After all he’s a marine...

After all he’s a marine...

This can't be real

Call cps

Seriously OP, if you know who this person is, call so her daughter can get help.

Forgave him for... What the fuck?!

Guess I missed the party - seen at a hiking trail head

Guess I missed the party - seen at a hiking trail head

I should have taken a look. If this post gets 1000 upvotes I'll drive back and see if it's still there.

We need to examine the receipt a little closer. ENHANCE

Honestly, I feel like this was just blatantly left there on purpose just for laughs or OP dumped that shit there for the karma. Everything just looks too clean.

One hell of a party by the looks of it.

When a party ends with, "leave your underwear but bring the double dong". It's a legendary party.

Friend of a friend's wedding. The border makes the photo.

Friend of a friend's wedding. The border makes the photo.

Girl on the end is about to shoot someone.

0 trigger discipline on her, everyone else good tho.

What border?

Like, I'm cool with gun ownership to a degree, but these kinds of people just baffle me. I really want to know the psychology behind this kind of gun obsession. It genuinely creeps me out.

who’s the daddy?

who’s the daddy?

Dude from Freaks and Geeks on the bottom, duh!

I'd say neither but it's hard to believe 3 guys would have slept with her

Totally. Same big eyes and everything.

That kid's gonna have a hell of a life.

The white couple walking down the shoulder of the highway starter pack

The white couple walking down the shoulder of the highway starter pack

He’s too skinny and she’s too fat.

It needs some 211s, or Four Lokos or a couple of forty's poking out of the top of the signature liquor store black plastic bag. I'd also change the cigarettes to something less respectable like Clippers or Black and Milds.

Don't forget the stroller and two kids tagging along while you wonder where the fuck child services are.

I'm always so curious what's in the bag,

Oh dear god

I kinda feel bad cause they are exercising. We make fun of fat people cause they're fat and then make fun of them when they try to not be fat ... I'm the biggest shitlord there is and I don't like to make fun of people trying ...

One might argue that ripping on overweight people exercising is kinda trashy..

yeah, it's hard to judge this without context but if they're trying to lose weight by having an awesome dance party then kudos to them.

Dropping the baby off at Dads

Dropping the baby off at Dads

That ain’t right

This is from Indian Trail, NC. There was no baby in the carrier! It went viral in Charlotte, but there was another post where it showed that it was empty.

Its a shitty reference to the movie Baby Driver

What. The. Fuck.

"I live to eat ass"

"I live to eat ass"

You are what you eat.

I have so many questions about the eyebrow situation here.


Blue is my little sister, she knew it.

Pregnancy scam.

Pregnancy scam.

I'm not sure where to begin with this one, but wouldn't you first check about missing your period before running off to buy a crib? And sending pics of your butt and vergina to strangers on the internet?

Seems to me the unborn child dodged a serious bullet here.

I need to start a business now, I will test how poor or rich you are online. All you have to do is send me a sum of money and I will test it for Financial Integrity

Bonus mug with pics of Vergina and butthole

I had an ex get scammed like this. She was an actress. Dude told her he was doing an art piece on the female orgasm, and that she could be apart of it, but to do so, he needed vids of her rubbing one out.

She never got a call back, and thought it was because she blew the audition.

I repeated everything she said back to her, and it slowly dawned on her.

People are dumb.

Place your bids now!

Place your bids now!

$800!!! Haha


i always wanted to use CR bags for something, but could never imagine a respectable way to do so

should prob just give up & use it as a pipe sack

but then i'd have to learn how to read

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