to blend in with Americans

to blend in with Americans

Connect to VPN, then attempt to meddle, Sergei! To the gulag with you, comrade!

We could, you know, stop getting our news and information from social media.

I really hope this was one of the accounts Twitter removed in their purge.

12k worth of retweets and likes for this propaganda bullshit?

Fun fact: most relationships on the Trump dating site are long distance.

To get on the couch with his dad

Why does that cloud have legs

Ahhh the joy of being a parent. Stickers on fucking everything.

Ahh the dad even tired to show him.

Therewasanattempt ... To teach the lil Boye how to get up on the couch

to spread nazi propaganda

I'm missing context, and normally I'd say violence is never appropriate in response to mere words, but, this still wasn't right. Maybe he deserved it, but he already lost the argument. I understand hitting the guy, but it wasn't right. It felt great to see, but the right thing sometimes isn't the thing that makes you feel good. The speaker's message should rise or fall on it's merits, and in America (I don't know where this happened), we trust truth to be self evident and stand on it's own. I believe that in a truly free society, we should let whatever enter the market place of ideas. We begin to go wrong when we censor or funnel ideas. Expose them all to the light unabated, and I believe Nazism will wither. But when we pick and choose what plants grow, we might not realize the weeds we've enabled to flourish until their roots are too deep.

So I was just getting out of rehearsal for this really cool modern take on the sound of music where I'm a background character and wham!

Every now and again I think I would be able to dodge or block a punch if every required. But after seeing this... maybe not.

Holy shit an actual voice of reason on Reddit?! Did he deserve to get knocked the fuck out? Yes. Was it the right thing to do? No.

to do a flip

This personifies the "normal person in the Olympics for scale" idea

If i tried this, I would've gotten the same result as this lady

She's my spirit animal. Way not to give up

Pretty sure that would be the result if it were me attempting that.

To catch a cat

Lol that "cat trap". This woman doesn't cat.

Hell hath no fury, like a pissed off cat.

You know what? Here's an extra fuck you to you and your stupid hat. Peace, bitch!

I am constantly amazed at how good cats are at parkour

to get unbanned.

to get unbanned.

Seems legit

I swear to god I actually believe it.

Image Transcription: Screenshot

[We see a web browser pointed to the URL]


Something stupid happened

I'm not allowed to have my own cell phone so my dad forced me to use his phone number. My dad has a steam too and uses the same number. today my brother used my dads account and cheated and now my main account and VAC band. It's true and here is proof, my father will now write too:

Hello I'm the father and what my son says is true, he did not cheat, it was his brother on my account. Please unban him valve

sincerely the father

Pls unban

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This is Peter McCallister... The father.

To impress a girl.

He doesn't even look happy, he just looks...determined.

This must be how birds feel when they preen. The males don't know why they're doing it, and the females don't know why they're bothering to look, but they both do it, sometimes unhappily.

Having grown up with an older sister, I can say confidently that this is his and he’s trying to annoy tf out of her and she’s trying just as hard to be un-phased.


To advertise a bargain

To advertise a bargain

Jennifer Ball revealed her ongoing grief by posting five heart broken emojis on her Facebook page

there was an attempt to reveal grief

Image Transcription: Newspaper article

[Newspaper is dated Monday, 18 February 2018.]

Joanne husband 'lived in flat with dead wife's body in wardrobe for 48 hours'

[author] Conor Feehan

[Inline with the text, we see an image of a man and a woman smiling and posing intimately for the camera. It is captioned "Joanne and her husband Keith"]

THE grief-stricken sister of a murder victim Joanne Lee has expressed her sadness and pain as friends continued to offer their condolences.

Jennifer Ball revealed her ongoing grief by posting five heart broken emojis on her Facebook page, as friends rallied to support her while gardai try to work out her tragic sister Joanne's last movements.

Friends posted transcribe beauties to Joanne and messages of support for Jennifer - including one pal who described the situation as "devastating".

"Jen, don't know wat to say, it's just devastating. I'm thinkin of u an yr family xXx," the friend posted online.

The body of Joanne (38) was found in dramatic circumstances last Thursday when gardai broke into a flat in Ranelagh Road after being refused entry.

Joanne's estranged husband Keith Lee, the main suspect in her murder, then jumped out a third-floor window of the property, breaking his legs in the fall. He then pulled out a Stanley blade and started cutting his arms.

Gardai subsequently discovered the body of Joanne wrapped in bed clothes and a sleeping bag in a wardrobe in the flat. She also had a bag over her head.

Her body was so tightly wrapped that officers believe she was to be moved elsewhere.

[subtitle] Strangled

Post-mortem examinations showed that she had been strangled and had been dead for at least four days.

Gardai believe Mr. Lee lived in the flat with his dead wife's body in the wardrobe for at least 48 hours before he jumped from the window.

Mr. Lee is reported to have made certain admissions to gardai before being taken to St. James's Hospital where he remains under armed guard.

The Herald understands that the may be some day before he will be quizzed about his wife's murder.

At the weekend, forensics teams continued their investigation of the house where Joanne was discovered.

It emerged yesterday that her marriage broke down after she discovered her husband was having a drug-fueled affair with an American woman.

It is understood detectives are attempting to trace this woman. It is believed Joanne had confronted her husband about the alleged affair.

Gardai believe Mr. Lee's life had descended into drug-fueled chaos.

Up until relatively recently, he had been working in a well-known city centre hotel, where he was a achieve.

However, he had been drinking heavily, was no longer employed and is believed to have become involved in the drugs trade.

In November, he was arrested following an undercover drugs bust in a popular Temple Bar Nightclub after gardai found him in the possession of cocaine, ecstasy and ketamine.

Mr. Lee had not been on the garda radar before the raid and, a source said, gardai were surprised at the amount of drugs recovered - estimated to be worth more than €11,000.

Last Tuesday, Mr. Lee arrived in a city garda station and made a missing person's report for Joanne.

[Below the article, we see a half-page, colored advertisement titled "wardrobe specials", citing "free home assembly" and displaying images of three different wardrobes. Prices range from 499 to 599 euros.]

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How many family members can it fit? I'm currently living alone and I'd like to keep it that way, but I'd prefer to be prepared for any unexpected changes.

The fine people at ‘Bargaintown’ cannot be faulted it’s true

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