TWD Season 8b Poster

TWD Season 8b Poster

I'm really happy to see Carl. He was the first thing I looked for.

Or the mad scientist who blow up the CDC comes around "hey guy's i found the cure, but have just enough for one".

Well...the poster is cool?

The zombie on the far right kinda looks it is wearing a second face.

Probably just an artifact of the painting but might be a nice little easter egg.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan just did this with a fan at WSC Portland. Issue 156 Cover. Incredible!

Jeffrey Dean Morgan just did this with a fan at WSC Portland. Issue 156 Cover. Incredible!

I love Jeffrey Dean Morgan

He's a great actor. I fucking hate Negan but the man behind Negan is great

Oh my god holy shit!!!! That is so fuckin cool

Fuck Jeffery is hot 💕 I now want to see this play out in the show. Great idea for a fan photo too.

Thought I’d show off my knick knack shelf with my complete collection of the comics. Happy holidays!

Thought I’d show off my knick knack shelf with my complete collection of the comics. Happy holidays!

Great collection ............but please clean your nasty shelf!!!!!!

Book 14 just released not too long ago

I see your weed stash behind the bag balm and between the Metro books!

Alright Monica Geller calm down. If you can’t write your name in the dust it isn’t time to clean.

[COMIC] I’d love to see this line in the show

[COMIC] I’d love to see this line in the show

Why make Jesus to be an interesting character when they can make him "killing is no" character #6.

Rick and Jesus need some moments, they better not butcher their relationship like they did with Abraham

The more we talk about stuff like this the more I realise they’ve ruined almost every character.

Is it too early to say they already have?

[SHOW SPOILER] So the Talking Dead asked for fan questions for the return in February...

[SHOW SPOILER] So the Talking Dead asked for fan questions for the return in February...

While I feel that normally fan input has little effect on decisions made regarding movies and shows. In this case, I believe Gimple will be removed as show runner. I think he'll stay on as producer but a new show runner will be brought in as well as all new writers.

Fans are dropping the show and the numbers prove it. That is money lost and amc will step in at some point and force change.

Stinky Bobinky. HAHA I'm dying.

I surely hope so.

Carl isn't going to die. He'll show up under a dumpster in a few episodes.

[SHOW SPOILERS] Meanwhile at AMC...

[SHOW SPOILERS] Meanwhile at AMC...

He was finally getting likable!

They seem to think extreme closeups of their actors fading into one-another IS character development though.

funny but real :(

Am I losing my mind or did you just call a bunch of people snowflakes?

[SPOILERS] Okay, Who Did THIS to Gimple's Wikipedia?

[SPOILERS] Okay, Who Did THIS to Gimple's Wikipedia?

Damn some lucky bastard beat me to it

OP was banned from Wikipedia.

well, considering the decision is unchangeable, and every rewatch of the show now has this drastic change from the comics. This isn't just about a few days of being upset, this is a permanent decision that is stuck in the show forever.

Right? I'm so jealous, smh


Do it AMC ya shitcunt

So can we honestly blame Gimple for the terrible writing, terrible directing, and terrible direction they’re going with this? Because if so, I’m down. This show is not what it was back 5 years ago. What the fuck have you guys done?! You shoulda stayed true to the comics! If you had to improvise, look to HBO’s GoT because they’re doing far better and have perverted the canon far less, and you know what?! The show is a masterpiece, just like this show could have been. It’s only acceptable to do something this fucked up if the actor can’t act anymore or something of the sort


Because of the inability to tell a proper storyline, the increasingly large dive in ratings, the BS that is being pulled on the cast and crew, the complete disrespect for source material, killing off a Season One character (who's actor was completely dicked over) in a bullshit and random way, not listening to legitimate issues with the show, extreme lapses in logic and lazy writing, and basically turning a show that was loved by millions into a melodramatic soap opera. Hell, we didn't even see a walker this last episode, aside from three in the far distance entering Alexandria.

It’s hard to showcase your talent when the writing, directing and production has been subpar and you’ve been relegated to a secondary character for two to three seasons now.

What they should have done is taken his “different path forward” speech from this last episode, made it central to his character post-spending time with Negan, and set him up as a counter to Rick and Rick’s plan to annihilate the Saviors.

Instead they gave it to Jesus, and Carl has been feeding and helping the traveler.

And they give an offscreen walker bite to a character who has been central to this storyline and struggle since day one.

If this was AMC’s idea to do away with an actor for monetary reasons, then the showrunners are complicit in further destroying this show.

If this was the showrunner’s idea, then they are utter fools and dumber than we ever imagined.

I'm the Big Shot Editor Using All Cross Dissolves

Holy shit, twin peaks and bio dome in the same gif...awesome.

This is so artsy that I just tried to fart and ended up shitting my own pants.

Well I don't work in the film or television industry so how the fuck am I supposed to know what a cross dissolve is? But, the gif is pretty cool, I guess.

[MASSIVE SHOW SPOILERS] When they even sass their death

[MASSIVE SHOW SPOILERS] When they even sass their death

My boy Carl had a love story that went nowhere, he is so crucial in the comics and they dare kill him off, kill rosita or tara but gimple the fucking troll kills Carl

Gimple is honestly ruining this show. Has been for the past 3 seasons. It's slowly going into a ditch. Plot is everywhere, holes are everywhere and he's acting as if he's fucking David Benioff and D.B Weiss combined.

How the fuck Kirkman hasn't realized is beyond me.

edit: I did not know Kirkman abandoned the ship some time ago. That's too bad. :/

edit2: Kirkman seems to still be involved with the production of the show. Just not the narrative of it. Stop spreading false rumours, people. That shit is so not cool.

It's funny because they basically recycled Bob's death for him anyway. Such a lame way out.

Let's have Negan take a bite out of Carl and have Carl scream "TAINTED MEAT" too

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