To road rage

Too good to not be fake, but man i hope it's real because I love this.

"Do you find something comical about my appearance when I'm driving my automobile?"

Mirrors exist tho

Never saw someone accept his fate so easily

To get away with the bike

Definitely wanted to see what happened next.

Wow... A beautiful takedown. 10/10

A serious shitkicking I imagine.

Just imagine how fast he is on the bike.

to give a shake

to give a shake

One of the saddest gifs I’ve seen

I bet that dog thought about that awkward moment for the rest of the day.

No one deserves this, but that good doggo doesn’t deserve this most of all

Paw low...TOO SLOOOWWWW!!!! OHHHHH!!!!

To rescue the kitty

Spider-cat, spider-cat,

Does whatever a spider-cat does.

Cats seems to defy some natural laws.

Including sitting in a hole for hours until it gets bored

If that's true, why didn't NASA just send a Cat to Mars with a gopro?

To feed the seagulls

Fucking birds, man. When will people learn?

When you're the only girl at a party



To fake a car accident

You think she would give up and move on to a different car.

At some point, it stopped being about the money.

Can someone please tell me what the police officer didn't do a damn thing the entire time?

He was enjoying the entertainment too much to even intervene

To get in the car, Duke's style.

To be fair, homeboy probably did this for laughs...

Edit: Just saying that some things that get posted to this sub could have been made in jest and by friends just having fun and playing around. The comments section can get pretty critical and cruel when the person (like this guy) was doing this for fun.

He would not have fit through the window anyway.

Judging by the dent on the hood of the car, I assume this wasn’t his first attempt.

It was definitely a hazard.

To mount the TV securely

To mount the TV securely

Schrodingers TV: until you look at it, the screen can be thought of as both shattered and not shattered.

Should have found a stud for that. My brother helped me hang mine. He’s an absolute stud.

This is what I imagine will happen every time I hang something heavy.

Oh yeah baby, incest is hot

To not share his food.

Oh boy. This thread will surely be polite and sophisticated.

Oh man, so much low-hanging fruit here, I'd be ashamed to take any.

When you're too fat to keep the food away from the cat, maybe you shouldn't be holding the food.

To discredit CNN..

To discredit CNN..

It's weird how irrational US politics have become. It should be so serious, but it's becoming a circus.

He said 'is one of the', meaning he isn't wrong, technically.

It feels like I'm living in an alternate reality sometimes.

discrediting itself

well, to be fair, CNN does a pretty good job of

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