Thisismylifenow thisismylifenow

"Ima just hang there with your bag then"

"Ima just hang there with your bag then"

He looks so sad

I don't like this. You can tell me the dog is fine and this isn't dog abuse or anything bad. But I don't like it and refuse to believe the dog is enjoying this at all.

Plus wiener dogs have extremely fragile backs so chances are it’s not gonna good for the pup in the long run anyway :/

Is it because she didn't stop long enough in the pants section for him to get a good whiff? 😆

A Dog Wearing Sunglasses Hitchhiking Atop A Rickshaw In Mumbai, India (x-post r/gifs)

This needs to be a bigger deal to people

A weapon to surpass metal gear

"Follow that ball Johnson"

That's a tuktuk

"Go without me friends" - Corgis just can't jump :(

Aw his bud came back to show him how


Dogs are empathy machines just wanting to please you.

Edit: there is a quote I saw on a Reddit a while back that I try to live by “Be the person your dog thinks you are”.

how could this happen to me.........

Just some Dude casually chilling on the Ocean floor surrounded by Sharks

Sharks: [reciting] I am a nice shark, not a mindless eating machine. If I am to change this image, I must first change myself.


*blows bubble ring

Sharks have electroreceptors, in other words, they know you're not dead

Finding comfort head first in the grass

Damn, that’s some plush grass.

not pictured: neighbor watching from the bushes, waiting for it to grow 0.01 centimeters over HOA regulation

It's kind of sad that I take great pleasure in listening to horror stories about HoA's. Having been a part of a pretty decent* HoA, myself, I never experienced any of the drama.

Now, living HoA free, I just sort of revel in not having that one little thing hanging over my head.

Honestly though, what's the benefit, other than anal controlling assholes in the neighborhood?

By decent, I mean they collected yearly dues, made repairs to a common area, and threw a block party every year. No drama, even when I ripped up my entire front yard and deck, over a whole summer, to replace.

The HOA I was a part of had a service come clear streets when it snowed. We also had a neighborhood pool that was maintained with funds from it.

Look at me, I'm a goat

Doggo tries the food to be polite, but he can't do it

"I'm going vegan guys"

My dog does this!! She sees me eat salad and will much on lettuce like a rabbit with me.....only to spit it out on my floor for me to slip on later.

Thanks, Milly....

In case you're wondering what the heck that doggo is doing:

His best. He's doing his best.

"Your drink is my playground now"

And then the bird shits in your drink

About half an ounce, birds are stupid light.

I would expect that in /sub/unexpected.

How little does that bird actually weigh for the bendy straw to not bend?

"I guess I'm part of my human's crew now"

"I guess I'm part of my human's crew now"

Cuz ain't no such thing as halfway woofs.

I'm not sure if the general population of Reddit knows this but Durags are SLEEPWEAR. wearing them outside and during the day was popularized by thugs in the early 2000s.

Long story short, Durags are worn by more than just thugs. Most black men with short hair styles wear them to force their hair to coalesce overnight so their curl pattern can show.

K bai

Edit: typo

scared to death, scared to woof

This dude rags.

"Guess I'm your pottery supervisor"

Id love to know what that kitty is thinking.

"My slave is creating a feeding receptacle for me. I must monitor him for quality control."

Cat jokes aside, I'd like to give you cool cats a gift since you're all so kind here. 😎

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Aw, that cat is on his shoulder.


He’s so into it, I love it!

Cons: dumb costume. Pros: icecream!

There is something so surreal and strange about this... I can't stop watching it.

I love his eyes staring down at the ice cream before whomever is off-camera says, "OK!"

In my personal experience, dogs just like food.

Do you think she will fit into one?

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