Thisismylifenow thisismylifenow

"Better get used to a life of crime now"

"Better get used to a life of crime now"

Bad cow bad cow, whatcha gonna moo

Edit: MOOOOO first gold thanks kind unknown redditor!! I put 15 cents in someone expired parking meter today and this is how karma finds it's way back to me. So remember people, anonymous generosity does not go unnoticed.

The symmetry of his flapping ears is hypnotic.

Looks like the cow is scared of pigs.

the show cops just keeps getting weirder and weirder

"What's a primate gotta do to get some service around here?"

"What's a primate gotta do to get some service around here?"

It's a lemur for anyone who is wondering.

I wasn't wondering, but I genuinely appreciate the infornation.


"sometimes I like to just relax and take a break from moving it moving it"

Owning a large German Shepherd

A blanket that is alive.


Ghost? Where have you been?

A blanket with a bark

Training for olympic.

Looks like a good way to break/separate your neck.

Thanks for the tip, kind stranger!

Correct me if Im wrong but wouldn't real running be better

Training by hanging yourself? Well at least he won't lose.

Getting chairzoned

Getting chairzoned

This is very depressing

She knows what she's doing, and it's really mean. He deserves better.

He's so close to that pussy, but just so impossibly far

This photo is probably a joke that he's in on.

When Squirrels are LIFE

I'm envious of that second dog's laser focus, his unwavering determination to squirrels is inspiring.

The first dog has that "aw...not this shit again..." look.

How long can you possibly entertain a dog like that...

Buzzfeed Headline: Are Millennial Dogs Ruining the Leash Industry by Staying Inside and Watching Nature from their IPads?

I am a Rabbit now.

I am a Rabbit now.

Don't scroll, people are probably fighting over whether or not this is animal abuse.

Not sure if sarcastic, so here's a factlet for you: Cats do not share the same facial expressions as humans. When a cat closes it's eyes in the "I'm sick of this shit" fashion seen in the gif, it's actually a sign that the cat is at ease, if not entirely comfortable.

If the cat were in any distress, its eyes would be wide, its ears would be pinned back and its claws would most likely be out. Its paws would definitely not be floppy.

Tl,dr: The cat is fine.

He's just trying to get a good signal, jeez

"Yes" -human. "the things I do, to keep a shelter over my head." -cat

Paper bag Cat.

Paper bag Cat.

Ahhh, Maru! Always a joy.

I swear when Maru passes away shits going to be bigger news than the pope dying. The amount of people following or at least aware of Maru is nuts. I heard 2 random grandmothers talking about Maru at a cafe the other day.

The look he gives at the end lol

You are right. How foolish of me.

Maru is immortal and shall live forever, eventually forming a powerful box based company, and then moving into politics running on a platform focused on the idea that everyone should have free and unfettered access to ribbons and human catnip should be legal.

Eventually Maru will rise to supreme cat lord of the earth, and then the first cat president of the United Earth Territories. Maru will then lead us deep into the far reaches of our universe where we will discover hundreds of other cat based species and humans will come to realize that it is we, not the cat, that is the pet.

Becoming the rope

Seems pretty good for being self-taut.

Is this as "break your neck" dangerous as it seems?

Break your neck probably not, but if the girl loses her grip she'll get some nice bruises when the dude runs her over. Day ruiner but probably not permanent injury

And hitting the water face first at that speed must not feel too good either...

"I'm a fountain swimmer"

"I'm a fountain swimmer"

People drink from these, why is this dude cleaning his dog with it?

Edit: Oh my goodness! My first gilding, I've had a bad day and this made me smile! Thank you kind stranger <3

Cleaning your wiener in the water fountain.

Dude.. he just rubbed that dog's sausage and beans, gooch and butt all over that fountain..

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