My buddy's newfound success caused his (now ex) girlfriend to lose her mind.

My buddy's newfound success caused his (now ex) girlfriend to lose her mind.

Last year, my buddy's business took off and he's making a ridiculous amount of money. He makes more in 6 weeks than most people make in a year. It's sick, I admit even I'm jealous of him.

He'd been dating the same girl for 4 years. She has a 'strong personality', he's beta-ish and easygoing, so she often just bowled him over and got her own way. Even so, it seemed like they were happy, they had discussed buying a house together, all signs were pointing to marriage in the near future -- which is why it was such a surprise when he broke up with her 2 weeks ago.

I finally got to see him last weekend and his side of the story is crazy. When she found out exactly how much he was making last summer, she immediately wanted to quit her job and "come work for him" (even though there's nothing she'd be qualified to do). He said no, but from that point onward she regularly pressured him about it -- increasing her demands to wanting to travel the world together on his dime, have him pay off her student loans, etc.

She started getting unjustifiably suspicious. She wanted to know where he was at all hours of the day, who he was talking to, who he was texting. I remember we'd go out and he'd stare at his phone half the night answering her calls and texts. He basically wasn't allowed to speak to or hang out with girls alone anymore, no matter the scenario.

She basically ruined their Christmas by being standoffish all day because he "only" got her a $500 watch. He said by this time they weren't even having sex anymore (!) -- she was just resentful and hostile toward him pretty much 24/7. But that didn't stop her from talking about marriage and trying to guilt him into proposing soon. Every day she'd be showing him expensive cars, houses, wedding venues and travel destinations. All she talked about was money and ways to spend it.

Finally, two weeks ago he woke up at 3AM to find her awake and going through his phone. That was the nail in the coffin; after a huge argument he ended the relationship. She came to her senses and tried desperately to get back together a few days later, "apologizing and taking full responsibility for everything", but he (smartly) refused. Now she's been running her yap to all their mutual friends about how "money has changed him" and "he thinks he's too good for me now". So now a lot of people think he's an asshole.

I found the whole scenario amusing. If she hadn't altered her behavior, they'd most definitely still be together right now. Most girls would start cooking him 5-star meals and fucking him like a pornstar, yet she basically did the opposite. I don't understand her thought process, it's like the thought of being rich short-circuited her brain.

I don't understand her thought process, it's like the thought of being rich short-circuited her brain.

He became her unclaimed lottery ticket. First rule with an unclaimed winning lottery ticket, you don't let it out of your sight because someone else can snatch it up and cash it in. That's the sudden possessiveness/jealousy part.

Other part is typical entitlement towards a (now rich) beta. He's been with her so long she couldn't grasp the very thought that he'd break up with her. Just wasn't in the rule book. It's like if your dog stood up on his hind legs and spoke "Fuck this shit, I'm outta here." Just doesn't happen.

"She came to her senses and tried desperately to get back together a few days later, "apologizing and taking full responsibility for everything", but he (smartly) refused. Now she's been running her yap to all their mutual friends about how "money has changed him" and "he thinks he's too good for me now". So now a lot of people think he's an asshole."

This is the forty billionth time this has happened in human history.

"adjusted her manipulation tactics"

You are right I did not expect my dog to do that. She was a fucking bitch.

#metoo Cathes up to Female Politican - no consequence

#metoo Cathes up to Female Politican - no consequence

Right now the #metoo-campaign is catching up with Norwegian politicians. MPs are getting caught doing illegal stuff like trying to sleep with 15 year old boys and having sex with unconscious drunk 16-year old girls. One of Norways biggest players, the famous politician Trond Giske also had to step down for constantly hitting on young women in his own party (and everybody else that was young and female). Not much concrete is known about the allegations, except that he was very aggressive in hitting on women and used his own party as dating arena and therefore broke internal party rules.

Then we have the female politician Trine Skei Grande. The Kingdom of Norway is for the moment ruled by three right wing power-mamas, Skei Grande being one of them. The same way as Giske's lifestyle was "an open secret", it have always been a rumour that Skei Grande likes really young men and have a harem with 20-ish 20-something-year old male politicians that want to step up the career ladder.

There is also an incident that has been known in the powerful circles for years that she had sex with a drunk 16 year old boy outdoors at wedding party, with guests being witnesses. Since she is now instated as a minister in government, alternative right wing blogs have brought this incident up online.

Now she is having a tell all interview with Norways biggest newspaper about "the terrible pressure" she is facing from "online rumours". She then goes on saying "yes I drink at parties and I do stupid stuff - but I am no predator" - basically admitting the whole incident, but she think it is okay since she did not rape the boy.

The Prime Minister have full confidence in Trine Skei Grande and they will rule the country together, but Trond Giske is now out of a career because of the exact same behaviour.

