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Woman's feet sticking through the gaps of my seat on my flight. [OC]

Woman's feet sticking through the gaps of my seat on my flight. [OC]

I'm as shy and non-confrontational as they come but there is no fucking way I let that shit fly.

I will absolutely ask that woman to move her feet and continue to think about it constantly for the next 10 hours.

Edit: It has been ten hours since I posted this and it is now my most upvoted comment. I have thought about this constantly, for the past ten hours.

To everyone who suggested licking, tickling or nudging. You are incorrect.

The correct response to this situation comes from /u/Criticalmak

There really is only one solution to this though. Turn 180, sit and put your entire legs through on top of hers.

I would have torn a page out of the inflight magazine and paper cut her right between the toes.

Edit: I have finally done it, a gold worthy comment! Don't tell my children but THIS is the greatest day of my life.

I hope you sneezed on them constantly.

I'm sorry but I would have said something. Usually im passive but I would like to know why she would think this is acceptable 👺👺👺👺👺👺

Spotted in a local gas station parking lot today...

Spotted in a local gas station parking lot today...

Is that suppose to be like a dare or something?

Why would they steal again? They already have your rims and tires.

I do like a challenge...

I think the person took off the wheels and rims. Saying to the crackheads to try to steal it again without the ability to drive it.

The judge at a child beauty pageant

The judge at a child beauty pageant

Did the nail polish really have to be the same color as the skin? -.-

As if those contests aren't creepy enough...

They're already basically all-you-can-eat buffets for pedophiles. Now they're being staffed by fricking covert babadooks. Those poor girls are fifty flavors of fucked.

It makes it look like she has weird tenticles on her fingers.

Not sure if this is trashy or FABULOUS!

Not sure if this is trashy or FABULOUS!

It's all very "Absolutely Fabulous".

This is exactly the kind of person I want to travel with.

Lol i traveled with this type of person. It's funny till they do something to get you all in trouble and miss your flight.

Well TSA can eat a dick. burp

u can do it, kids.

u can do it, kids.

She wasn't trying hard enough to apply herself. No in-school arson, nary an assault and battery. She doesn't even look pregnant yet. I expect far more from her in the near future!

She isn't even wrong "No Child Left Behind" pretty much just made standards a joke.

i mean, i got suspended twice and skipped quite a few classes

but i still graduated high-school no problems.

it's not about how much you slack, it's about how fast and well you can get work done so you CAN slack.

That is the most bum-fuck poverty-stricken graduation ceremony I've seen since my own.



Tinder is so fucking weird these days. One pic of a sunset or a dog. Lots of hot pics and "Not looking for a date, or hookup just friends!" "I'm never on here and don't read my messages"....and, well, this.

I thought " haha, that's smart" but then I've read the part with his cousin

I wonder if his cousin knows he's whoring her out...

Probably ain't his cousin

Wow. Just wow.

Wow. Just wow.

That's one loyal/deluded girlfriend.

She'll probably be his next victim in 2019.

Call me crazy, but I'm thinking that maybe he did rape them girls.


That chin though.

Behold the Genetically Superior master race..

Behold the Genetically Superior master race..

Dude on the left has put a lot of work into his middle finger technique.

They look like the infected from left 4 dead

I feel stinky just looking at this picture

Amongst them, I'm sure there's an entire collection of teeth.

Nazis in modern day America, Charlottesville VA

Nazis in modern day America, Charlottesville VA

Does anyone else find it ridiculous that they are carrying Tiki Torches?

There was probably a sale on at Walmart.

They go on and on about what it is to be American, but.. Do they realise Americans hunted and killed Nazi's.?

Man, I use tiki torches in my backyard for mosquito's and I need to replace some of them. I sure as shit can't roll down to Home Depot now and buy a stack of 'em. Thanks dicks.



This is what makes talking about the current political climate so difficult.

On one hand, it's always hyperbolic to just call someone a nazi to belittle their argument.

On the other hand... those are literal fucking nazis in my country.

Edit: For those who haven't read the articles, "literally fucking nazis" means that there's quite literally neo nazis waving nazi flags and heiling hitler interspersed and aiding this rally.

Please, please understand that these are NOT Charlottesville residents. They are just dirtbags that drove here to be assholes today.

The fact that you can't call actual Nazis "Nazis" without getting crap likely hints at where the problem actually lies.

What worries me is that the world thinks that this is what Charlottesville is about. This is a beautiful little mountain town that wants to get rid of their Confederate monument. They want to distance themselves. I'm sure Charlottesville has small cells of these fascists, but most of them are from elsewhere. These fuckers traveled here to bully this town

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