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The Pedants are Revolting

The Pedants are Revolting

A+ title OP

Boy, revolting is right!

Stannis Baratheon found himself a new army I see...

Fixed it so it reads a little better.

Should've thought this through

Should've thought this through

I love this sub lol.

Wait, why does she look so similiar to him ?!

Alot of royalty was inbred

They're white people from hundreds of years ago, they all look the same.

Nailed it

Nailed it


She's getting the side-eye from Jesus. I love it.

You laugh at him now, but everyone will be buying them up after the crucifixion once they see how much they charge for "authentic" merch

"Oh, really! I'm about to die for your sins and your first instinct is to go and print a bunch of T-shirts?! How did you even do that in such a short amount of time, let alone at all!? I'm not even sure we have printing technology yet!"

Happens way too often

Happens way too often

Oh, I’ve got this! The man with the dragon eating its tail is Uranus, the sky in Ancient Greek mythology. He used to be in permanent contact with Gaia, the earth. Uranus and Gaia would mate, but the children would be trapped deep within Gaia, causing her pain. One of their children, Cronus, used a scythe to castrate Uranus so the children could escape. He threw the severed genitals into the sea, and the mixture gave birth to Aphrodite (Venus in Rome), and the beautiful lady in the water in the picture. The sky and Earth were separated by this, and things could walk on the Earth.

Aphrodite is not just the goddess of love, but also the goddess of beginnings and creation.

The dragon eating it’s own tail is the Ouroboros,1 we usually use a snake eating it’s own tail now. Symbol of infinity, it used to be a symbol of sky or the home of the gods before Olympus.

The scythe should be with Cronus instead of Uranus. The era when Cronus was king of the gods was a fabled golden era, and Cronus was the god of harvest, food and bounty. However there was a prophesy one of Cronus’ children would kill him, so Cronus would eat his own kids. So the eaten baby depicted here should strictly be be with Cronus. Later Zeus/Jupiter killed Cronus and deposed him to be king of the gods. All the previously eaten children were retrieved from Cronus’ stomach. (Being gods, they were tough)

As an aside, there was the god of linear time, Cronos,2 not to be confused with Cronus. Although they both carried scythes. Since time brings old age and death, Cronos comes down to us as the Grim Reaper.

Edit, correction thanks to Trippycow31: the tail-swallowing dragon/snake in Greek mythology is spelled Ouranos, which is another spelling of Uranus. Uranus is not really anthropomorphised by the ancient Greeks, except as have genitals to cut off.

Edit thanks to guebja and TydeQuake:

As an aside, there was the god of linear time, Cronos Chronos (Χρόνος), not to be confused with Cronus/Kronos (Κρόνος).


Man I want some of what they're having

Raw babies?

That's a pretty modest proposal.

It did get a little crazy last night

It did get a little crazy last night

Man I didn't know I was participating in a proud tradition, neat.

Apparently Wednesday is one of the biggest bar nights in the country... Its wonderful.

Glad to know I wasn’t the only one. My hangover started at 5am

Everyone has family in town and the next day off.

Similar to how Christmas day is one of the biggest movie days of the year: Everyone has family in town and an afternoon before dinner to kill.

The circumstances are perfect.

So chill

So chill

But you really become unbothered by anything though, you just don't care anymore but in not a good way

"so this girl I want you to meet, one of her eyes is like, oddly larger than the other."

"Well how would you describe her?"


Dead to reality

Oh there goes gravity

Wasn't even gone a millennia

Wasn't even gone a millennia

“Any of you care to explain what happened here?Anybody?!”


"Obama did it!"

Thanks, Obama!

I can't be the only one.

I can't be the only one.

When your sibling is getting told off and you try making them laugh by pressing your face up against the window.

I've got a raging clue

Made me actually Lol...this suits the pic really well.

Same here. Only, I look at the picture and when I notice everyone else looks as they normally do, does the sobering reality start to sink in for me.

Look behind but don't make it obvious...

Look behind but don't make it obvious...

Jack be limbo

Jack be quick

Jack go unda limbo stick

Same way /sub/oldschoolcool gets on /sub/all fast: girls in suggestive poses in images dated well before most redditors were born

How the fuck did this get on /all so fast

Jill be limbo

Jill be quick

Jill bend over and take this dick

Self-deprecation is key

Self-deprecation is key

Quick story: My friend Dallas (Fake name) has a pretty morbid sense of humor whenever he's hanging out with the guys. Apparently that sense of humor is leaking into his everyday life. Well, he's at work trying to tidy up his department before he clocks out, and the overnight manager, Dick, goes "Yo Dallas, I'm gonna need you to stop trying to look busy, and actually get the two return carts from up front. You can at least do that much, right?" Without as much as a pause, Dallas responds with "Or, I could have killed my self in high school, and saved all of us a little trouble." The look on Dicks face!

Haha, Dallas sounds like a funny


It's like when you stop pretending for a moment and show your real self to someone with the hope that they'll accept you and be your friend, but they either recoil or reject you.

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