Therewasanattempt therewasanattempt

To put the reins on a horse

I don't wanna be THAT parent but Jesus, who lets a toddler walk behind a horse like that?!

Very first thing I thought. 2000 pound animal? Better have my 2 year old walk up directly behind it and film it for posterity. I hope that's some 25 year old horse that just doesn't give a shit anymore.

Not sure I would let my toddler approach a horse like that. One spooked kick and it's game over.

But "they" did it when "they" were a kid and "they" didn't die so it must be ok.

To spell reduce.

To spell reduce.

Reduse, Reuce, Resysle

No, its a msg to Eric's dad to gun it!


Some say the Vista Cruiser is still going to this day.

That just hurts me.


At stealing

I don't get it. You only have to run from the moment you leave or get close to leaving the store. It's not illegal to hold a product in a store and you're just giving everyone a head start on realising you're committing a crime.


He forgot to replace the beer with an equally weighted bag of sand before making his escape, thats where he went wrong.

Plot twist: he saw a long line quickly building at the register and was just rushing to check out.


To throw a chair at cops

I'm not usually one to favor using pepper spray on protestors. This, however, is a perfect example of when you should do it.

"These Police Officers look tired from walking backwards. I should offer them a chair." - peaceful protester.

Absolutely. Cops are retreating and someone attempts to escalate. Cops say no. Totally appropriate.

"that guy in the plaid shirt looks thirsty I should give him some of whatevers in this bottle they gave me. Dunno whats in it, wasnt really listening by that point in the briefing" -good guy cop

To get on the swing

He just looks so defeated at the end.

What a 30+ year old who has never skied before looks like whilst trying to board a lift.

He's just waiting for the swing to throw his frisbee again.

Poor pup is so confused.

To escape

To escape

Honestly that was really smart of that raccoon to use that plank as a ramp!

Really didn't know that raccoons were that smart. Putting up that board to get out was really impressive. My dog would just lay down and die if she got stuck in a dumpster.

So close little trash panda, you'll get it eventually.

Sly! You have to press and hold the circle button to walk on narrow beams!

To collect water

To collect water

Or just to rinse out a trash can

Cleaning! What is it?

Yeah he isn't that dumb

...good for? Absolutely NOTHING!


There was a kid in my town who broke his leg climbing over a fence trying to sneak into a concert at the fairgrounds. Only thing was that the concert was free admission.

He lacks perseverance, the second set of windows clearly has better potential

Hahaha. The other FBI agent is like 'fuck sake Gerald... You're making us all look bad'

To slide on the sand

I think he had too much speed

The floor is hamburgers

This is sad. That kid is what, 14? And 200lbs?

He never stood a chance...

He was just looking at a shell in the sand. VERY CLOSELY

... to drink from a straw

... to drink from a straw

all the kids do this LOL

"Maybe if I tip this towards myself, I'll get more drink faster!" I remember thinking that once. This happened.

Well I mean, it's correct. You get way more way faster, and it goes all over your face.


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