This one goes out to anyone struggling with depression.

This one goes out to anyone struggling with depression.

I'm currently struggling with depression and know how hard it is sometimes. This frient is always here!

Same goes to you my dude. I may not know you or ever met you but I care about you and want the best for you.

Thanks boss

Shit Ghost creates the perfect music and visuals to watch whilst stoned. Absolutely hypnotic.

Shit Ghost creates the perfect music and visuals to watch whilst stoned. Absolutely hypnotic.

[0} Are we sharing dope visuals? Let me tell you about a legend by the name of Ryan Geiss. No, wait,... dont let me. Instead download winamp for PC, and turn on the Milkdrop visualizer plugin (its included). If it gets boring hit the spacebar. I think it performs exceptionally well when listening to Ween, probably because Geiss was a big fan of the band and perhaps fine tuned his software with their stoner rhythms.

Milkdrop. Winamp. Oooohhhhhmmmmm.


Those colors make my mind melt [6]

Wait, I can smoke again? How LSD screwed me over for almost 20 years.

Wait, I can smoke again? How LSD screwed me over for almost 20 years.

My story:

Used to be a daily Ent back in the late 90's shortly after high school. I loved pot and so did my circle of friends - it was a hazy few years filled with house parties, drum & bass music, chill times with Sublime and just enjoying life. And while I would not classify it as a "gateway drug", it was certainly my first before I started experimenting with others.

A few friends of mine started getting into harder stuff - I think the change was brought on by a drought in tree supply and an over abundance of coke, meth, shrooms and LSD. It was during one of these droughts that a few friends convinced me to trip with them, and damnit if we didn't have a great time doing it. We each had a single blotter, cruised out to the mountains and just had a wonderful time out in nature that night. Every preconceived notion and urban legend centered around LSD kind of just melted away. Well.... that was until my 3rd trip.

It was a Saturday night back in the Summer of '98 and we were having a party in a little apartment that was shared by a few buddies of mine. Everyone else was drinking or smoking and I decided that was a good environment for me to trip - by myself. Shortly after it kicked in the party was over, people left, and it was just me and my friend Mike. My trip was going fine, we were playing N2O on the Playstation and just chilling out. Mike took out our Purple Nurple bong and we each took a hit off that monster and that's when everything changed for me.

I was immediately hit in the face by a sudden rush of anxiety. It was overwhelming. My heart rate and breathing got rapid and I couldn't sit still. The worst of it though was my mind, I just couldn't stop repeating things in my head. My inner voice just kept going and going - anything that was said aloud I repeated in my head countless times until something else was said. I was starting to have a panic attack.

Mike, being the bro he was (and still is to this day), knew what was happening. I was having a bad trip. He told me to get in the car and he did his damnedest for the next two hours just driving me around, telling me things were ok, that the trip would be over soon... hell, we even went to Circle K and when we got back in the car he made up some story about how the clerk was telling him that he had a friend who had a bad trip and everything was fine. Well he was right, a couple hours later I laid down on the floor and just slept everything off. I woke up the next day completely fine except for the memory of what felt like a living hell (no hallucinations, just mental).

Unfortunately I soon discovered that every time I tried to smoke weed after that incident, it immediately put me right back there. Something inside me was triggered by weed and it wasn't just in my head. I would begin to have panic attacks with all the physical side effects that come with it. My days of smoking were over. I would try again 6 months later, then 2 years later, 5 years later. Hell, it was so bad that just recounting this story to people would trigger that anxiety, I could literally force myself to start "tripping" again just by recalling the memory of it.

But!!! Last weekend I said "Fuck it". The kids were gone for the night and we wanted to do something fun together (wife is not a drinker). So we called up some people, borrowed a pipe, and got a couple bowls. And it was fantastic. No panicking, no anxiety, no fear. We just chilled out, had some laughs, watched Pineapple Express and devoured some leftover pizza together. I'm back!

tldr; Weed would trigger a bad LSD trip for me for a very long time. I've overcome it finally by realizing that it was actually panic attacks I brought upon myself due to fear and anxiety. Took basically a 19 year hiatus to overcome that. If you actually read the entire thing, thank you - getting this down in writing was cathartic.

Damn this is why I can't bring myself to try psychedelics. Thanks for the perspective

The issue is usually mixing psychedelics with weed. There are a lot of people who get crazy anxiety if they smoke while they're tripping, and then it can bring flashbacks when they smoke normally (because it is remembered as traumatic). My brother stopped smoking weed for the same reason, although I haven't had any issues with mixing them myself.

Obviously though, everyone experiences things differently.

Psychedelics are definitely not something to be taken lightly, but there can be a lot of good things that come from them as well.

