Look at my paw dance meow

I could watch this all day.

Such a fuzzy face, going to show off the feets :3

I see my life is now for the amewsment of the internet

...I just waved back at my phone. The power of little flappy beans!

That disconcerting look like, “I’ve just become a human’s action figure...”

floop floop floop

Why are you do dis wit my foot beans?

They said having kids would be great....

They said having kids would be great....

Ah the poor babe looks shattered!

Her face breaks my heart for some reason :/

"send help"

Dear god that face is heart wrenching. Hopegully it's just a caught in the moment thing

This is mine now Meow

This is mine now Meow

This is meow meow (FTFY)

Confucius was here

Is this loss meow?

This is the ideal outcome of the pens flyers series

I live in a boot from meow on

I live in a boot from meow on


Puss in boot.

I want ze baby floof.

There's a cat in me boot.

I am 420 blaze meow

I am 420 blaze meow

This is animal abuse. Cats should not be exposed to marijuana. If ingested symptoms include:

Uncoordination, falling over

Depression, sometimes alternating with agitation or anxiety


Bradycardia (slow heart rate)

Seizures, sometimes coma

So please be careful with your felines. They depend on us to keep them healthy and safe.

I’m learning so much about animals right now.

And now you get to pick cat hair out of your pot.

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Napping in mommy’s arms meow.

Napping in mommy’s arms meow.

That’s beautiful! cute! I have 3 babies and none of them do that. They love to sleep between my legs, but this the extent of it. Pita, my brown tabby, likes to jump on top of me when she hears I woke up. She's very affectionate, but not a lap kitty. Your baby is the cutest

My lil one wasn't a lap cat till he got older. Maybe your kids will too.

My girlfriends cat doesn’t love to be carried, unless I carry her, then she purrs up a storm. She especially loves it when I carry her like a baby, but once she sees my girlfriends bed, then she wants to be unhanded, and will cozy up on the bed.

There’s an outdoor cat that my girlfriend loves to keep an eye on, and occasionally brings inside, she will DEFINITELY be a lap kitty with her, even going so far as to cuddle up around her neck to be my girlfriends neck warmer.

I am... Leopard Spider.

I am... Leopard Spider.

Leopard spider, leopard spider.

Does whatever a leopard spider does.

Can he swing, from a web?

He's too lazy, he's a cat.

Look ouuuuuut it's a leopard spider.

This picture belongs on a demotivational poster. I'm less motivated than I was a minute ago.

Other cat posters: "Hang in there!" This cat poster: "Give up."

"Life is a continuous string of disappointments" is the look it's giving me

This my human meow

'e looks like a proper l'il man, 'e does.


That loving grip is just a cats way of getting their victim closer to the back shredders.

Grandma is that you?

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