To slam dunk

My first attempt wouldn't be in front of that crowd.

The Bible Belt Globetrotters need some practice.

You could tell from how he was dribbling it wasn't gonna be good.

I wish I was that confident

To insult gay men

To insult gay men

Gay men are fucking ass holes.

Gay men suck dick.

Homosexuals are gay!

Hey guys, Don’t you hate it when your sucking a guys dick and he ends up being a faggot?!

To troll an Islamic Institute

To troll an Islamic Institute

I hate that the cowboy hat is starting to be associated with this kind of idiocy. Whenever you see a person insulting Muslims or just spouting right-wing bullshit, it's gotten to 9 times out of 10 they are either wearing that shitty MAGA hat or dressed head to toe in cowboy gear.

Is that Doug Dimmadome, owner of the Dimmsdale Dimmadome?

starting to be


Always take the high road.

To edit this family’s photos

To edit this family’s photos
To edit this family’s photos

Can someone explain what happened here? Why are the faces so weird and why didn't the photographer notice? And what's "$2-250", typo?

Hilarious and terrifying at the same time.

Pam said it is legit and "NOT a joke." Even put "not" in all caps so I must believe it

to name the department

to name the department

I've never seen a faculty with 0 farts.

I don't know what the original language is, but it was translated with an Irish accent

Finally found a job im qualified for

Faculty O'Farts

To bowl

How is it possible for someone to be this bad at bowling?

She wasn’t wearing bowling shoes...

She is not wearing any shoes at all! WTF

Why isn't she wearing any shoes?

To seal the deal

Nothing left to do but announce your move to Costa Rica, hop the fence, and bail

Arms-folded is not what a lady does when waving you in, what was he thinking.

This needs a NSFW, for the gore.


To bowl.

To bowl.

Even my boy squidward fell back

I dont like these facebook crops and looping 3 times before doing a slowmo and then playing the full gif at the end.

Cameraman shaking more than shakiras hips

tap that downvote button

To understand gravity

To understand gravity

I love how he spins around in the middle of the tube. Like he's going back in time with a time machine from a low budget 80s kids tv movie

If he was going around fast enough he would have made it though. Looks more like a fuck-up than being (completely) stupid.

Or maybe if he had squatted down on his board. His mass was too spread out standing upright.

New loading animation

At flirting

At flirting

/sub/therewasanattempt to pass this off as an original text...


it says today at the top. are you in the future?


the time stamps arent even in the correct order

He literally just quoted the out of order time stamps and replies from the photo. Not sure why you're so upset. He didn't type anything not in the photo.

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