She then goes on saying "yes I drink at parties and I do stupid stuff - but I am no predator"

Translation: "I am female and therefore not to be held responsible".

Men are predators. Women innocently just get drink and "do stupid stuff".

You couldn't make this shit up.

Seriously question: how do men even get it up for her? Even Viagra can only do so much ...

What I really find unbelievable is how a woman like this can have a harem of 20 something guys. Maybe they look like Buzzfeed "journalists".

What I really find unbelievable is can have a harem of 20 something guys. Maybe they look like Buzzfeed "journalists".

I wouldn't fuck her with your dick

"The penis of the boy just got into my vagina by accident."

“Hot Girls Wanted” - "The film intended to show how difficult life is for these girls, but instead it shows how incredibly entitled and spoiled they are." -Roosh

“Hot Girls Wanted” - "The film intended to show how difficult life is for these girls, but instea...

It's clear that every documentary pushes an angle, but I've never seen one where it felt more forced. The makers act as though these women were grabbed at gunpoint and forced into porn. In reality someone promised them easy money and they were stupid enough to believe it and shameless enough to pursue it. It's not like they signed up so they could pay their kid's medical bills. They signed up because they thought it was an easy way to score luxury handbags. Why should a man who has to bust his ass daily to maybe make something of himself have any sympathy for a girl who drove off a cliff thinking she was taking a shortcut?

edit: spelling

It's interesting to me that someone would set out to make a documentary that highlights the ease with which women can make money simply by flashing some tits and expect it to prove their victimhood.

Women get support, men get blame.

Female virtue is always defended, even where no such virtue exists. Society just can't admit that girls do porn not out of desperation but out of laziness and indifference. While men are taught to put infinite value on the precious vagina, women themselves rent it out cheaply in preference to doing real work. When her gender studies degree turns out to be useless for getting a job she blames men for her lack of STEM career and then does porn. And all the white knights publicly agree how abused and damaged she is, privately and shamefully ejaculating to her image, secretly wishing they were the ones to defile her.

It is just socially unacceptable to blame women for their part in this. Men are defined as the abusers, women are perfect until they are damaged (by men of course). Women are defined to be never inherently bad. Men are always defined as the perpetrators. Men are never said to be damaged. Women are never said to be inherently bad.

The result of this is that no matter the outcome of any interaction between a man and a woman... regardless of her actions, regardless of her behaviour, regardless of her enjoyment: the man is to blame. It's always either abuse or "taking advantage" or misleading or damaging.

And the worse female behaviour gets, the more value is placed upon the illusion of the female as the perfect unicorn. When there are no unicorns to be seen, there clearly must be someone to blame. Society turns to men and points "YOU did this to our innocents... it is YOUR fault". And in a way it is. We've allowed ourselves to believe that female behaviour is acceptable and beyond the need for control or restriction of boundaries.

While women are universally engaging in the "it wasn't my fault, it was his" blame game, men are pointing the finger at each other as they rush to her defence. Everyone is doing the same thing.

We've learned by now that women abuse their freedom and then blame men for the consequences. It's not going to change. It's up to us to stand up and draw boundaries... while not being drawn into their web of damage and blame.

To me it is the constant screaming about feminism and women's rights to make these choices and then there is the couple "we should have sympathy for how these victim women who were taken advantage of and made bad choices...and how there ought to be safeguards or laws".

Where are the shouts of sympathy for young men who make bad choices that screw up their lives? It is the SJWs that want it both ways. All the rights and privileges but a safety net.

The Humiliation of Aziz Ansari

The Humiliation of Aziz Ansari

The scary thing about the Ansari case is that his accuser says that she changed her mind after the fact and yet there are many vocal feminists who still class his behaviour as abuse. It makes a mockery of the whole concept of consent:

"Grace says her friends helped her grapple with the aftermath of her night with Ansari. “It took a really long time for me to validate this as sexual assault,” she told us. “I was debating if this was an awkward sexual experience or sexual assault. And that’s why I confronted so many of my friends and listened to what they had to say, because I wanted validation that it was actually bad.”

She texts him, dates him, consents to sex, goes down on him twice. But when she looks back, she was not 100% satisfied and since he is famous and because presumably she can get some attention/money out of it (me too! me too!) SHE COMPLETELY CHANGES HER VIEW OF WHAT HAPPENED. And it is her subsequent feeling about the event that are real, not the actual facts.

If giving a man a blowjob is not "enthusiastic consent" what the fuck is?

And then there is the invasion of his privacy, describing the consensual sex they had together to the world. Do famous people now have to get an NDA signed as well as a consent form before sex?

Personally, I'd sue her for libel.

