

What’s that phrase? A “lesser companion”? A lot of drug addicts will stay friends with and enable someone they think is worse off than them, so they always have someone to point to and say “see, I’m not that bad!” Sick dynamic, sad to see a mom engage in that

It's not so farfetched. My little sister is obese and married an obese man. Their inability to recognize what a serving looks like, or that they don't need to eat almost every hour they're awake means their kids are overweight.

So long as I'm not the worst, I'm fine. They'll go down before I do, and then, I'll only need to be better than the next worst person. It's the treading water of being a human being. And if you judge me, I'll just deflect, point out that person one worse than me and guilt you into leaving me alone. It's a bad habit.

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