To eat his cookie

Too swole for cookies.

Please tell me that after he put it on the ground he did a push up over it to eat it.

When I was a kid I put those on my feet because I thought it would let me walk on water. I almost drowned. I was not a smart child.


There was an attempt to 'Get That Shit Outta Here'

Freshman. Swatting keeps the ball alive and often get it lost. Always catch

The ball is haunted.

The woman hits him how my mother hits me when I'm doing funny/stupid things

implying it's easy to catch if you're already drunk

Watch how I impress the youths with my sick tricks (x-post)

A quality mountain bike wheel should EASILY be able to handle that with no problem. My guess is, that PD bought "Tactical" bikes branded with a Smith and Wesson sticker that were really no more than a Walmart grade "mountain bike".

The guy could probably ride that park no problem , the bike was the problem here.

I don't do bike tricks. Is it normal for the front tire to fail like that? I'd think on a cheap bike you may have lower quality wheels but on a 'service bike' that seems like something you'd want to rely on not happening!

thats what happens when you always take the lowest bid!


There was an attempt to take a picture with a fish

How embarrassing! Someone forgot to take the batteries out of this guy's fish shaped vibrator...

Damn energizer batteries

That poor delicious and healthy thing to eat is literally struggling for it's life.


That poor thing is literally struggling for it's life.

at fooling everyone

He's playing an acoustic set. Chill bro.

DJ unplugged

Better with audio

This is likely a variation of a trick I used to pull when doing live shows.

When working small live shows you get random friends and family members who come up to the sound board and demand that you turn up the volume so that their idiot on stage comes through better than all the other idiots on stage.

The proper version of this trick is to have empty channels on the board. You then move the slider on the empty channel and say that it's linked to the mic for the person they want to hear. 90% of the time the person demanding more sound goes away happy.

I'd even have tape at the bottom of the sliders and write in names and such on empty sliders if I knew I had parents in attendance.

The main difference is that my mixer was always plugged in and running.

To be cool

You can tell that it is fake as Kim kardashian

There was an attempt to fake running into a pole.

Also to grow a mustache.

You can tell cause of the way that it is...

Fake or not. I went from impressed to full of laughter. I enjoyed this

To take Melania's hand

Ah my wife's classic "fuck off" hand flick

Lives 240 miles away from.

Fake news! Was trying to grab the pussy.

If she flicks his hand away in public, I wonder what she does to get him away in private?

To jump over the girls

Don't go, girl. I kneed you.


Think twice before you talk, wouldn't want to slip up.

Nailed it!, rather, nailed them!

to make sonic a couch

to make sonic a couch

This is very unsettling


that's not even the final form

that's not even the

The reason why aliens won't speak to us

To look away

The girl next to her was staring at her butt the WHOLE TIME

She literally licked her lips


Thanks for the mirror /u/help_me_destiny


Thanks for the mirror /u/help_me_destiny

That girl on the right is like:

I'd hit it....

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