And here we are folks: a perfect example of a date not going the way she dreamed of, so we destroy a man's career because of some discomfort.

After arriving at his apartment in Manhattan on Monday evening, they exchanged small talk and drank wine. “It was white,” she said. “I didn’t get to choose and I prefer red, but it was white wine.”

Yup, sounds like a date from hell. Nothing stinks of entitlement here, no sir!

She recalls there was still wine in her glass and more left in the bottle he ordered. The abruptness surprised her. “Like, he got the check and then it was bada-boom, bada-bing, we’re out of there.”

Wait, I thought you didn't like the wine?

When Ansari told her he was going to grab a condom within minutes of their first kiss, Grace voiced her hesitation explicitly. “I said something like, ‘Whoa, let’s relax for a sec, let’s chill.’”

Something like that. It doesn't matter what she said, or that she's decided 4 months later (right after Aziz wins a Golden Globe... interesting. Bitter much?) that yeah, it was definitely something like that.

She says he then resumed kissing her, briefly performed oral sex on her, and asked her to do the same thing to him. She did, but not for long. “It was really quick. Everything was pretty much touched and done within ten minutes of hooking up, except for actual sex.”

Maybe the part where you were on your knees sucking his dick made him think he had consent! No, not enough. Apparently him taking oral sex as a green light was unacceptable. The rest of the encounter is admittedly really bad foreplay, and an example of a Beta trying to pull of Alpha moves, but it's not like he's forcing her to stay.

But the main thing was that he wouldn’t let her move away from him.

I'll admit, not smooth at this point so, what does Aziz do? Does he rape her? Does he lock the doors? No, he calls her a fucking cab. Remember: worst night of her life, and you know what? I actually believe her because this is entitlement at its peak.

Honestly I don't know how any sound-minded male calls himself an "ally" or "male feminist" at this point. It's clear they don't want men on their side, and it clearly doesn't get you laid (it just gets you in trouble).

What's so messed up is that we are in a point in time where we are acknowledging the emotions about something as the actual reality of it. What a bizarre time in history.

“You men are all alike”. Yes, we are! How the fuck have women not figured it out? It’s pretty fucking easy to figure out. Great dinner, guy invites me back to his place...surely, this time it’s just to talk.

New posts are restricted for the day. Comments are open.

New posts are restricted for the day. Comments are open.

Time for a refresher in the basics of TRP. Some of you may be approved submitters, feel free to contribute if you can. Otherwise, the rest of you should take some time to read up on some sidebar. I've taken the liberty of reposting some of the more important features of our content so new members can enter into new discussions regarding it.

Posting will be re-opened when I feel like it.

This was needed, badly.

Thank you, after yesterday's "Sperm inserts the man's DNA into the woman's brain" it was needed.

Yeah, I found myself raising an eyebrow at every second submission on the front page yesterday, it was a sperg race to the bottom.


I feel like much of TRP's content/submissions has somewhat declined in quality over the past year. From FRs from high schoolers to your usual, routine questions about stuff that's been on the sidebar for years. So much redundancy, yet so little new content.

This was a much needed move, and surely it will help the subreddit get "back on track" (not that it's lost, but you get the idea). Hopefully the younger posters realize that, too. And as a lurker, I'd be perfectly OK with TRP becoming an approved submitter -only subreddit. This might seem extreme to some people, but I feel like the quality of the posts would be much, much greater - not to mention you wouldn't see the same lame posts about getting a girl's number, or her Snapchat, or whatever the fuck she uses to communicate... like it matters.

My mother red pilled me

My mother red pilled me

Prediction: OP’s mom will never find a new guy she’s happy with because hypergamy floats. I.e. the guys her age whom she’s willing to consider worthy of an LTR have to make as much or more money than her. But these guys are willing to date younger and hotter women who make less.

The problem is contingent on not only the way in which man craves to be loved, but likewise the way in which woman is capable of loving. Man desires a sacrificial love, sacrifice implies loyalty and connection. What men want from love, and what woman’s love amounts to is fundamentally irreconcilable.

In matters of love (and not simply lust,) man is an optimistic egalitarian. He loves as he wishes to be loved. In matters of love, when man is young and oblivious to the ways of women, he is a true adherent of the golden rule.

The folly of man’s nature lies in the belief that the loyalty quintessential to woman’s maternal instinct will be available within a romantic context. He believes rather foolishly, that as his mother loved him, the idealised girlfriend could. He sees how women love their children, and upon making such an observation concludes that women are capable of great love. This is true, they are. Only sadly, this great love is a love reserved solely for children, it extends not to man. As such, man has an idealisation of woman’s love, not a realisation.

