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I know the seasons as Almost road construction, Road construction, Still road construction, and Winter

In the South we don't have winter, so we get road construction year-round.

You mean August, Pre-Halloween, Halloween, Pre-Christmas, and Christmas, right?

Actually August might be 'Pre-Pre-Halloween' judging by some of the stores around here already putting up Halloween stuff.

Nah, in the south we have winter, then still winter but almost spring, then straight to summer leaving you wondering where the hell spring went, then it stays really hot until suddenly it's really cold.

I have so many questions about this apartment

I have so many questions about this apartment
I have so many questions about this apartment

Pretty sure the thing in the kitchen is a wine rack. Aside from the fact that there are no windows, I would live there.

And the "storage closet bathroom" is a regular bathroom with some metal shelves in it. Remove the shelves and you have a normal bathroom.

650 a month for all that space AND it's a basement?! Sign me up I could grow so much fucking pot in there!

I love seeing tumblr's take on writing prompts

I love seeing tumblr's take on writing prompts

But for real. I would watch the crap outta that show.

I'm imagining gluttony being someone's italian grandma and not letting them leave unless they eat

Starring Tatiana Maslany as all seven demons.

I'd like to see the sins, even wrath slowly morph into positive representations of themselves. Like, Envy starts encouraging the guy to work harder and take initiative because he wants something the neighbour has or Wrath encourages him to step in when the racist neighbour starts causing problems for the neighbour children, not in a violent way, but an assertive way.

And the more we see the demons turn to positive representations of the sins, we see the guy take on the positive aspects of them more and more.

Can someone read this?

Can someone read this?

Serious question: did any of you guys actually grow up in places where cursive was not taught in school? I'm curious.

Edit: Lotsa karma. Thanks, guys.

It was taught halfheartedly at my school and never enforced. You were basically taught once and never had to use it if you didn't want to.

bitch me neither thats why i asked

i cant read cursive handwriting

Leslie Knope would be proud

Leslie Knope would be proud

The way she's holding his arm makes it look like he's being arrested or taken care of or something

Jerry is in the suit

The mascot probably doesn't see a thing through the mask

Didn't the guy in the goat costume get busted for dealing heroin?

Movie Idea

Movie Idea

I'd watch it

Bob Odenkirk playing Stephen Colbert playing Bob Odenkirk

Somewhat relevant:

Someone send this to Netflix, stat.


Vin Diesel actually really is a secret nerd and loves playing Dungeons and Dragons. He liked to be the Dungeon Master, and he's based his movie characters on his D&D characters. He even wrote the intro to the Dungeons and Dragons 30 year retrospective book, and like named some of his D&D characters after Tolkien Silmarillion characters.

He's a nerd and it's great.

Him playing D&D on a show recently: About his movie character based on D&D: https://www.kotaku.com.au/2015/10/vin-diesels-next-film-is-based-on-his-dungeons-dragons-character/

Terry Crews meanwhile is probably less of a secret nerd, but he did build his own VR PC with his son and seems like a great dad.

E: just kidding he's a nerd too that's great. Terry Crews is cute af~

The dentist

The dentist

Dentist's kids often have the ability to pursue whatever their passions are if their parents support them. I was recently on holiday in Ireland, and met a 21 year old girl who was traveling Europe by herself. She was 3 months into her trip, and I asked her how she could afford to do that. She sheepishly told me both of her parents were dentists and helping her out.

NO. If you make a lot of money you must deprive your children of what you dreamed of doing when you were their age. It builds character, and we don't want Internet strangers to be mad at you and your kid.


Nothing wrong with that. I'd love to be able to do that for my kid

getting shower fucked by politics

getting shower fucked by politics

Poli Sci students are weird

go and try to have sex

See I'm hitting a bit of a road block here

It's both kinda hot and hilarious trying to have an in-depth conversation about anything while having sex. Seriously anyone in a relationship right now, go and try to have sex while talking about something engaging. You'll either both find it hilarious or get really turned on. "Lee Harvey -oh god- Oswald was a lone Gunman -fuck- and the assassination was purely by -mmpf- his own individual ambitions" "Listen -ahh- Kennedy was shot -oh fuck- twice and the angles suggest -ooh- multiple conspirators possibly working with the fbi"

Getting hot and heavy.

Free Food

Free Food

this is the trick fraternities use to get you to rush. Hell, it worked on me.

"Hey you coming to Rush night tomorrow for Xxxxa Xxxxa Xxxxa?"


"It's pizza night. Free Pizza"

".......oh........well then...."

Substitute "open bar" for "free pizza" and I'm in.

Eat your hamburgers apollo



Loud in bed for a reason

Loud in bed for a reason

Ive got pretty bad eyesight but i can still see my wifes cunt when im chowing box.

i have shit vision and i take mine off because i don't want to hassle with them. i just hope for the best.

Anyone have an actual answer tho I actually wanna know

Most people see well enough for sex.

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