To spell "aisle"

To spell "aisle"



Aisle just have to wait and see I guess

I'm not sure that even counts as an attempt

I'll give them the benefit of the doubt and hope that this is worker shorthand.

For example empty gas bottles are often labeled "MT"

Well they got the apostrophe in the right place. That's more than most would.

To pick an apple

To pick an apple

I'm pretty sure it's the first time I see a chicken jump... guess I can cross that off some kind of list.

Edit: my top comment is about a jumping chicken... I would like to thank my mother for her support in my journey, the chicken and Gallowboob for sharing their karma with me.

How low dinosaurs have fallen

White hen can't jump.

I would say bucket list, but that might offend the chicken.

To get insurance money

Good thing someone was filming. I really need a dashcam.

I know that kid... Whiplash Willie... guy does it all over town and shakes people down for biscuits.

He definitely got that sweet money though, cam shows the driver wasn't looking.

Looks like she also tries to mash the throttle and drive off.

To jump over the log

Puppers bros come back for him!!!

Love how that one dog comes back to show the stuck dog how it's done

I thought I wanted a dog. Suddenly I realize I want 12.

Couldn't log on.

to scam my family

to scam my family

only answer legal scams ok

Don't click on the pic guys it's a scam

/sub/scambait They would love this

With that phone you can add contacts names. when they call it will show up with the name you have given them, just like a smart phone.

This is fake.

Edit: Hope they didn't use the number of someone they know...

To Twerk

To Twerk

Lol and a candle burning right behind her. Her ass got lit up

link to video

If you don't know, it was all a prank set up by Jimmy Kimmel.

here’s the clip

This is fake, it’s a stunt Jimmy Kimmel put together

/sub/lifeprotips: in front of a door is probably not the best place to twerk

To join the track team

The hurdle is facing the wrong way.

Lmfao both her legs caught the damn hurdle

a healthy lifestyle?

I wonder why some people seem to have 0 clue as to what their physical abilities are.

to walk down stairs

I wonder what it sounded like to the person on the other end of the phone.

"Honey, you're not gonna believe what this guy just--" whoooosh, kwfkfkf2kk3kkkg3k3kgkgkk

They seem to be alright, that phone took a wild ride though

The first guy just accepted his fate

Fucking heard it go light speed

To Slash a Tire

To Slash a Tire

I did not expect that his shirt would rip off

I used to work in a tire centre where they would install truck- and bigger (tractor) tires. They inflate the tires in special cages and the workers have to wear protective gear because tires are bombs waiting to go off if they have faults or punctures in them. The pressure in these tires is huge, if they burst the rubber and metal pieces form shrapnell like a grenade and are very dangerous

Well I guess he did technically succeed.

had to look up the video for this one-- blood on the ground = not disappointed

To repair anything

To repair anything

Clearly a joke

Taking "If you're good at something, never do it for free" too seriously?

If I saw that sign, I'd walk away. LoL

How does anyone not recognise a joke as obvious as this?

Try one of these subthreads