Wish I could get this kind of greeting whenever I get home from work

those paws and tail. doggo was probably practicing all day after every false alarm at the door until finally...

Friendly Fence Tippy Taps

Go pet that puppy, you fucking monster!!


tornado tail

I'm exhausted just watching this guy go.

Happy Haps for lil' G o a t b o y e!!

Can I has a goat friend?

His little hops at the end!!

Yes, that is where you're at.


May the carpet rise up to meet your tippy taps. A doggo for St. Patrick’s Day.

I can't tell if the dog actually knows the moves and timing or is just watching for cues from human. It's feet stay coordinated with her's, even though the pup is looking at her face.

Smart doge! 10/10 would pet

That little leap of joy at the end! 💛

i would def pet as well as a koop on the nose (kiss on nose, cross between kiss/boop..sidenote i have no friends)

It's okay, tippy tappers makes the best friends!

Superbowl tippy taps

Superbowl tippy taps

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Doggo very excited about being asked "Who's a good boy?"

Doggo very excited about being asked "Who's a good boy?"

Well we only have to look at him to know who the G O O D B O Y E is.

He's got some turbo-taps.

Best. Tippytaps. Ever.

It is a G O O D B O Y E who has studied his philosophy also.


The floofiest of taps

The floofiest of taps

Is this a husky crossbred with a shag carpet?

It's an Alaskan Malamute !!!

God fucking damnit. I've been trying to convince my gf that we don't need one of these, a husky will be fine. Now I know I've been lying to myself.

But the shedding

Tap dances every day when I get home.

Tap dances every day when I get home.

What Pokemon is that

Rare Vulpix and corgi papillon mix!

He has ear wings!!

Most corgis are half body and half ears but this one is one third body and one third ears and one third glorious ear mane.

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