Man desires that which is unattainable to him, unaware the love he desires is maternal in nature, unable to be felt for him. Nature plays a cruel trick on the psychology of man. It gives him a very pure, high quality love in his childhood. It gives him a template for woman’s love that he comes to expect as standard of all women. He is taught by his mother’s love that unconditional loyalty, noble character, gentleness, sacrifice and trust are intrinsic of the feminine essence. And so as he grows from a boy into a man he comes to the rather logical conclusion that if he is “a good man,” he can expect to be loved by his lover in much the same way. His mother, well-meant but quite incorrectly likewise affirms this notion to him. This is a wicked lie, but a man whose heart is yet to be broken does not realise this. He thinks woman’s love is immutable. He knows not that her love for child is different from that of her love for him.

And so man longs to be loved like a child, not realising such a love is reserved for children. Believing that the love he covets is romantic love, when truly it is maternal love. Such a man of course lacks the experience or nuance of mind to make this distinction. And so the tragedy for this man is learning that women do not love men like they love children. The unconditional loyalty inherent to the maternal bond is all but absent from the mating bond. Most men do not realise this. They love wholesomely right up until they are emotionally blind-sided by a woman in the most violable of ways, forced to re-evaluate their opinion of female nature. This is not a hypothetical so much as it is an eventuality. If lucky, post-breakup they end up on this site or elsewhere similar.

From there on, man can learn to re-evaluate his notion of woman’s capacity to love. He will come to learn woman’s love for her mate is of vastly reduced moral and psychological quality than that of her love for her child. How he responds to such powerful knowledge will ultimately shape what kind of man he decides to become. Be it a man going his own way, a disillusioned bachelor looking to use women for nothing but sex, or a patriarch who runs his house like a business, aware of the risk, but acting in all his power to mitigate it.

However cruel as it may seem, women are incapable of reciprocating man’s love. They love differently. There is a hierarchy of love that trickles down. Man sacrifices for woman, and woman, for child. Rarely does the river flow upward. As such, if man is to believe that women can love to the same extent as he, then he is doomed to disappointment and misery when she invariably acts within accordance of her nature rather than his idealisation.

Woman’s Love Defined:

The epitome of a woman’s love is infatuation. To define it, this is a lust for your power and an obsession with how your character makes her feel, secondary to your power. It is put crudely: opportunism and emotional self-appeasement alchemised with lust.

Man oft forgets that love does not flow upward in the sacrificial sense. He makes the mistake of thinking that because he can love a woman without lusting for her, that a woman can do the same. She cannot, because her love is not based on sacrifice, it is based on the appreciation of man’s sacrifice met with lust. The more man sacrifices for a woman, the more likely he is to fall in love with his investment. The more a woman sacrifices for man absent of animal lust, the more repulsion she feels for him, interpreting her need for investment as a shortcoming on his part. And so there it is, unspoken in word but detected in sentiment; woman expects man to love her more than she loves him, reinforcing the hierarchy of love. Female sacrifice is predicated on lust and mental entrapment. Male sacrifice is expected, and freely given.

Love & Female Self-Deception:

A woman who does not lust for you cannot love you as you wish to be loved. Lust is the basis for her love, absent of lust you have “like” rather than “love.” Such a woman can do naught but use you and lie to you both that she is in love when she isn’t. If it is convenient for a woman to be in love, she will convince herself she is in love so that she may convince you of it. Women are masters of self-deception, so one must be extremely cautious in assigning any substance to their convictions. Treat such earnest emotional conviction as sophistry.

Women are generally speaking, emotionally neurotic. Women who become too self-aware can end up hating themselves because they cannot overcome their animal elements.

You have no idea how many times I’ve told her that. But you know. They are better at lying to themselves than to us

You had me until "women are terrible and have to be treated as such."

No. Don't label. Women just are.

Your analysis otherwise was excellent. Men and women use each other for our evolutionary needs.

The savagery of life is one that needs to be acknowledged.

Use this information you know so that it works to your benefit.

What's the point in learning the way the world works if you cannot apply that knowledge?

I hope you found catharsis in writing this piece however. Lots of good analysis on your part.

“All Women Are Whores”

“All Women Are Whores”

Read a post early that got me thinking. Guy wrote an angry rant saying how all women are whores.

My first thought. If all women are whores for you. That must be a good thing right? So why the anger?

...oh because they are not YOUR whores. If they were there would be no issue.

Most of you who have internalized the sidebar understand that it’s just our turn. They can never be our whores. So the only reason that can upset you is because of the ego.

But there’s more to this. The problem isn’t them being whores. Because in reality. They are not all whores (at least not as the post read.) They are just AWALT.

The problem is YOU. You’re calling her a whore because she left you to go fuck someone else. That’s not the issue though. She did it for a reason and the reasons are usually one or more of the 3.

