Therewasanattempt therewasanattempt

To congratulate the winning coach

To congratulate the winning coach

That gatorade looks like it is bending the laws of physics just to fuck this lady's day up. She must have had some really bad karma built up.

I feel ya, I think the player doing the dunking did a sweeping motion with the bucket from his right to left. As he swung the bucket the majority of the liquid left the bucket before he got to the coach and then you can shove it up your butt

I've been looking at this for 3 minutes and I still can't figure out how the hell this happened.

On the plus side.. she probably feels like the real champ

To climb up a ramp

Too many puppies is the absolute best problem you could ever have

But a problem is a problem, so I think that I personally will have to take all those puppies so the kid can climb. Sure I'll have too many puppies then, but I'm willing to make that sacrifice.

Are those Aussies? I love Aussies.


Pulling the car out of the water

Out of the frying pan into the ditch as I always say.

Well the did get it out of the water....


Out of the water into the fire as I always say

To post pictures on the facebook

To post pictures on the facebook

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yeah i stole it from there. i'm awful.


(In fact, it's already there with over 12k updoots:

To get on the sofa

His momma making sure he's okay after he gets up...I cry.

"Oh my Dog, you fell, let me smell you to make sure you're okay."

Ohhhh his little flail at the end before he gets up...heartmelting

Think the idea was to help him back up with her snout.

Well, you tried

Well, you tried

That's exactly what the robots want you to think.

91% sure it's not a hotdog


/sub/therewasanattempt at titling this post.

At a parkour getaway

At a parkour getaway

Guy expected that Tahoe to have a front bumper like a truck, not anymore buddy. Not since 2007

Savage takedown.

Slow motion and (what’s the opposite of slow motion?) fast motion in the same Gif. Someone had fun in their video editing software.

even if it did, where the fuck was he planning on going?

To escape from the vet (post in comments)

To escape from the vet (post in comments)

That cat is thinking with portals.

Who throws away a perfectly good cat


This is a Redditor's cat! I saw it somewhere on here about a month ago, can't remember whose though.

Edit: It's/u/catsbuttscats 's cat, Yam!

To roll over.

My dog does this. Hold up a treat and tell him to sit and he tries to do all the tricks at once and then just snaps at the treat. He's like "I know the drill, sit, paw, down, other paw, high fi-GIMME THE TREAT!"

Let the Bodhis hit the floor.

Gotta start giving those food treats in random intervals which slowly get longer. Keep 'em guessing.

While super cute, if you wanna know how to fix this, make sure no one gives him treats for anything less than fully rolling over. This sort of laziness comes from laziness on the human's part too. That is to say: whomever has access to feeding him treats has told him to roll over, Bodhi responded by half assing it, and the person said "ehh good enough" and gave the treat, thus training Bodhi that "roll over" means wiggle cutely on the ground.

To steal a bicycle.

I'da kicked the cunt before he got up. I've had two bikes stolen over the last few years (both locked up). Fuck bike thieves.

seriously though, after tackling the guy he let him stand up to start boxing. I woulda threw so many haymakers at this guy after tackling him to the ground.

We had bike thieves in my neighborhood a while back when I lived near a college. I set up a dummy bike off the lock and kind of hid the nice ones. The dummy bike had flat tires, rusted out chain, basically unusable. I counted about 6 incidence where the dummy bike got taken and I found it ditched about 30 feet from the house.

Edit: LPT use an unusable dummy bike if you leave your bikes outside. Obviously the guy in OPs post was not at home.

Yeah I know you guys would have shot him before he got to the seat but I'm 90% certain this is in the UK

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