To make a patriotic sign.

To make a patriotic sign.

They're not wrong.

Of all the countries that comprise the United States, the USA is definitely #1.

Things like this are why I love reddit, the best website in the url.

The U.S.A. is the highest producer of Americans in the country.

To keep the windscreen dry

Looks like a nice solid starter car.


Automatic wipers.

This is a guess based on stories my father has told of growing up in a New England coast town: there are frequently sand bars that connect small islands to each other/the mainland that will be totally dry at low tide and look like this at high tide. Some idiot tourist probably drove out to an island and figured they could ford it back after the rise of the tide.

Saving the Bag

Attempt? That worked better than expected!

I think that was why he was up there in the first place

Yeah, I mean they did get it down. So I'd say their attempt was successful.

To get drilled in the face with a purse? Doesn't seem like a fun activity, but hey, to each their own.


Getting Into the Hammock

Despite the sub, there was never one single moment during that video that I thought "He's going to make it!"

Obviously i was expecting a failure, but the way he fails is totally unexpected.

And anyway, /sub/gifsthatendtoosoon

Haha, yeah. And when his feet punctured through the webs, I was sure he was going to pinwheel around and whip his head into the ground at monster truck force. Guy got off easy.

I figured it would be flip/splat, not snap/splat.

To quote Yoda

To quote Yoda

"Lmao just do that shit, fam" -Yoda

"You think this shit is easy?" Abraham Lincoln

Do, or do not.

They did not.



Beyoncé the a shit out of a family pic

Beyoncé the a shit out of a family pic

I'm pretty sure she got exactly the effect the wanted here.

Her name is Celeste Barber, she's a comedian who made it her business to copy celebrities' photos. This isn't even the best one... She's under @celestebarber on Instagram

Edit: So it turns out it's not even her! I stand corrected. Still worth checking her stuff out though.

Parody aside, it takes a special kinda narcissist to make yourself up like a saint when you're a pop star that popped out a kid. I'm not a religious guy or anything, just think it's hubristic.

Yeah that picture is fucking creepy to me. It's like the babies are props to make her photo better instead of a photo featuring 3 people. impress the ladies

she did look impressed

that he got up

It wasn't the backwards face plant that did it. It was the fact that he spilled his beer.

Or she was impressed by his sweet ass America' outfit.

Was checking my spam for fun, but this is something special...

Was checking my spam for fun, but this is something special...

Seems safe. I mean, it says straight up that it's not a virus. If you can't trust random spam, what can you trust?

It's actually adorable. Like a Russian hacker let his kid take the keyboard for a try.

I think it's a law that if you ask a spam mail if it's a virus it has to answer thruthfuly

$6.480,000.00 USD....

He did it himself

Damn lag

"God damn it jerry if this shit didn't look fake enough already! YOU FUCKED UP!"

Brought to you by Comcast

Hello, I study stage fighting and the guy who head butted the stage did not fuck up, the other guy did. The number one rule in dramatic combat is that the victim is always in control. Ring Eater did his job and even got the knap in by slapping the ring with his hand to make it sound like it hurt. Head Dropper just dropped the head.

To buy my German Shephard a water bowl online.

To buy my German Shephard a water bowl online.

I love how disappointed he looks.

She seemed completely disappointed by it.

I see what you did there, a nice polite correction in your response.

I just despair. My fucking owner cannot even buy a proper size bowl. Sigh. I give up. I'm just gonna lie here and contemplate the futility of existence.

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