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I guess I'm a snail now. (x-post r/aww)

I guess I'm a snail now. (x-post r/aww)

Good morning Gary

That kitty is having a GOOD poop. I know that look


This time that sound is appropriate though.

Cats always look super embarrassed when they're taking a shit. Like they just want to shout "CAN I HAVE SOME FUCKING PRIVACY?" except they don't speak English.

I'm a cute bunny from now on

I'm a cute bunny from now on

Owl allow it.

Owl owl owl it.

Looks like a Blupee.

Looks like a .

"Hello fellow rabbits! I'm just going to take this small food...errr, friend for a ride in my cla-...paws....HOOOO!"

I guess I'm a sidecar now

That's pretty impressive, if that were me I'd be giving that wall a new paint job.

"I'll just go home maybe no one will notice"

That's fucking impressive.

I wouldn't have even made it that far. Would've flown over the handlebars at the first bobble and finished the race as a speedbump.


Effects of cyber bullying

Effects of cyber bullying

Terrible post for this sub but a funny picture nonetheless

This makes me sad

Got me mixed feelings about upvoting i can't resist i'm sorry

henlo rediter


go post a meme ugly

"Screw you guys... I'm going home"

Haha "I'm so tired of these bullshit photos"

I expected the one on the left with open eyes to be the one to leave, not the seemingly chillest one.

He even had the most apples and he still walked away from it all.

"wait... you guys only have to hold one apple? wtf? I quit, fuck this job"

"Guess I'm a chillin' aqua hedgehog now"

I was waiting for them to deflate the tube.

Look at it. It thinks its successful people.

Pretty sure this is the first time I've ever thought, 'Wow, I wish I was that hedgehog right now.'

Tubeless swans. By Michelin. Not to be used at Indianapolis.

"I've always wanted a pet Peacock" - Squirrel

Peacocks do not fuck around. There's an Apothecary here in town and the guy who owns it has one. When I worked for the city reading electric meters I encountered it, I thought that the note left on my device that read "Beware Of Peacock" was a joke...I was wrong.


In my head there is now a movie of a man who has to read an electric meter at all costs and the only thing stopping him is the peacock. Hi jinks ensue.

Peacock Block coming soon to a theater near you.

The pigeon at the beginning is just like "Nope, f this. I'm out."

This dish is my home now

Dish is my home meow.

OP, you missed it.

Meowzilla Firecat

I'll let /sub/thisismylifemeow handle that pun

Spines, how do they even work??

Kitty sunk between two walls

And it's still pawing at the crate with the little space it has...

How precious.

I'm not stuck, I want to be here.

-most cats, most of the time



"Guess I'm a butter-racing bird"

This is a bird that would fall out of the nest and die.

Some baby birds shake/bob their head fast when they are receiving food from their parent (which is momma/papa bird throwing up into babys mouth). This baby thinks it has caught a parents beak on its mouth and is making the normal head shake it would do while feeding, but the head stays stationary, so other part of the bird moves. Though I think these babies are being hand fed with a syringe or spoon, but never the less they still do the shake while being fed.

Why is it doing that?

Former avian zookeeper here...this is the correct answer!

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