To eat mozzarella

To eat mozzarella

Looks like a pretty successful attempt if you ask me.

If the mozzarella stretches more than 3 ft without no visible damage, than you know it’s good.

I'm the only one who does not like stretchy cheese. I like mine melt-y. I don't want to feel like I'm chewing on rubber

some say she's still pulling on that string cheese till this day.

To be presidential...actually no, no there wasn't

To be presidential...actually no, no there wasn't

Seriously, I have to remind myself that he's 70+ years old. This is like something an 8 year old would say, 'You're a big doody head.'

Might I recommend the Chrome Extension that turns his tweets into posts written in crayon like an 8 year old?

I feel actual embarrassment from all his tweets. The head of our country acts like a spoiled 3rd grade bully.

“Loser”. Is he referring to himself or some individual person?

To peel it on TV

Al Jazeera's Saturday night porn movie

Some /sub/confusedboners over here

This chick shucks

Nah this is the hardcorn stuff.

To be sincere..

To be sincere..

I am really not sure anymore what's real and what's not.

I would guess 10 of 10 Trump tweets wrong.

That’s by design. It’s actually a Russian propaganda technique (believe it or not). Here’s a very short history and insight

At this point people need to see Trump as Jar Jar Binks as Lucas originally intended as the Sith. He’s not as dumb as he is leading on. It’s all by design. And the MSM is not as complicit as the video shows, but they are being taken advantage of... a victim of its own formula.

Niiiice. We're at a point where we just copy/paste reactions to mass shootings. God bless America.

Twitter happened

Overtaking on the right - forbidden!


Tbh most people dont maintain their bikes well enough and they also cant ride that well either. This looks staged as well.

does his bike have no brakes O.o

To hide the millennium falcon.

To hide the millennium falcon.

This makes no sense.

Disney, rich as fuck, why wouldn't this be in a warehouse or some shit

Edit: spelling

unless secret agendas,motives etc.

Fun fact: Because of this, with Google Earth VR, this basically means you could fly over to the real Millenium Falcon and stand on it.

Edit: Some areas in Google Earth are flat (usually rural areas) while others are 3D, unfortunately this area is flat. I had a look around later but couldn't find the Falcon.

You don’t get rich by choosing the best choice for the situation, you’re supposed to choose the cheapest choice for the situation.

In all fairness, that could be any YT-1300F Corellian Light Freighter

There was an attempt to advocate against masturbation

There was an attempt to advocate against masturbation

Well, not quite, there was an attempt by a parody organisation to make a wank joke and it totally succeeded. :)


If Jack helped you off your horse, would you help Jack off his horse?

Why would you off his horse? Did it break its leg or something?

*Edit. Fixed some punctuation

At teaching a brother binary

At teaching a brother binary

I mean, I have no clue. But 1002 made me laugh.

Edit: I think I got the hang of it (kinda). Thank you to everybody explaining this to me. I really appreciate it.

You're very bad at teaching binary

I give up. I’m starting to feel like OPs brother.


To get his food

I need to know if he choose to go after the car first or the food!!


I had the same thought, he definitely looks like hes leaning food

This is precisely when I’d pull out my galaxy grabber robot claw that I keep in my side well.

To throw a cast net

I mean he did a pretty good job regardless

Really good throw actually. It’s surprisingly hard to get the net to spread out to a near circle. Just didn’t stick the landing.

His glasses tho

I’m actually crying, I’m really glad

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