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Camgirl's "loser-funded holiday" [x-post /sub/cringeanarchy]

Camgirl's "loser-funded holiday" [x-post /r/cringeanarchy]

Might be one of those girls that berate guys on cam...some guys get off on being treated like shit. So, this would be fanservice and keep up with her persona.

She's not really wrong.

Let's face it... If gender roles were reversed and us guys could cash in on horny idiot women, who among us wouldn't take that opportunity?

Yeah there's no way this isn't part of the fetish she caters to.

And you know the horrible thing? She will most likely get one.

What a deal!

What a deal!

Which corps? Peace, Marine, Red Lantern? He should be more specific.

Wtf. What is wrong with people. Shit

Excessive amounts of crack and untreated mental illness combined with poverty. Welcome to mid-west America!

Swiggity swooty, I'm diggin' for dat booty

I can't help but think they used the pool water to moisten the noodles.

I can't help but think they used the pool water to moisten the noodles.

Something about that chicks look on her face has me cracking up

They moisten the noodles while both were riding on moist noodles. Noodle say more?

Edit: Holy Karma. You guys are awesome!

Those eyes... they are staring at you.

Well, one of them..

Feeling blessed

Feeling blessed

Bong rips and boob sips.

Nothing about this is anywhere near beautiful

Oh for fucks sake please report this shit. Whatever weed is fine but holy shit have an ounce of give a fuck around your baby.

Hey, I'm all for legalizing weed and everything, but this seems like purposely exposing the baby to an unneeded risk. Especially the smoke. Even having the smell of smoke on your clothes can give a newborn asthma, or aggravate it greatly.

Real Life Cynthia Getting Booked

Real Life Cynthia Getting Booked

Cynthia! She's a really cool dancer! Cynthia!

Damn. Trashy and downright ugly. My scrotum instinctively wrinkled and cinched up defensively.

I'd like to see Willem Dafoe play this person in a movie.

boogie to the groove now

Well where do you put them then?

Well where do you put them then?

They had to make designated safe places where people can drop off their unwanted babies no questions asked. So unfortunately there is a reason for this.

They're raise him as one of their own. He will beep and growl to communicate and be four minutes late to everything as long as he lives.

It's my understanding that any firehouse, police station and emergency room will take any unwanted baby with no questions asked.

Not really trashy, more /sub/wtf style.



First coors light, not first beer.

Sorry to ruin the fun but, that is a souvenir soda cup from Suntrust Park during a Braves game. Coors Light is served in either a tallboy can or clear plastic cup if it is draft.

Source: Alcoholic that is also an Atlanta Braves fan

I would suspect someone would put the beer in a soda cup so that people there wouldn't know he was feeding his kid beer. I hope you're right that it's just soda.

Show us the comments op, I bet it will say that he's just joking and you are posting this for that sweeeet karma.

The South will spin again

The South will spin again


Are these accurate replicas of the hand spinners the boys in gray carried?

"Hi, I'm a huge fan of cock and my name is See-ruhl Figits"

Jefferson Davis and General Lee are spinning in their graves.

When the stag do never stops

When the stag do never stops

Little of column A, little of column B, little of cup C

I’m so confused. Does this guy actually have man boobs or is this just a fairly well-shaded tattoo? Consider my mind boggled.

How does sex go for him? Seems like a huge turnoff.

Them smokes are guna taste salty

"Gimme a sec"

"Gimme a sec"

I think she's actually filling that glass.

This reminds me of the pic with the fat little kid wearing that shirt that says "I fuck on the first date"


"yes, my plan is proceeding perfectly"

guy on the right, probably

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