The Disney sequels weren't ALL bad

The Disney sequels weren't ALL bad

Okay the proportions in that last gif are absolutely fucking with my brain. I understand she was leaning over but Ariel's standing up now right? Why is she so short compared to her like 12 y/o daughter now??? What's happening here?

She spent the first sixteen years of her life constantly moisturizing.

Tritan done give her some short ass legs, that's what's happening.

Why does ariel look the same age as her daughter?

Crime wave

Crime wave

But sometimes there is absolute genius at work.

When I worked at the civil service (this was about 20 years ago) we all went out for lunch at a local pub. There were about eight of us a sat at a table near the window, and then one guy - Chris - pointed out of the window and said "That woman has been trying to fix her car for about ten minutes. Should we help her?"

We all looked out the window, and saw this woman - I'd say she was about fifty five, sixty ish - rooting around under the bonnet of her car. She carried on, and we continued to watch her. Then - just as Chris and Toby decided to go out and help her - another man, about the same age, came along. He was carrying two shopping bags and a large box.

The woman slammed the bonnet down, kissed the man and they both got in the car and drove off, revealing the double yellow lines that the car had been stopped on.

Which was the point we all realised that the car was not broken down, there was nothing wrong with the engine and the woman did not need our help.

She was just finding a way to park on double yellow lines without getting arrested.

Genius. Evil, sneaky genius, but genius none the less.

I really was hoping this was going to end with her hotwiring the car and stealing it..

And the dude's shopping bags full of money from a store robbery.

It's like how they suggest pretending to be autistic when shoplifting.

Also available: Summer Day and WOLF BEAR DEATH HAMMER

Also available: Summer Day and WOLF BEAR DEATH HAMMER

And all the men's body wash/shampoo smells the same. Maybe I want to smell like oranges for once come on.

i have some wonderful news for you regarding which shampoos it's legal for you to buy

But you've got to admit, those are some pretty badass names. They're useless as descriptions of the scent, but they sound so cool

I don't know where you're from, but in the US Coke Zero and Diet Coke taste very different. When Diet Coke was first made it was formulated to taste more like Pepsi (which was more popular at the time), whereas Coke Zero tastes more like regular Coke

Time to break your heart, Harry Potter style. Part 1.

Time to break your heart, Harry Potter style. Part 1.

If this is Part 1, I don't know if I can survive Part 2...Fred didn't.

Who gave Satan reddit

Not me! Wait...

Fred died in Part 1 though.

Now I am curious about the "Also cute and fluffy" scene!!

Now I am curious about the "Also cute and fluffy" scene!!

Deranged Neighing

"Young Frankenstein" (pronounced Frankensteen)

Every time they mention Frau Blücher by name, a horse neighs in the background. Hilarious movie.

Not many things make me audibly laugh. This made me audibly laugh.

I'm curious. Where is there deranged neighing in Frankenstein?

This explains so much about the fashion industry

This explains so much about the fashion industry

Well he is Yeezus


I thought Yeezus came to save.

Al-Afasy never said this though

Upsetting practice

Upsetting practice


The vegetarian Aztecs were hard af

No blood beating in that heart though. This is just inane.

Although, eating an animal's heart is really not any more unethical than eating any other part of the animal.

Pretty much, yeah

Pretty much, yeah

How I imagine homosexual marriage to be like.

brad: hey bro, whats for dinner

justin: vegetable soup


justin: what

brad: its just that I had a really long day at work and I was hoping for a little more than....vegetable soup

justin: im fucking your brother.

It's vegetable soup, Brad.

What is this even.

Wow so brad is getting cheated on in both of his marriages? I wonder if it's the same brother.

This is one of my favorite tumblr posts.

This is one of my favorite tumblr posts.

See this post? 'Tis humorous, most.

See this toast? it's buttered toast

I'd get violently scalped if I tried that with my cat.

My evening weeear, a vampire bat

A desire for basic decency?? Not on my watch!

A desire for basic decency?? Not on my watch!

people who accuse others of 'virtue signalling' in a nutshell

"Hey look at this guy appearing to have some basic human decency. Obviously everybody is just as horrible as me so he must just be pretending."

I had to swear off the subs like /sub/roomporn and /sub/designporn because as soon as there's a photo with giant windows or an unusual staircase or an indoor water feature, 300 people would show up to tell you why whoever designed it should be shot. You're getting angry at steps, guys. Dial it back.

Yeah I can't avoid them anywhere. Someone literally has to shit on you for saying anything. If I said I eat berries someone would tell me to fall into a volcano

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