Your value/status sucks. Your frame sucks. 3 Your Attitude/life sucks.


If you are a top tier male most women are not going to do anything to fuck up and potentially lose you. When I date women they tip toe when making a questionable decision. They make sure before they do something it’s not going to piss me off. Why? Because most guys fucking suck. Honestly. It’s laughable how little the competition is. They’re all out of shape. They haven’t heard of the word game besides talking about halo and world of war craft. Frame doesn’t even make sense to them. They dress like shit , Orbiting is a hobby, and needy as fuck, my god these dudes are so fucking needy (I hear women constantly complain about it). So as long as you form your life around the principles in the sidebar (that you see fitting for your mission) you’re way ahead of the game.

If these women are doing things to piss you off so easily it’s a good indication your value or status is shitty and you have work to do. Because I’m telling you. If you are in decent shape. Have a purpose in life. Maximize your attraction. And know game. MOST women have never experienced a guy like you. They usually don’t want to fuck that up especially if they have been in past relationships that were shit. That doesn’t mean they never will but again if you’re a man of value you will have no issue creating a boundary or stopping that shit dead in its tracks.

They are never going to be the ones giving YOU an ultimatum. If your given an ultimatum. She’s subtly telling you. Your value is shit. Take it as a blessing and lesson learned. Say goodbye and get back to the drawing boards. (Aka working on yourself.)


Your frame sucks. You care too much. You’re overly invested. She knows. You know it. We know it. Everyone knows it. If you were to take full responsibility for everything in your life. You’d never have the nerve to call her a whore out of frustration because you realize she’s just a women being a woman and you’re the reason this behavior took place.

Now I know someone’s going to say even the best of the best get cheated on sometimes. And yes it does happen but usually they are missing something. Or did something for it to happen. In the rare occasion she cheats on a high value man who has all his shit together. they aren’t wasting a fucking second crying, moaning, or ridiculing the women for it. They are already on to the next one.

All women are like that. They all have women instinct. They can and may cheat. We are aware of it but we don’t need to live in paranoia because of it. If you have your shit together like I said above it’s unlikely she’s going to jump on the next better dick and fuck things up with you. Especially if she knows you’ll leave Or you have created firm boundaries.


If you’re going around calling women whores. It’s a good indication your attitude sucks. You’re like the girl who whines about her ex to the new dude she’s dating. The guy she’s cheating on you with or “whoring” herself with is usually fun as fuck. Carefree. Living life by his own rules. Showing her a time she’s never had before.

I have alpha widowed almost every girl I have been with (I know this sounds concede . But I’d like to give some personal examples). This is because I am a fun mother fucker. I always try to live that way. I don’t like rules. I used to get into a lot of trouble. I was wild. I’ve matured over the years to keep myself out of trouble but I’m still wild at heart.

I take the women I meet to shoot guns they will never get to touch again in their lives. I show up randomly at their house at 2 am to fuck their brains out. I call them tell them get ready we’re going to have some fun. I take them to abandon places to explore then fuck them in them. I fuck them in their cars. In parking lots. On roofs. In playgrounds. Hang cuff Them while fucking them. Where ever/however I can that no other guy would ever think of doing.

I do shit that makes them nervous as fuck. All the while I stay calm and laugh. Sneak into places you shouldn’t be. Sneak into movies. Sneak into their rents house. Fuck her in the bathroom at the grocery store. The dressing room at the mall. You name it I’ve tried it.

Now think about that. If you’re a guy doing all this shit. HOW in the fuck is she ever going to replace your crazy ass. She can try. But like I said if she’s been with some shitty guys she’s going to be blown the fuck away. Not even chad can get her to cheat. And if she does. I mean honestly at this point you won’t care. You’ll have an abundance mentality thats untouchable.

The key is to always be having fun with a dgaf attitude towards anything that isn’t helping you get to where you want to be. Get out of your comfort zone. Experience new shit and be happy you’re able too. Make your life as interesting as possible and you won’t have time to waste worrying about people who bring negativity into your life.

Life’s too short to call women whores. Life’s too short to even care. You’re Attitude should be. Fun. Free. Fuck it!

TL:DR women aren’t whores. Unless you’re the high value fun guy. Otherwise Women are just women. It’s YOU that sucks. Not her. Fix yourself.

Holy shit dude you nailed it. There is a difference in understanding a womans nature & her flaws & than there is just being butthurt & shitting on all of them because of your shortcomings.

Female traits are flaws if they don't work. Put female traits into the context of evolution and the biological drive to secure her DNA. Are they flaws?

Put those characteristics into the modern context and possible personal life goals we as individuals might strive towards. Are they flaws?