Mike holding it down as always

I've heard that weed can cause anxiety when mixed with LSD, I haven't had that problem myself or the few friends I have who've done them both as well. Maybe it has to do with the type of weed? (I usually only smoke indicas or hybrids).

Everyone definitely has different experiences and you should do a lot of research before jumping into psychedelics, but I would also say don't let that scare you away. Personally, psychedelics helped me find myself during a very tumultuous upending of my life. Of course bad trips can happen but there's a lot you can do to prevent them and help get you through them if they happen. For me, I always make sure someone was with me, either tripping or not (now I feel comfortable tripping by myself but starting out I had a buddy), also kept some klonopin around or xanax in case things went south (will konk you out if you need out of your trip), have a good indica handy (for me it helps my body relax when it gets tight from the drugs), and before I trip I make a list of things to do, songs to listen to, movies to watch that way if I get in a bad spiral, I can look at my list and just do the next thing to distract myself until I forget what I was wigging out about. Starting small with your doses, not smoking weed with pyschs until you're a little seasoned on trips, and doing your research first will all go on a long way in helping you have a great experience with psychedelics. And again everyone is different so don't feel bad if psychs aren't for you!

Ents, I present to you an albino cannabis plant

Ents, I present to you an albino cannabis plant


I'm indiana jones'n 4 that crystal bud.

Clone it. Cut back on light a bit. How the hell is it converting chlorophyll? Are all its nutrients coming from soil, water, root medium?

Dammit I want to try it. Clone the fuck out of it. I'm betting some folks in Holland might pay big for clones.

That's gotta be rare

I keep my ground trees in a Coca Cola bottle that hasn't been shaped yet.

I keep my ground trees in a Coca Cola bottle that hasn't been shaped yet.

In like, 5th grade my class toured a Coca Cola factory and we all got these little bottles that hadn't been made into bottles yet. Basically they all start out at these plastic tubes with the regular bottle cap top, so literally any bottle cap will screw on and it's still airtight. I kept it forever and always knew I'd find some use for it...

I'm easily sitting at an 8 right now, and your story almost made me tear up thinking about babby datboijesus420 getting this cool trinket in 5th grade and finally putting it to use years later after everyone else probably lost or threw away theirs many moons ago.

hahaha yeah man just slept with it under my pillow waiting for the day

Interesting. They sell these at the vape shop I use, as travel tubes for Arizer stems. They work great.

Never knew they were unformed pop bottles.

When you're dankrupt

When you're dankrupt

I swear to Christ that's gonna be me in a few minutes. I've been dankrupt since last Tuesday. However, I did get to smoke with a friend yesterday so there's that I guess. P.S. You should be able to make a tea if you have any more stems.

Especially when you get a .4 stem in a 2g bag.

Wow wtf that's messed up

Prepare for a huge headache

Balling on a budget takes its toll. Especially when you get a .4 stem in a 2g bag. Made every bit count until I got down to this

Here's to a great fellow ent, thanks for the bowl you gave me a couple days ago. wish i would've known it was a sign of your pain. Smoke in Peace buddy

Here's to a great fellow ent, thanks for the bowl you gave me a couple days ago. wish i would've known it was a sign of your pain. Smoke in Peace buddy

my condolences.

damn that's rough man

This blunt is for both of you friend, my condolences.

I'm so sorry for your loss, I can't imagine how hard that is.

3 gram AVB Pizza (will update in comments)

3 gram AVB Pizza (will update in comments)

LOLOLO brooo plz don't do it

toooooo late bro 😎

I'm eating this as I type.

It's honestly not that bad, but it has a very weedy taste. I decided to make one really big edible because I recently got a vaporizer and now have AVB.

e1: 6:50PM pizza is down the hatch, it was very herby but it just tasted like herb and pizza

e2: 7:35PM it started creeping up a little bit ago, and now it just feels like a week edible. And it's only been almost an hour. Edibles normally take about two hours to kick in for me. This should be interesting... I'm now watching a movie to pass time

Hi I'm back and I'm high. Just woke up from a movie

Oh no my Nutella is almost gone

When you're the friend that doesn't drink

When you're the friend that doesn't drink

What's with these half full shots!

5 more minutes of this and I'm gonna get mad!

Better be Everclear or something.

Looks like your friends don't drink either.

My indefinite t-break

My indefinite t-break

Hey ents, my wife and I are expecting our first kid in November, so I'm putting away the herb for a while. Can't take the risk of being high if we need to rush to the hospital or something unexpected happens. Don't really know why I'm posting this but y'all are an amazingly positive community to be a part of and I guess I just wanted to share my news. I'll be living vicariously through you so keep posting your hilarious shit and burn one for me. ✌🏼much love

Congrats on the sex

Congrats and enjoy the ride with the new person entering your life. Always good to see respect! Cheers frient!

Lol thanks. I did it!!

Imagine giving birth while high

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