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This tweet checks off a lot of boxes for this sub

This tweet checks off a lot of boxes for this sub

I know nothing about the prison currency exchange rate but it seems like her boyfriend got a raw deal here judging by the amount of tattoos that come out of jail and the probable lack of coke in jail.

Wow. Never thought about that but you're probably right. Seems like he got the short end of the stick.

Quality Trash.

Sounds like he got the sharp end of the stick to me

Come at me B*tCH!

What did she think she was doing jogging forward with that fetal alcohol grin? There has to be an extended version of this with sound somewhere.

This!! is!!!! Florida!!!!!!!!

The blonde skinnier girl definitely did not fully assess the physics of the situation. Maybe she thought for a split second, "Well... if I get all amped up and charge at her, I can take her down", not fully comprehending the way that everything works.

It's like she thought throwing an egg at a brick wall fast enough would cause the egg to knock a brick out of the wall.

Edit: Okay guys I get it, you can build a supersonic launcher that would move the brick. By "throwing" I meant thrown with a human hand.

The girl who gets kneed honestly looks so happy running at the other girl

(X-repost r/funny) Oops

(X-repost r/funny) Oops

The problem with being colossally stupid is that most colossally stupid people don't realize they are colossally stupid.

Her best option at this point is to convert to Judaism

The good thing is that the line work isn't very heavy, so she could get a decent cover-up by a professional tattoo artist.

No worries on my end. I'm actually very stupid and I know it. In fact I wish I was a bit dumber so then I'd be unaware of how dumb I am and could live in blissful trashy ignorance. Sadly I just have to live my live in mediocrity or huff enough glue until it all makes sense.


Ah, young love

Ah, young love

This is why I come to /sub/trashy.

Agreed. This is clearly the pinnacle of what this subreddit can achieve.

Edit: I'm 90% sure the only reason she hasn't shaved all her hair off is because:

1) She might nick one of her herpes sores (which would no doubt become hopelessly infected)

2) She needs the crab-filled bush to hide said sores from her "gentleman callers"

You had me at "cum drizzled retarded king Kong".

The tales of the virgin male prostitute

Nobody should notice

Nobody should notice

Is that Sean Penn?

Is that a flip phone?

Jitterbug!! 🎢🎡

Face timing the gyno

Some Civil Forfeiture.

Some Civil Forfeiture.

My door was knocked down four years ago. They had the wrong apartment, and refused to pay for a new door. Turns out, as long as they are operating under information they assume to be correct, they aren't legally at fault. I would have sold their shit to pay for my door too.

Yeah, because if you could legally break other people's doors you wouldn't do it.

No door would be safe. I would be a door-breaking machine. The Un-Door-er. Open doorways would be an epidemic, baby. Houses full of flies, unregulated temperature, guitars breaking from lack of humidity control, I don't give a flying door. Call me the Dooradicator, sweet pea, because all you're opening when you get home is a bottle of hard liquor to drown your sorrows about the pile of splinters you stepped over to get inside today. Good luck replacing it too, 'cause I'm hitting the retailers as well. Telling you bitch, not a single door in the continental US is safe from my door-rending wrath.

Edit: I need to make separate emails for Reddit and for work don't I

So what you're saying is, cops have a license to break your shit at no charge if they think.................holy shit, I can't even finish the thought it's so stupid.

Beaded curtains? Beaded fucking curtains? Listen here, you hippie piece of broken door, you ain't doing nothing but making my job easier. How many calories do I burn breaking a door? I don't know. You think I know what a calorie even is? But I know one thing for damn sure: I burn a hell of a lot less of 'em ripping down your bitch-ass strings of beads. What, you thought you'd stop me by hanging broken necklaces from your door frame? You got another think comin', pumpkin. Hope you slip and fall on them beads on the floor, home alone style, cause they ain't gonna be hanging from shit when you get home.

Another game of spot the pedo! [xpost /sub/trashytext]

Another game of spot the pedo! [xpost /r/trashytext]

Man, I wish I had gone to the University of College...

Fucking cringed my soul out of me

/sub/iamverysmart is leaking

lol you don't want to challenge me in a battle of intelligence

Yeah, because it's too easy.

She quickly deleted it.

She quickly deleted it.

Anybody no spelling?

Know they don't

dis gon b gud

So they lent someone money, but they don't know where or WHO they are? All they have is a pic? How does that even happen?

If the person posting this is out money because they lent it to someone they don't even know, they should just write it off as a fucktard tax.

Edit: Maybe she stole the money. That may explain this. I'm wasting way too much time trying to figure this out.

Let's play spot the pedo (xpost /sub/trashytext)

Let's play spot the pedo (xpost /r/trashytext)

I'll take "shit you shouldn't admit to on the Internet" for 5-7, Alex.

I'll take "Shit you should report to the feds about asap" for 500, Alex.

I want to know how the hell he got 3 people to like that comment.

Where's the rest of the comment! I want to know what happened to him.

No real clue where to post this. Local RadioShack going out in style.

No real clue where to post this. Local RadioShack going out in style.

Can you imagine getting trained To work at Radioshack though?

"So, it's your first day and here are the products"

"What do these do? This is a lot of wires"

"I don't know, most of it is from 1997 anyway. The people who need it will know what it is"

"So, what's my job?"

"Watch the stock"

"This doesn't seem to be a good business plan"

"It'll be fine. We just got these new drones, people love them right...."

Went into a Radioshack for the last time and the two employees had taken a drone out of its box and were flying it around.

They then crashed the drone and hurriedly put it back into the box and onto the shelf. I can definitely see why they went out of business.

Damn it's gone. I wanted to see what the comments were like

Edit: never mind there are 2 pages for that RadioShack

For anyone else wondering, the people of Facebook were overwhelmingly supportive of the message hahah

That was quite the story to just shit on RadioShack.

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