When you take traits like loyalty, rational thought, emotional stability or discipline and ascribe a certain value to them what is that based on? How is disney ascribing value to nice guys different from you ascribing value to loyal girls?

A happy man gets a cat and smiles when that cat does what cats do. An angry man buys a cat and gets upset when that cat isn't as obedient as a dog.

The real reason why men say all women are whores is that the limbic brain aka the mammalian brain is programmed to function via archetypes.

That's why certain motifs are ever present and cross cultural because we have them hardwired. Whenever people get emotional aka when people operate primarily via limbic brain they think in archetypes.

So what were dealing with is emotional men regergitating the Whore of Babylon Archetype. That's basically MGTOW in a nutshell.

Archetypes serve an important function, because they allow emotional people to work together with limited shitty communication. Everyone all ready knows the story and can act together because it was hardwired via archetypes.

Finally the dumber a person is the more he has to rely on. Archetypes to communicate. For more information binge watch Jordan Peterson.

But yea I agree with you 💯

The real reason why men say all women are whores is that the limbic brain aka the mammalian brain is programmed to function via archetypes.

That's why certain motifs are ever present and cross cultural because we have them hardwired. Whenever people get emotional aka when people operate primarily via limbic brain they think in archetypes.

So what were dealing with is emotional men regergitating the . That's basically MGTOW in a nutshell.

Archetypes serve an important function, because they allow emotional people to work together with limited shitty communication. Everyone all ready knows the story and can act together because it was hardwired via archetypes.

Finally the dumber a person is the more he has to rely on. Archetypes to communicate. For more information binge watch Jordan Peterson.

But yea I agree with you 💯

men who slut shame are simply jealouse that these women aren't being sluts with them.

Show me one universally seen attractive guy with decent social skills who slut shame. ONE

College is a breeding ground for blue pill cucks

College is a breeding ground for blue pill cucks

Encounter One

Picture this. You’re in your first semester of college studying business. The subject and the lecture are fairly tame; then again, it’s a first-year subject that you could breeze through without spending too much time on.

The next slide pops up and your eyes are immediately diverted to the last line of text, which is coloured differently from the rest of the text on the slide: “Most CEOs are male, white, well-educated and from rich families.” You don’t think much of it because it’s true. Yet what your professor discusses next leaves your head shaking in pity.

Despite what it already says on the screen, the professor still asks the characteristics of most CEOs. The audience calls out and lists all the traits on screen. The professor agrees and taps his clicker to the next slide. In front of the whole lecture theatre, the ratio of male and female directors of the top five companies are presented. Naturally, the ratios vary from 2:1 (males and females respectively) to 4:1. Out of seemingly nowhere, he drops this bombshell:

“Are white males from elite families better leaders?”

One blue pilled cuck in the front row says that the industry favours their bias and promotes them accordingly. He agrees and amplifies.

“There is a social bias at play which, despite the law regarding racial and gender discrimination, tends to be biased in favour of people with these attributes. Not because they’re necessarily better leaders, but because it’s so deeply embedded within our assumptions, attitudes and values that it’s difficult to overcome.”

There’s an image on the screen depicting women in the floor below an executive meeting room, and the floor is obviously made of glass. He explains the definition of the glass ceiling and how women cannot progress beyond a certain point when climbing the corporate ladder.

Then the rest of the lecture proceeds without any more feminist propaganda forced down your throat.

Encounter Two

A few weeks later, you’re sitting in an accounting lecture. Your other subject was a left-wing management subject which most of the females in your course would major in. So, you relax your shoulders knowing that this subject will be void of transmitting feminist sludge into the subconscious of your fellow students, right?


Midway through the lecture, your professor minimizes the PowerPoint and brings up a photo of a woman in her sixties.

“Can anyone tell me who this is?” he asks the lecture room, consisting of around two hundred people. Nobody answers, except for you who reads the search query at the top of the screen.

You call out her name, and the professor immediately thanks you. Then he explains to the audience more about her, saying how she is an accountant, a director at a large bank, an executive at the college and most importantly, a woman. To quote the professor:

“This is a remarkable woman who has fought sexism and every barrier in her way to be in the position she currently is in now. I admire her ad infinitum, and there's no reason why every female in this room shouldn't have the opportunity to become an accountant.”

After that brief intermission, he continues where he left off.


Some would ask why one wouldn’t intervene mid-lecture and debate with the professors. After these ordeals, I was considering emailing my first professor the article written by a female Harvard economist explaining the myth of the wage gap. And I thought of speaking to my second professor and explaining, since he was such a firm supporter of equality, that a highly effective male role model could also be shown on screen.

But I didn’t, because of Law 38: Think As You Like But Behave Like Others.

