“The fetishization of free speech” is a good one

“The fetishization of free speech” is a good one

Still waiting for someone to tell me what basic rights minority groups lack.

Something along the lines of "the right to not fear for our lives in the streets because of corrupt police"


Okay, but what exactly do you expect anyone to do about an elderly person's racism, aside from condemning it? There are always going to be racist people out there, expecting that to ever change is utterly foolish; the most we can ever do is make such opinions socially unacceptable, and that's already been done. So unless the police are making arrests purely on the basis of skin color (which they aren't), you really don't have much of a case here.

[Sanity Sunday] It's Okay

[Sanity Sunday] It's Okay

Seriously, anyone who was offended by that "It's okay to be White" troll job is nothing but a racist garbage person.

Anybody who got offended took the bait. They took it hard.

It’s 0K to be -273 degrees Celsius.

INB4 "It's OK to be human." becomes racist somehow...

[Sanity Sunday] Being female and doing feminine things isn’t bad.

[Sanity Sunday] Being female and doing feminine things isn’t bad.

That moment when internalized misogyny is used correctly

3rd-wave feminism in a nutshell: "You are free to make any decision we would approve of."

It is a huge pile of insecurity, they are so insecure that they think they'll be seen as less of a human if they do feminine things because some of it fits with the stereotypes.

Girls can be superheroes. Girls can be princesses.

Depends on the girl.

I have no idea what this means.

I have no idea what this means.


I wasn't aware that Neptune (discovered in 1846) was considered important in the ancient "science" of astrology.

Ancient civilizations knew about all ten (yes, ten) planets long before "modern western science," which hasn't even caught up yet in 2017, but the knowledge was suppressed by the Catholic Church.

Think about it, if Neptune was only "discovered" in 1846, how does it have the same name as an ancient Roman god, hmm? HMMMM?

Wake up, sheeple!

So, is a weakened Astrological Neptune, Juno and Venus not something that affects cis women? Are women immune to the effects of Astrological Neptune, Juno and Venus, or are they just guaranteed to have strong Astrological Neptune, Juno and Venus on account of vagina?

Seriously, I want to know how well-developed your pseudo-science is. Please "enlighten" me.

"gender-creative", so you're saying you do choose it?

Had a long talk with a toddler today, he's decided that he's transgendered

Had a long talk with a toddler today, he's decided that he's transgendered

transgender prepubescents are like vegan dogs and cats. Someone has made a decision.. but it's not them.

This is child abuse.

This baby didn't make up it's mind to begin with. That kid probably has five or six words it can fully use, based on how old they look. The entire concept of "Gender" is so far beyond it they might as well have declared they know how to build a plasma engine that will get us to alpha centauri.. it's about as plausible.

My fear is that the person posting this (though, it's a distant repost, and I seem to remember this was some woke babysitter or something), has enough control over the poor thing, to effectively brainwash them and fuck up their entire lives through virtue signaling.

The vegan cat won't be long for this world though. They're obligate carnivores and will become incredibly ill if not allowed to eat meat. They need the taurine (causes your heart to beat) or they'll die.

Like you said, it's not the child/animal making the decision, it's someone who is meant to be caring for them and is just imposing their ideals on them much to the detriment of their physical or mental health.



Replace straight with gay or trans or whatever, and hetero with homo.

They'd be getting triggered as hell

Can we start an "It's OK to be cis and straight" campaign please. This seriously is so annoying. I had so many LGBT friends in art school and NONE of them had this attitude, wtf.

They're triggered regardless

These aren't real people, these are internet people, i think the majority of people that act like this online are complete cowards in real life and never mention their obscure gender identities in real life unless its to school friends.

Don't be Racist to ISIS

Don't be Racist to ISIS
Don't be Racist to ISIS

I can't believe I'm seeing this islamaphobic bullshit on my Daesh


Yeah, it's not like it's a terrorist organization or whatever... This must be a direct assualt on the religion! /s

Incompetent cheeto puff is going to be my new favorite insult.

Can you imagine if this was a white person dressing up as a stereotypical black prejudice?

Can you imagine if this was a white person dressing up as a stereotypical black prejudice?
Can you imagine if this was a white person dressing up as a stereotypical black prejudice?

Because black face is terrible but white face is a-ok.

How do you become so anti-racist that you circle right back round to racist? These people, I swear....

A party at your Moms house doesn't count.



This is why I get so mad when people say "it's safer to just believe the victim no matter what" like this shit isn't as rare as people think. Even if the guy is proven innocent, he was still accused of being a rapist; that's not something you want following you around. I almost don't even blame the kid for killing himself. It's not like people are civil to accused rapists; they're treated like shit, sometimes even after being proved innocent.

Rape cases deserve as fair a trial as any other crime. Yeah, rape sucks. A false rape charge sucks too, and all we need to do to avoid it is not believe accusations without a fair trial and investigation. I'm not defending rape at all, I just hate it when people are blind to the other side of issues.

Dunham admitted in her autobiography to sexually molesting her younger sister multiple times. She played it off like a joke, as if, "we all do that, right?" and when she got called out on it, basically complained the people who were upset were the proverbial "vast right-wing conspiracy."

But she says all sorts of outrageous things and gets a pass. She complained that she must really be ugly because a black athlete didn't want to pounce on her white ass and bang her right there at the dinner table. She said on a podcast once how she regrets having never had an abortion so she can better relate to women who have. In that same autobiography she accused another Oberlin student of having raped her, and gave him a name, which resulted in a guy being outed who in fact had never met her. Etc.

And they call her "the voice of the Millennial generation." Is there any wonder that generation gets nothing but endless hate in the press?

I'm just gonna leave this here.

I totally get you. It's like when it comes to rape people go fucking berserk. I suppose I can understand it, I'm not exactly rational when it comes to alleged pedophiles for example.

But frankly, you're much better off being an alleged murderer than an alleged rapist it seems.

Rickrolling is sexist, racist AND transphobic.

Rickrolling is sexist, racist AND transphobic.

The linked article is satire I think, as all it does is link to an article that is actually just a redirect to get rick rolled. However, this post appears to be 100% serious.

So let me get this straight; a website links to a fake article about the sexism and racism around rickrolling that itself is just a rickroll, and people are agreeing that, yes, rickrolling is sexist and racist without actually knowing why it is?

Oh dear...oh dear oh dear.

You're assuming they even read the article before agreeing with it.

It's also a pretty common joke for someone to make an absurd statement with a link to a rickroll, and everyone who falls for it then says "after reading that, I agree with you" or something similar, to convince others to click the false link.

So with that context, I don't know how much of this is people actually being hivemind idiots, or if they're going along with the standard in-joke.

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