What you get for $200 in Africa

What you get for $200 in Africa

Damn don't you think $200 dollars is a bit much for a 32 gig camera chip?

Its....super average

I would imagine its the same quality as the commercial stuff you would get from Mexico

A sativa strain, swazi, or swazi gold

Seeing this pile brings back a memory

I worked for a day or two at a tree farm in Jamaica.

The job consisted of separating bud from leaf and twig, so that we ended up with a tarpaulin piled high with buds.

I did this for free, as it was a great experience - but at the end of the day Delly (the huge dread who owned the land) grabbed several handfuls of bud, stuffed it into a carrier bag and handed it to me.

Everyone who worked that day got the same (I think there were four of us).

Also, a nice bonus was that our hands were black and sticky with resin. I scrapped this off and tried it that night at a local bar.

Now I'd been in Jamaica about four months at this point and my tolerance was so high it was a joke. After two puffs of this resin I had to go outside and lie on the ground for an hour.

Guys were walking passed me saying "you alright there whitey?" and laughing (don't blame them).

Despite only living less than 100 feet away, it took me an hour and a half to get home.

No idea why I have shared this today, but it's nice to relive the memory

Not bad. How's the high?

These guys are posted up like they just busted El Chapo. In reality they just got a 16 year old mall ninja who plays too much COD.

These guys are posted up like they just busted El Chapo. In reality they just got a 16 year old mall ninja who plays too much COD.

The Monster is the most dangerous thing on the table

So uh, he was packing two machetes?

I get that the police have to enforce the law but posing like this is just stupid.

Carrying machetes in public seems like a really bad idea when you're doing something illegal. Idk that's just me.

Happy 4/20 guys!

Happy 4/20 guys!

I was a slowpoke myself in getting the joke lol [5]

No, I found it on the internet.. sorry

Lol I didn't get it till I read this comment [6]

Saul Goodman


Weed legalization in Canada

Weed legalization in Canada

Possession of up to an ounce will be allowed. Strong penalties on selling to minors and DUIs. Can only market products with plain packaging. Age limit is 18, but can be raised by provinces.

Possession up to an ounce IN PUBLIC. No specifics on possession limits in private real property.

Canadian here, only time I weigh in ounces is weed.

That's just... amazing.

My girl found these on the ground sealed

My girl found these on the ground sealed

I found a bag of weed on the side of the road one time but it was so shitty like the person probably threw it out the window in complete disgust

I lost a bag of weed 2 days ago :( it fell out of my pocket from my car to my destination while I was biking. I noticed it was gone half way back and turned around but it was never seen again. I hope whoever got it enjoys it because it's straight fire

Edit: this is my most upvoted comment! Almost makes it worth loosing the weed.

Edit2: no not really ... I'd rather be high ...

Had that happen recently as well. My daughter and I were walking and came across 2 sealed doob tubes, one had an MK Ultra and the other was Gorilla Glue #4.

The Great Ent Census of 2017

The Great Ent Census of 2017

Hey Ents,

I'm enrolled in a data science class and got assigned a project to visualize a survey. I thought about running around asking strangers survey questions, but being a bit of an introvert, that sounds like torture.

Then I realized it's been a while since we had an Ent Census, so I present to you: The Great Ent Census of 2017!

-> Survey Link <-

It would be a huge help if you would respond to the survey which I built (it's set to anonymize responses and not record any personal data). In return you'll get some sweet, sweet charts and graphs in about a week.

Thank you!


I'm at a [0] so the first question threw me off like: "Shit bruh, do I need to be high to take this?"

"brb, getting ready for a survey"


thanks man :D

This drug should be legal for anyone everywhere

This drug should be legal for anyone everywhere

I suffer from tinnitus, which is a ringing of the ears. Last night I smoked and sat on my porch and for the first time in a while I could just sit there and enjoy silence. I'm not sure if my T actually left. I was listening for it but couldn't find it and I just sat there no anxiety, no worrying, nothing. I sat there and listening to the wind rustle the trees on a nice cold night.

EDIT; never thought I'd get this far up on this Reddit but remember guys protect you hearing please!!! And if anyone is wondering I'm almost positive it was some type of sativa strain.

I don't support legalization for everyone, but I do support it for those 21 and over, and for those under 21 with a serious medical condition.


edit: Pragmatism. Probably can't pass a US legalization initiative for 18+, but probably can pass a 21+ initiative. US drinking age is 21+, and most people wouldn't vote for a younger legal age for weed than we have for booze.

I suffer from it too. I find my tinnitus slows down when I smoke, if that makes sense? Like it sounds like a repetitive beep or tone, if you will. The more I smoke, the more it seems to slow down. Do you find anything similar? Also curious if other readers do.

That sounds like what everyone is going for.

It should really be 18 (so should alcohol) but I'll take 21 in a heartbeat

My reaction when my mom walks in and asks me If I'm high

My reaction when my mom walks in and asks me If I'm high

I want to know what the gorilla was looking at. He looks so mildly disturbed. Like his daughter just walked into his brush with her orangutan boyfriend.

This just made my day lmao

That's because half of Reddit is in high school or college.

Sometimes I feel like everyone in this subreddit is in high school or college.

Repost from r/IASIP

Repost from r/IASIP

When someone goes to /sub/marijuanaenthusiasts by mistake.

We should take Arbor Day and give 4/20 to /sub/marijuanaenthusiasts

Wildcard! 🃏

When you subscribe to both subs.

<------- Number of BOWLS smoked on 4/20/17. Only upvote if you smoked a BOWL today.

<------- Number of BOWLS smoked on 4/20/17. Only upvote if you smoked a BOWL today.

maybe some people don't like rolling

1 upvote but I smoked a bunch of bowls

Does vaping a bowl count?

(lol of course it does)


my bong has a bowl


I'll up vote for you ent

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