Based on my earlier readings of Carnegie’s ‘How to Win Friends and Influence People’, there really was no point in trying to change somebody’s mind. Ironically, feminism has become so entrenched within our social fabric that it has become difficult to resist.

There might have been other redpilled men who may have spoken to or thanked me after the lecture if I had stood up for my beliefs, but I highly doubt it. I weighed up the consequences and decided that it simply wasn’t worth stirring controversy when I was still new at the college. Hell, it didn’t even work for a four-year Harvard graduate with a PhD at Google. After those lectures I realised my academic goals: graduate from this university as soon as possible and resist every feminist indoctrination I’m exposed to with every fibre of my body.

TL;DR: On two separate occasions within my first year of college, my professors blatantly promote feminism, the wage gap and the glass ceiling in unjustified circumstances.

My manager sends out emails from 6 am till 6 pm most days. I know he works until 9 pm each night and he works weekends. He also responds to emails when he's on vacation.

As a male I don't want to work that hard. There is no glass ceiling stopping me, or any women. Just an incredible demand on anyone's time to be a manager , and a very small number of managerial positions in most companies.

It's also a hunting ground for two types of males.

"Rapists" and Sugar daddies.

Red pilled 61 days flat after the first pack of wolves ate me alive in a police "investigation." No justice for the innocent.

sugar daddies are huge this days for young college women. Girls are basically prostitutes these days and have the audacity to shame us for trying to game the old fashioned way.

They have always been prostitutes.

30 years ago they got a lot more for their sex. I saw one UK woman get a cool half billion divorce settlement. Now they get some money for schooling. The schooling teaches them they are strong independent women who don't need no man.

These are levels of irony that make the mind boggle.

You're not good enough, you're not smart enough, and people don't like you.

You're not good enough, you're not smart enough, and people don't like you.

I punched a girl right in the mouth once.

Long story short, she was convinced she was the greatest martial-arts trained badass that any of us poor scrubs had ever seen, and she quite insisted on starting a sparring match with me. Wouldn't take no for an answer. Okay, whatever.

First gentle lob I threw, easy, relaxed, telegraphed to hell... pow, canvas.

And there she sat holding her face in her hands, looking for all the world as if she was waiting for everyone to flutter around her and fan her fevered brow. When none of this was forthcoming (after a very awkwardly long time indeed), she rose to her feet and mumbled something about ...

( and I shit you not, she said this)

... how she had been down trying to control her temper after being hit because she'd didn't want to lose control and hurt anyone.

She so desperately wanted to be like the cool ninja chicks she saw in movies and comic books that she was unwilling and unable to acknowledge the gap between what she was and what she wanted to be. So instead of training hard for years and years and years, she half-assed it for a little while, then started working at convincing everyone, herself included, that she was already there.


Okay, now finish up your little laugh about how silly and childish women are, because now we have to talk about how some of you assholes do the same damn thing.

You think your game is good enough. It isn't.

You think you're fit enough from calisthenics. Your "general fitness" is an excuse for being weak.

You think you don't have to train MMA or Thai boxing or karate, because you "don't wanna end up like Muhammed Ali", as if anyone would let your slow ass get into the ring with Joe Frazier. You just don't wanna get hit, because you are a pussy.

Anytime you are afraid of doing something, your treacherous ego will always find a way to tell you are either already good at it, or that you don't need to be good at it.

You will never become the person you want to be until you admit you are not him, and are more afraid of staying that way than you are of the work you're going to have to do.

People keep asking "When will I become confident, and not have to fake it?" Answer is, never. Not if you know what's good for you.

When you can deadlift 300 lbs, compare yourself to the people who deadlift 400, and focus on them until you feel like shit. When you can do 400, compare yourself to the people who lift 500, until you feel like shit again. When you hit 850, compare yourself to Eddie fucking Hall.

Greatness is driven by the fear of mediocrity. The moment you think you are good enough, you will never be any better.

There is no light at the end of the tunnel. There is no magical nirvana that you will break through into, where nothing will ever be hard again. There are only standards, and effort, and improvement, or complacency, weakness, and self-delusion.

Your choice. But don't make excuses for how you are too afraid of being hit in the face.

Anytime you are afraid of doing something, your treacherous ego will always find a way to tell you are either already good at it, or that you don't need to be good at it.

That sentence is definitely 100% true. This needs to be understood by everyone on here.

You're bringing this from a physical prowess point of view. Ok, so what if your form of ego protection is to hide in the physical? What if you are saying to yourself, 'I'm not physically fit enough to be confident yet, I need to focus harder on the physical element of my being'. But what if you are hiding in the physical workouts from other parts of your being that need work?

Do you honestly think that squatting 500 pounds will increase your SMV significantly above being able to squat 300pounds?

