Therewasanattempt therewasanattempt

At perfect caligraphy

I have ptsd now. I guess you really can't get no satisfaction

Does not count as therewasanattempt. They knew exactly what they were doing.

But that was perfect calligraphy until they purposefully ruined it.

This gave me intense anxiety

at being fast and furious

My justice boner


One time, at the front of a 4 lane each way Vegas intersection, there was a BillyBob with a hopped up car revving his engine and when the light turned green he took off. Dumb ass didn't see the cop car a couple of cars behind him.

He got pulled over.

Fast and Phallus.

Attempt to parachute onto the field at BYU

Either I just watched a guy drop some red paint, or drop his internal organs all over the pitch.

Probably but we'll say it's internal organs because it's more fun that way.

I'm thinking it was confetti.

Insert George of the Jungle theme

To defend the President

To defend the President

I believe this is the picture in question

Honestly doesn't seem that bad to me IDK

Yup. Installed the app and you're right. Somebody's getting triggered easily or it's vital marketing.

That's too good to be true

look for a reason to bitch

find a reason to bitch

it is just that simple

to shotgun some beers

to shotgun some beers

Took me a while to figure out that the dog's leash pulled her foot out from under her.

HA! I posted it and even I didn't notice that. Good eye.

They all ran, even the dog, like it was a live grenade.

Anybody can shotgun water

To get engaged

This is a good strategy to get away with buying a really cheap ring.

Spend the whole day "looking" for it, swearing it's worth thousands.

This might be the best /sub/lifeprotip in history

More like /sub/unethicallifeprotips

My school attempt at bacon pizza

My school attempt at bacon pizza

Hey... sure beats the hell out of a handful of bacon bits scattered about...looks like a decent piece.

That looks pretty damn fantastic to me. Our lunch was usually 6 flecks of ground beef floating in a ladles of grease poured over stale taco shells.

It was just lauded on top

Bacon should always be lauded! Entirely appropriate.

Yea, that's solid. Your school's spoiled as hell if they hated on that. That's a whole piece of bacon per slice. You don't get that ratio anywhere.

To censor captions

To censor captions

In posts like these, why do you even include the person who's only input was "😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂"?

Yeah, why not just go into the OG tweet? Literally one step


This reminds me of here in the US when they censor "goddamn", they bleep the "God" part so you hear "bleepdamn".

To do an introduction

To do an introduction

That's like a YouTuber's intro

You should see the conclusion of the paper.

"If you enjoyed this paper and would like to see more content like this, please don't forget to like and subscribe and give me an A on this paper, really helps me out, thanks you guys are the best much love peace."

That moment you forget to delete your placeholder paragraph.

I kinda wanna read the rest of this 3-AM-Monster-Energy-ADHD-Medicine-Induced-Self-Hatred-Fuelled-Writing-Extravaganza essay

at bullying this guy

I was waiting for the punch the whole time, was not let down. Thanks, This Guy.

Ever been to America? That's kind of our thing.

Don't you ever change, Atlantic City.

What about even the lack of need to check if hes down? Fist makes contact and hes like "my work is done here."

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