Life is a series of optimisation curves. The amount of effort you would have to put in to be able to squat 500+ pounds means you're sacrificing time developing some other aspect of yourself. The goal of TRP is optimisation of sexual prowess. This means determining how much effort is required in multiple areas of self-improvement.

I personally will never be able to squat 200 pounds (due to injury) let alone 500 pounds. So what use is there in me devoting so much time to that particular aspect? I need to be focusing on areas that can significantly benefit from my effort and time. Overall, this will optimise my self-improvement goals.

Remember, this is a forum dedicated to optimising sexual success, not physical strength. So, what weak aspects of yourself are you shying away from when you hit the gym so hard?

Just something to think about/discuss.

It's the same thing with status and money. The last three paragraphs of this post could be attached to a post on gaining money, power and status. The world is full of lazy, scared little drones. People who are employees are basically someone else's bitch. If you are an employee (nearly everyone on this subreddit) then someone is making money off you. People are too scared to take the salary drip our of their arm and become self employed. Every time I put a post up about status and money all I hear is fucking excuses, which is why I don't do it anymore. Power and status is like lifting and fighting, either you have the balls to do it, or you don't. Hamster all you like and say shit like "I like my job" or "Money doesn't make you happy". Money does make you happy, just that most people don't have the guts to go out there and get it. So if you are under 25, start making plans to build your own future. It will take hard work and trial and error. Don't be someone else's bitch, be your own man.

EDIT: I do not want to hijack u/Whisper post. For any of you who have questions about business check out my post history and read the ones about money, status and business. Better still, go to the entrepreneurs, finance and business subs. Business is tough, most will fail, that is no reason not to try.

These types of responses, although useful, pose a risk for young adults and people early in the field. It's the same spew that pyramid scheme zombies flaunt daily "Be your own boss" "Only a sucker clocks in" "Asking for time off is for the weak minded". Don't take this advice and be that young kid who drops out, opens some shitty clothing line, tries day trading with zero equity, or (a buddy of mine) spends the 10K he saves up on a shitty App that was made obsolete by an IG update.

It's okay to go to work as a company to code and program and then open your own small company. It's okay to go to law school then open your own practice after the experience in a law firm. It's okay to work in a subway for 5 years, save the money then buy your own subway that brings in residuals.

Being an employee with a wage isn't a bad thing, but if your not getting either experiences, connections, or a lot of money out of it, then I agree definitely move on.

So I'm pretty sure that was an example of how to never stop improving. Lifting/sports/exercise is an extremely easy example to visualize and understand. You could translate that example to idk reading a book on psychology. Why stop at 1, that other guy wrote an entire fucking book, never think you are "good" enough just to get by. Always strive for more.

And SMV is just an aspect of life and the red pill. I'm pretty sure the flair on this post is "BUILDING POWER" NOT "BUILDING SMV". So don't take the example so literally.

In summary, don't get into a rut and think you've "finally made it" always strive for greater and better things or else you risk falling right back to where you started - fucking nowhere.

Remember, you're good enough, smart enough, and doggone it, people like you!

Remember, you're good enough, smart enough, and doggone it, people like you!

Just remember, you don't have to prove anything to anybody. Failure is only as bad as you decide it will be. Nobody can tell you how to live life. Only you can decide what is good. You do you.

Just because you don't exercise or you're not looking your best, doesn't mean you have to feel bad about yourself. There's somebody out there for everybody! You just gotta wait for the right time, and the right person will come along.

Trust me, those girls giving you a pass today, they'll realize they've made a mistake 10 years down the road. Then who's laughing? You are, you big silly manlet! You showed them!

There's simply no objective truth to be found. Everybody's different. Everybody has something that works for them, don't change just because some assholes on the internet tell you that's the only way to get respect and women. Stay exactly who you are. You're good enough just the way you are. Accepting the status quo isn't shameful.

Women can't be generalized either, remember that. Every woman is completely unique and they all have different tastes and preferences. There's a woman out there looking for someone just like you. Never change who you are for somebody else.

You're good enough, smart enough, and doggone it, people like you!

No, not really. Useless feel-good platitudes are against the rules.

Learn them.

I wasn't going to open this because it sounded like bullshit. Saw the OP and almost didn't believe it. Opened it. Realized it was sarcasm. Should have known better.

This is exactly what I thought when I saw that You're MORE than good enough post, which was ridiculously upvoted.

Every time some jerk writes You're the Prize! I laugh. Less than 10% of men qualify for that. The most basic understanding of statistics . . . you get my point.

Just a small appreciation for redpillschool who has to put up with Bluepillinvasions for years now. Can't respect your work enough.

That's the exact post that triggered me posting this. And removing that.

I guess red pill guys can get triggered.

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